1. Cheek sandwhich 🤤🤤 Gigi looks like she knows how to please her man,Skye looks a bit more timid but you could definitely teach her a few things that she'd probably enjoy

  2. She's already using the Rainmaker, you want a Burning Hammer too? Fuck it, add a Ganso Bomb and Diamond Head to complete the in-ring death trilogy.

  3. A Lot of people use the clothesline lariat or variations of it, very rarely do you see anyone using the burning hammer or anything close to it. I just thought it would be cool to see her do it since she's so heavily influenced by Japanese strong style

  4. It’s a new, more reinforced design. The old ones would move into the fans when wrestlers made contact with them. These don’t budge from what I’ve seen.

  5. The legs are different,these have a flat base where as the old ones seemed to just have bars for legs

  6. So he's gonna be in the states for GCW & Bloodsport,seems like a potential visit to AEW is is in the books 👀

  7. Never happened in the states tho & according to cagematch its been almost 10 years since they've faced each other

  8. That's how you really measure scenes like this

  9. I might be remembering this wrong, but didn’t she have a really unprofessional interaction with Gibbs on PPV and injure Britt twice?

  10. Sadie basically sandbagged her during a match & I think there was some kind of altercation backstage afterwards but there was issues between them going back to stardom because Gibbs had bailed on a tour halfway through

  11. I'm not gonna fuckin turn into tmz here but I know who ospreay is with and it ain't her

  12. Nah I think you meant Priscilla Kelly aka Gigi dollin

  13. For a slight second even Mandy looks impressed

  14. Rhea was struggling to keep her top on the whole match,at one point her zipper was halfway down

  15. I think at this point they're hedging their bets but it's not confirmed. Probably waiting to see if Rosa will be ready to go in time.

  16. From the 2 matches she's had since shes returned I think she is nowhere near ready for hayter

  17. After he loses it he refuses to give it up & the next night on dynamite they show a taped promo of him throwing it in the river somewhere with him saying "if I can't have this no one can"

  18. That match is on saturday the 11th,not on Wednesday

  19. Darby vs Hobbs at revolution and Hobbs wins in his home town

  20. Wardlow costs Joe the match, Darby beats Joe & Hobbs takes out Darby after & we get a 4way at revolution

  21. The favorite is craven cottage in London & the date would be may,sometime in June when fulham's season ends

  22. What?😑 Come on,I checked,there was no other post with the updated graphic

  23. She had one for a short time before she went to WWE

  24. Billie Starkz is very good for her age (18) and has been wrestling for a few years, I'm surprised AEW hasn't snatched her up already

  25. I think she would be a great protogé for someone like ruby, pair her up like Darby and sting

  26. Red velvet is not a heel anymore,neither is Kiera Hogan

  27. I don't think she's interested in wrestling at the moment

  28. She was on rampage last week in a street fight teaming with willow against TayJay

  29. And before that? I'm sorry I've unfortunately been out of the loop for awhile

  30. She beat tay Conti back in December after being out for a while with a broken nose

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