1. Definitely know how that is doesn't make you shallow!

  2. I'd be happy to help if I can. Suicide is not the answer. You have lots to live for, but depression is shielding you from seeing your value. I'd be happy to chat if it would help.

  3. I think brown with blonde ombre would look really great!

  4. Lol I suggested Peggy Sue Got Married so this is great haha

  5. I got ADHD and Autism. It changed every few weeks.

  6. FROG by ALL and then a couple other of ALL songs... and then a couple of other punk rock songs

  7. Paris version is CCC : Café (coffee), Clope (cigarette), Caca (shit)

  8. I'm pretty sure this is humanity's oldest dilemma. As an ancient philosopher once said "Ooggga ooooga Boogaloo booga"

  9. I did this morning, they edited it after the fact

  10. Thanks for letting me know, I just deleted my comment too 😂 I guess I got trolled by Loudwire.

  11. I get it of course they're gonna edit it after getting called out before too many people see their fuck up lol

  12. It happened to me. He kept begging and crying because he doesn't get to be with his other kids so I gave in when I wasn't ready, and had a miscarriage... But it was my mistake for trying when I wasn't ready I just didn't realize how ready I wasn't.

  13. Having a miscarriage is absolutely awful for both parents, I'm sorry you went through that.

  14. It is but to be honest ever since the miscarriage it's definitely affected my relationship I don't think I want to have kids because it was overall just a horrible experience and I don't think my fiance sees that... I mean having a child is a big responsibility and he just keeps saying let's try again and I'm just like I know I'm definitely not ready for that with our relationship being rocky and my mental health being put on the back burner I'm just not having a good time right now 😔 I mean yes it is horrible for both parents but to be honest if your the woman of the relationship the one whose physically having the miscarriage it will mess with you horribly or at least with me it did. He keeps bringing up having another child without thinking about maybe we should make sure we're solid before making such a big decision... Maybe I should've just made my own separate post wow

  15. if he's active on reddit (any sub), then he can continue to hold the place as a mod. if he is entirely inactive for over 30 days, another user can put in a request to be made a mod

  16. In my opinion, the old A7X was trying to sound different with every single song and album they had before The Stage. I think that's how most people who are saying they miss the old stuff see it as well. But I expect to see exciting songs on this album regardless that will be reminiscent of the older A7X because how different the songs will sound.

  17. Shouldve put the stage in instead of stst if you are limited

  18. I'm the weirdo who likes that album better

  19. Is this for real? Did they make Frog Prez?

  20. I watched seasons 1-3 for free on prime. But season 4 I have to pay for. WTF?!?!

  21. Same problem they really should fix that.

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