1. This has been common advice for as long as I can remember, but it’s really not true in all use cases. I ended up playing a lot of games that are heavily CPU bound - DayZ, Escape from Tarkov, Factorio, Civilization, Warzone, even many other recent AAA titles. Even at 1440p I saw huge improvements to frame rates and stability upgrading to a 5800X3D

  2. My 5800x3d bottlenecks my 4090 in literally most games I play 🫠

  3. And it's being upvoted when it literally makes zero sense...

  4. We have seen the prices of these devices creep up in recent years but i don't think they had the sales volume to make any kind of profit due to low brand recognition. And yeah, Europe spare cash isn't doing well right now and this will make people less likely to take a risk on a £1000 phone from an unknown or B-tier brand (from their perception).

  5. I had to swap 3 times to get a perfect DW version at launch.

  6. Just curious, why did you had to swap yours so many times? I received my AW3423DW this week. No dead/stuck pixels, fan is quiet and I can't hear it. Anything else I should check?

  7. Nah it was pretty much those reasons. I guess earlier units were also more likely to be messed up

  8. Honestly if it's working I'd not worry considering the warranty. Probably not worth the hassle. Just make sure it doesn't have dead pixels etc

  9. Openreach is the big provider though, you'd get them through BT. 1gig down is about £70 per month with this month's price increase. Are you sure you aren't with some smaller network?

  10. Well there's quite a few that use their network. I'm with aquiss who use openreach but are cheaper.

  11. Ok, I hadn't heard of them, but they advertise £55/month for the gigabit package which is a bit lower than BT I think. Half price for the first 6 months.

  12. Yeah thats what I'm on. Small company so pretty good service etc.

  13. It's basically a tech upgrade to enable future content

  14. Idk if you are living under a bus but I remember literally one or two weeks ago going to several supermarkets and encountering zero peppers or tomatoes

  15. Thanks for the update and sorry dudes are being weird about your language 🤣🤣

  16. I work for a good (not Oxbridge or London) UK university and got a 16% pay rise.

  17. How’s that even possible. You must have got promoted right?

  18. Well I guess the assumption is that brains of 18-30 year olds are likely to be more similar than those of 45 year olds based on an understanding of whatever variables they are seeking to measure.

  19. Again it’s just really variable. I get 4 weeks holiday plus federal (bank) holidays and I have a fixed 40hrs a week with WFH when I want within reason. Sure I pay overall less income tax even with the additional “city” income tax I pay over state and federal. Biggest difference for me to my employment contract I had back home is sick pay (way less) and just general job security (you can be fired literally for any reason instantly). Generally I would say my quality of life is higher overall but it really does come with its own set of stressors that are different.

  20. What state you move to if you dont mind me asking? :)

  21. I know it would be stupid to opt out, but could you confirm if the NHS pension is compulsory or not please?

  22. It would be stupid to opt out because it's a defined benefit pension and is essentially a huge amount of free money that you will miss out on later in life. The amount the NHS pays in on your behalf is much higher than the amount that comes out of your paycheck. It's very shortsighted to opt out.

  23. As a general statement for the general population yes.

  24. I am literally 28, 100kg aka 220lbs male and I can run 5k in <25mins and my resting HR is <60. Something is wrong with OP lol

  25. Keto is not a "fad" is has been used for over 100 years. Used for people with Epilepsy and people with diabetes prior to insulin. It was also used by the military for its elite troops.

  26. Yeah when your diet sounds like a conspiracy theory you know it's the right one

  27. The bigger conspiracy would be there's a lot of rich food companies who have products serving the public many giant spoons of sugar every meal. They would have plenty of reason to run disingenuous studies to sow doubt on a keto diet. Most keto diets consist of rather raw ingredients which people suggest anyway to lose weight.

  28. I agree 100% that there are corporate interests pushing sugar. But it's exactly the same for high fat and meat products. Keto is not the answer, the answer is eating more fruit, veg, complex carbs, and fibre. And this corporate takeover is mostly a USA and North America problem. It's not nearly so bad in Europe.

  29. What's the 4K chart look like? Edit: Found it. Much smaller differences at 4K! 5800X3D is less than 5% slower than stock 7900X3D with the 5600X only 14% behind a stock 7900X3D.

  30. Future games will be more CPU intensive so 5800x3d will last longer regardless of the current difference between 5600 and it

  31. Wow it's amazing! How long have you been into lifting and how many times a week, and do you train each body part directly 1 time a week? Do you train your triceps apart from your chest and your biceps apart from your back? Is 1 back workout a week enough to have lats like yours or you think 2 times a week are better?

  32. 4x a week for 8 years. I try to hit each body part definitely 2x a week with a relatively even rest inbetween. Need to hit muscles twice a week really at minimum for full chance to develop. I do not train arms separate from other body parts really. I tend to always do back and biceps together and chest/shoulders and triceps together because otherwise it's hard to get enough rest in. Same for legs ofc. If I do too much volume my joints eventually explode anyway.

  33. So you have 2 back+biceps and 2 chest+triceps+shoulders and add some exercises for legs? Lol I started with the same routine but then shifted to : Biceps+shoulders, triceps+back (and, actually, a bit of chest as a result of narrow bench press for triceps to finish them right after skull crushers (supersets) and pullovers for lats), and then chest+back day. Adding some leg exercises depending on my other activities. 3 times a week is better for my regeneration and desire to work out tbh.

  34. Sounds fine. Consistency over long periods of time is what matters

  35. It's funny cause I can't imagine ever not having wireless charging.

  36. Using a wire takes literally 4 seconds

  37. After the update give at least 1 week for the device to calibrate the battery

  38. "Rather than grinding new beans for each shot, we leave the puck in for each progressive shot, meaning throughout the day we're able to capture more and more intense flavors as the coffee goes through a continuous dry/wet cycle. We consider this innovation a game changer in creating a unique and sustainable full coffee experience"

  39. Grinder is a Sage Smart grinder Pro, machine is a Sage Barista Express Impress (don't judge me, my partner likes to make me coffee, but they don't care to fall into this rabbit hole!). Bean was roasted two weeks ago (Guatemala Elephant). Weighed 17g of beans for a double shot, single wall portafilter. I'm a noob, and I'm still learning

  40. You should be aiming for like 35g out from 17g in, in about 30s and tune from there. To slow it down you just need to grind finer. A lot finer from the looks of it.

  41. Its more a matter that I’ll miss the foods… breakfast quesadillas, granola parfaits, smoothies with whey, fried rice, milk and cookies, cheese and crackers… it’s like all I know as a midwesterner lol. I may still try 😭

  42. Yea it was great on ps5. Stutters are killing this platform and really making me want to give it up. I may hang on a little longer to see if Digital foundry can start a movement but it's coming unbearable

  43. Enjoying my stuttering rtx 4090 setup right now 🤣🤣

  44. 8k wireless combined with Logitech battery efficiency sheeshhhhhhhhhhhh

  45. Patch has made it impossible to use DLAA plus DLSS Frame Generation which is pretty annoying and how I was running before.

  46. I saw a slight halo effect around my character when running through Hogwarts. Like the AI frame generation couldn't quite get the transition of character model to walls, decorations, and especially stairs quite right.

  47. The halo is from SSAO and not frame generation

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