1. Acceptance of discomfort. Embrace the experience. The full experience. Stop attaching to the good alone and lean into the bad. You can do what you want, the physical sensations are only as disruptive as you allow them to be.

  2. You can still find heroin to heat on spoon in 2023. It’s less common, that part is true. But the exaggeration here, saying it’s impossible, is very telling. She found it, and she’s using it. There’s no other explanation.

  3. Alcohol and dmt will make the Jinn come out.

  4. A parent drug just creates the drug, but may not always be very supportive. A prodrug can be a parent, but often more of a close friend, and is very supportive of the drug’s decisions.

  5. There's no way people actually think some drugs at least aren't bad for u even if you use "safety practices".

  6. The most toxic compound known to man is an effective treatment for migraine. Safety practices are real. Also used by rich people to make wrinkles go away. But I don’t care about that.

  7. I never said toxic compounds are not effective to treat some ailments or symptoms but u literally just said how they are toxic. I guarantee long term use or wrong dosages or irresponsible use can and will cause harm to a certain degree.

  8. Right but those are the things that harm reduction addresses. Toxicity also relates to dose and other factors. Things can be non-toxic at one dose and lethally toxic at another

  9. That doesn't define originality, but rather "Great minds, think alike"

  10. True, but many of the greatest minds succumbed to psychosis.

  11. I used to smoke a pack a day, now I vape. My lungs feel 1000x better than they ever did when I smoked and I’ve been vaping for like 5 years now. So there’s that. But, I also have no idea if vaping will give me cancer in 15 years 🤷‍♂️

  12. Anecdotal but I also just feel better vaping. So much better. Any irritation or dry cough I get is gone within a couple minutes, and doesn’t happen unless I’m really chugging. I’d need some very specific and well documented science to convince me that vaping is worse.

  13. Not much. Took 40mg once and it was stronger than any 8th I’ve eaten. Except for the first one maybe, but that was my first trip and I was 15.

  14. Get real bugs, have them crawl on your skin when youre feeling this. Eventually your brain will differentiate between the real thing and the drugs.

  15. This guy’s ridiculous, but to be fair, the shrooms community is the most down to earth drug community on Reddit. Especially the shroom growing subs. As a general trend, shit gets way more outlandish here or on other psych subs than on shroom subs.

  16. Where is Alexander Shulgin ? 😀 He deserves a place in this poll I think.

  17. Personally I’d put Alan watts on this list, too. His fame wasn’t directly tied to psychedelics, but psychonaut isn’t solely that either.

  18. Wouldn’t say educated, I never touched on it formally. Studied neuroscience and read a lot of physics for years as a side interest. I think so, though. The two complimented each other. Psychedelics gave me an intuition that things were more complex and layered than I knew, physics gave me a rationale.

  19. wow is it the same for coffee and tea?

  20. Caffeine is not well understood by the lay population. There are some good books and many research studies about it though, it’s worth checking out. Like every drug, it’s a bit more complex than the stereotypical, one shade of grey perceptions. And although rare, like many drugs, it can pose unpredictable health risks.

  21. Sister & cousin gave me an 8th of shrooms for my 15th birthday

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