2. I like the idea, but that seems awfully expensive for what it is.

  3. Being an awakener doesn't actually require any connection to Nalthis, you just have to be able to acquire Breath somehow.

  4. I think being Mistborn is similar though. It doesn't bind you to Scadriel the same way a Spren bond does.

  5. But what if you want to go to Big Bear or Mammoth for the weekend? Serious question, I’m in socal and due for tires, that’s the one thing holding me back from straight summer tires all year ling

  6. If that's something you do often enough I'd just run something like a high performance all season like the Continental DSW06 or Michelin A/S4.

  7. I really fucked up and made bad called with my lineup this week. Played Foreman, over Cooper, Zeke (and Conner).

  8. Hopefully this turned out well for you!

  9. I wonder why they didn't? Most EVs on dedicated platforms are RWD, so maybe this one is still heavily based on the old FWD 500.

  10. I'm actually terrified. Dallas has a terrible habit of playing down to their competition.

  11. Generally awesome, but if I'm going to bit pick, front wheels need to be moved forward/flatten out the nose. Too much overhang.

  12. I guess it's a type of relaxed racing geometry! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. Weirdly that makes more sense to me than "aggressive endurance"

  14. This is a good looking bike. One of my favorites. I never liked the graphics though. The frameset looks so much nicer without the black stripes.

  15. Giant does weird stuff with the graphics designs. A few years of the Propel where downright hideous.

  16. I've had surgery on both shoulders along with almost every different shoulder injury. AMA

  17. Put this dude in for Gano last minute and he dicked his way to a win for me by 3 points.

  18. Same, except the me winning part. Tempted to drop Gano as the Giants are horribly hurt and have tough matchups coming.

  19. He isn't. Giants are. So I don't expect much offense from them.

  20. Good start, but better yet IMHO would be to get rid of all electronics including communications as these have turned racers into cyberborgs racing on computer screens.

  21. Agree there, any ban on Power Meters should coincide with a ban on team radios. Or maybe only let 1 person on the team a radio.

  22. It even looks better for non Metric savvy friends. "You biked 30 Kilometers?!"

  23. From what I understand the Blizzaks are great if you get serious winters but can't/don't want to run studded tires. The X-Ice has some all season compound in it so it's not quite as good on pure ice but it will be quieter and offer a better ride on dry roads.

  24. Not a "mircale", but I'm up 22 and my oppoent has JimmyG, Deebo, and GOuld tonight, to my Hopkins. If Hopkins doesn't play I am fucked.

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