1. What is your age, sex, height, weight, and activity level? And how much exercise are you doing exactly, and what kind of exercise?

  2. Male 19 5’11 an 205 an i do weights and cardio 3 days a week and boxing 2 days a week

  3. Thanks for the info. I think you could probably increase your calories and still lose at a reasonable rate, based on your stats and level of activity. What is your desired rate of weight loss?

  4. honestly i just wanna lose abt 20-25lbs of pure fat and keep my muscle/slowly gain it over the next 6 months

  5. In nearly all the violent crime, the victim and assailant know each other. As for property crime, the most is theft from vehicles (60%+ of the time it is unlocked), and second most is vehicle theft, where 70% of the time the keys were in the vehicle.

  6. im currently from st louis mo so i have a pretty decent understanding of violence💀 i was just mainly trying to get a feel for the area

  7. Granger Court is very nice. Mary Peake Blvd is as well.

  8. Have your surgery. Call in every day you are scheduled. Keep your confirmation numbers. You have like 20 days to turn everything in. If by some crazy chance Sedgwick denies it, you can only accrue two points no matter what. But you HAVE to call in until it is approved.

  9. ok thank you also another question i have is i was told that i need to be at walmart for a full year before i get accepted but when i looked it up it says you only have to be their a year for an FMLA leave and not just a regular medical leave is that true or do i have to be at walmart for a year to get any type of leave

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