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  1. As someone who has suffered from severe motion sickness for my entire life (like I feel sick in elevators) - do your kids a favor and give them the Dramamine if they need it. There are times to be crunchy and times to prevent your kids from feeling sick unnecessarily by using the modern medicine available to you, and this is the time to focus on their comfort.

  2. I get this from running sometimes. I put a swipe of deodorant under my boobs and that stops it.

  3. Leandra said in her book that she isn’t naturally thin and doesn’t have that svelte body type when she isn’t dieting but that could be her body dysmorphia talking.

  4. We just had my daughter’s party this week and instead of goodie bags we had a piñata and I handed out little paper bags for the kids to scoop the piñata contents into. Whatever they grabbed from the piñata was their “goodie bag”. The piñata and filling was a lot cheaper than doing individual bags for 12 kids and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

  5. What’s the difference between raw milk and milk? Why is she always posting milk as “raw milk” like enough of being pretentious

  6. I was was asking myself the same question a few months ago and I decided that I couldn’t figure it out on my own, so I started seeing a therapist. Nothing much has changed in my life since then, but I find myself more able to find happiness and contentment in even small things and I deal much better with inconveniences and setbacks - even a small annoyance used to have me feeling very down for ages but now I can move past them much more easily. I was recently on an outing with my daughter that was fairly normal but afterwards I realized that I got so much joy just from the time we spent together and it was the first time I’d had that feeling in years. If you have the resources for therapy, it’s something to consider!

  7. Her rambling answer aside…what the hell are these bikini bottoms???

  8. Something about them reminds me of the adult diapers I wore after giving birth.

  9. I consider Lulu fashion clothes and not workout clothes. Like you CAN workout in it but it’s not gonna be as comfy as other brands.

  10. My daughter has a friend named Madelyn and the way she says Madda-WIN is so cute.

  11. My 3yo has had bangs for at least a year now and it’s so much easier! She has bangs and a chin length bob because she would refuse to let me put her hair up and out of her face. The haircut is really cute on her and we don’t fight about doing her hair anymore. 10/10 would recommend.

  12. This isn’t a real recruiter for a job you applied for. They saw your LinkedIn said open to work or they saw your resume posted on Indeed or a similar site and they’re trying to either scam you or get you to sell stuff door to door. Notice how they don’t mention the company, the title, etc. I would just ignore it.

  13. The worst for me is that guy whose shtick is “I didn’t discover X until I was 30” and it’s just dumb stuff that I’ve either always known, or is a “life hack” that doesn’t enhance the average person’s life in any appreciable or realistic way. I hate that account.

  14. I went to high school with that guy and it’s basically a jump scare every time the algorithm pushes his content on me.

  15. Ohh the Rodin museum courtyard would be good too 😂

  16. I witnessed a married couple breaking up there last month! They had some serious political differences so it was really something to behold.

  17. This isn’t directed only at you OP but it drives me up the wall when working moms suggest that childcare “eats up their whole salary” as though only moms are responsible for childcare costs.

  18. I was a street canvasser for the ACLU back when that was really only a NYC thing and people weren’t too burnt out to stop. We went out to Media for the day and I stopped Wanda Sykes in front of the Trader Joe’s and signed her up for $100/month donation.

  19. I like pancakes when they’re still gooey in the center. 🤷‍♀️

  20. Apple Watch is the way. It vibrates on your wrist and I find it to be a much more pleasant and reliable way to be woken up vs. an alarm clock.

  21. My 3yo responded to me yesterday with “Oh yeah? What about your FACE?”

  22. My mom was talked out of it but at one point wanted to be Yoni. I have no clue where she got it from but it made me think of those vagina eggs and I did a hard veto.

  23. 33% of our monthly take home goes to the mortgage. It used to be around 18% but we recently bought a house in one of the best public school neighborhoods in our city. For us, we would have sent the kid to private school if we didn’t move so in the end we’re “saving” money because the increase in our mortgage is less than the cost of private school.

  24. I wonder what happened to her interior design aspirations. Her interiors were…a lot

  25. She made a Reel saying that she jumped the gun on the interior design thing and when she started the program for it she realized she wasn’t actually cut out for it and didn’t want to do it professionally.

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