1. His hair has been looking terrible for years, hasn’t it?

  2. No way Kody will court/marry another woman. I also doubt he and Robyn will have more kids.

  3. My vote is for Paedon and Mykelti. Maybeeee Gabe and Garrison.

  4. Ysabel has a very good relationship with Maddie, I doubt that would be the case if she was gossiping about Gwen.

  5. The fake laugh they all share in the beginning is what gets me.

  6. When Walt starts talking about Qs grandma getting a lapdance I couldn't stop laughing

  7. I listening on the train and couldn’t keep it together, I was literally laughing out loud by myself.

  8. In all honestly she’s not really a part of the family anymore. I hope the money she makes from looking like a fool on TV is worth it.

  9. Oh I know about them too. But Paedon is the one that for sure outed himself as a homophobe and racist.

  10. I’d add Aspyn as well. She publicly congratulated Leo when they announced they were trans, so my guess is that she’s also liberal.

  11. She even went as far as calling Robyn ‘mom’ which I thought was particularly intense..

  12. Yeah, how can they have a mother-daughter relationship when they met around the time Mykelti was about 14/15? Can you really see another woman as a mom at that age?

  13. I think yes. Age doesn’t affect relationships. I met my “mother of the heart” (what she calls herself regarding me) when I was 23 years old and had never felt more loved by anyone before meeting her.

  14. I’m glad you feel like you found your “mother of the heart”!

  15. I really want to know exactly what Kody thinks Christine did to Robyn that was so awful!

  16. Wow that pic of the on the bridge in NYC— I never noticed just how much a young Leon looked like a young Meri.

  17. I always thought Leon resembled Meri A LOT, but a lot of people say they resemble Kody and I don’t see it at all.

  18. So, not that Meri and Christine are no longer the scapegoats for Kody’s problema, he’s turning on his kids? What a terrific dad lol

  19. Notice how Christine is NOT bashing him whatsever? All Kody can do is bash her.

  20. She’s 1000% done with that marriage and she’s okay with it! Kody’s constantly trying to blame her and Christine’s like “sure bro, whatever you say” while browsing for properties on her phone.

  21. Robyn “just sittin’ here” being living proof that the law of attraction works

  22. I was really hoping to see a picture of the sisters (Aspyn, Maddie and Savanah). Maddie seems to have lost the close relationship she had with most of her siblings since starting her family and moving away.

  23. I understand Christine and Janelle have reasons for not being close to Meri, but I wish they were. I know Meri can be insufferable, but I think a lot of that comes from being very lonely. Everyone is older and wiser (minus Robyn and Kody) - would be nice to see them closer, too. I think kindness - true kindness from others - would go a long way to improving Meri’s ways.

  24. I’ve been rewatching old episodes for a while and just got to the part where Meri and Janelle are trying to work on their relationship… wonder why that didn’t work out.

  25. What bothered me about the Mick x Jarred situation is that she was supposedly in love with him, “couldn’t let go”, etc, but then meets Zeek and gets obsessed with him.

  26. How awful to say that about your kid on national t.v. kody won't be forgiven for that.

  27. And the hatred in his voice, too! Just like his talking head last season about Gabe. He has no love for those boys and he displays it proudly on TV. I feel really sorry for them.

  28. The looks Kody and Robyn shared, and the way they hugged when he got back from Janelle’s mom’s funeral makes me feel the same way.

  29. Wasn't it last season where Ari couldn't remember the names of her siblings? That's a big tell on how connected they are with the other kids in the family.

  30. She didn’t know Savanah’s name, who actually lives in the same city. Neither Kody or Robyn bothered to teach that girl her siblings names.

  31. If you believe the rumours that the family moved to Flagstaff so that Robyn could be close to Dayton while he attended university then yes, she 100% knew about everything.

  32. It's hysterical to me how now TWO SETS of families within the one big family noticed favoritism towards Robyn and she and Kody swear there's no favorite wife.

  33. And I’m sure Meri and Leo also notice the favouritism, but Meri will never say it out loud and Leo seemed to have distanced themselves from this mess and we will probably never hear from them either.

  34. He actually might not have. I’m sure she knows all the details of their issues but I’m also sure Kody thought Christine wouldn’t actually leave or that he could get her to stay. Which is why I think he flips out and starts yelling when she does tell the wives, because he lost control of Christine.

  35. No way he went home after the inicial talk with Christine and didn’t tell (yell at) Robyn how selfish Christine was. Kody and Robyn have a partnership, he might twist everything to fit his idea of reality, but they talk about everything.

  36. Wasnt Maddie a "Daddy's girl" not to mention Kody loves her husband and was alot sadder when they were parting ways,than he acted about Christine leaving.Wonder how she feels about this.

  37. I’m not really sure Maddie really was a daddy’s girl or that’s an idea that stuck because of Kody’s crush over Caleb. She seemed a bit rebellious as a teen.

  38. She had her father officiate her wedding,and didnt she name one or both kids middle names after him? This is what made me think that.She seemed a bit distant to Meri,and I do hope she is supportive of Christine as well.

  39. I actually forgot about those! Maybe she turned into a favourite after moving out/getting together with Caleb, and in my mind I was thinking about teenage Maddie.

  40. As if Robyn didn’t already know she was leaving by the time that had this conversation.

  41. Nah Gwen saw it just as much. Those experiences with ysabels health were bad sometimes but also bonded them. For the early part she didn’t realize kody was being a dick and really blamed herself and not excercising. Her health issues also got her more attention from kody than other kids which would have in some ways helped their relationship.

  42. The fact that she asked Logan to be her date at the daddy-daughter dance so young speaks VOLUMES. From a young age Gwen knew Kody was all BS and that she couldn’t count on her dad.

  43. I wonder how that works in his head. Does he think Robyn also "poisoned the well" for the father of her first children? Or does he think it was, somehow, justified in Robyn's case to cut her ex husband off, but not in Christine's case?

  44. In Kody’s eyes, Robyn was a victim in her divorce and both she and her kids needed to be rescued. Now he sees himself as the victim, Christine is a pagan witch who will try to unrightfully alienate Truely from him.

  45. Yeah last one I got was #527 , anyone recommend another podcast app that’s reliable ?

  46. Maybe check the app again, #529 just appeared in my feed.

  47. Doesn’t this require that his name is on the birth certificate? I’ve heard that polygamous women will not put their husband’s name on the birth certificate so it doesn’t raise suspicion. Her children may not have a father as far as the courts are concerned. This also means she wouldn’t need his permission to move her daughter out of state though.

  48. Can you imagine if his bio kids didn’t Kody’s name on the birth certificate but he went out of his way to legally adopt Robyn’s kids?

  49. It is ridiculous how far behind true time we are. I think the show would do better if it was only 6 months or so behind. At this point we, we are just getting a behind the scenes for stuff we have known about for 2 years. But honestly, I don’t understand any delay. People make much more money off showing Costco hauls from 3 days ago on You Tube than what these “TV stars” are making if anyone‘s guesses on Reddit about their income are true.

  50. Honestly I hope there is a big time jump mid season. It’s not acceptable that Avalon hasn’t been born yet in the show, and in real life Mykelti is well into her second pregnancy

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