1. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. You don't play poker (presumably Holdem) against the house. You play against other people. And while there is luck involved, it is primarily a game of skill.

  2. Onion jam and cream cheese on a triscuit is a winner, imo

  3. Tbh, there's no style to this fit. You just threw together some Simpsons stuff and called it a day

  4. I think color coordination is whack. You don’t need to match you shirt with your shoes like you’re in 5th grade. Just don’t wear anything too clashing. I think it’s perfectly fine to wear only neutrals with a loud shoe, in fact it’s the only thing you can do.

  5. Respectfully disagree. To be clear, when I say colour coordination, I mean complimenting colours, not (necessarily) matching colours. But when you throw on black and white with a wild pair of sneakers, I feel like it becomes all about the sneakers and there isn't much of a fit to speak of

  6. FWIW, I'm a typically a 9.5 but my right foot is ever so slightly wide and many sneakers end up being a bit tight. This is especially a problem for me with AJ4s.

  7. I can wake myself up at any time without an alarm clock. I repeat the time I want to wake up at a few times and I wake up at that time.

  8. I like them, for anyone who cares they’re actually based off of Lord Zedd rather than the red ranger.

  9. Paris is the GOAT but New York holds a special place in my heart

  10. I can’t trust a person who has never seen Jurassic Park.

  11. Excitedly had my (then) 24 yr old nephew watch it for the first time a couple years ago. He fell asleep watching it because "it was boring". Fucking kids, I tell ya.

  12. The appendix. It dosen't really serve a perpous anymore unless your eating raw meat or tough vegetation

  13. I've got you penciled in my calendar for July 15! I hope I'll have time that day to drop by. Keep doing what you're doing.

  14. That's like saying "it's not actually owning the land, you just have a piece of paper saying you own the land".

  15. Except that I have the right to say what happens to the land and who can and can't use it. I can build on the land, use it for different things, build a fence around it. Seems to me that owning an NFT is more like owning a piece of fictional land.

  16. True I've been saying, there's no game that really hits the same as games used to, it could be because I'm getting older though, idk, but I used to be able to play nonstop for hours, now I barely play unless it's with my homies online, and even then I don't really enjoy the games themselves that much, there it's the social part of all hopping on that makes it fun.

  17. I live in Canada and we have the same lifestyle as Americans, we watch the same tv shows and movies as Americans, the kids play the same violent computer games and yet we don't have the mass shootings as Americans seem to do on a daily basis. IT'S THE GUNS.

  18. I'm Canadian. We may share common cultural elements with Americans but we don't have the same lifestyle as Americans.

  19. You wear a disguise to look like human guys but you're not a man you're a chicken Boo.

  20. I had completely forgotten about chicken boo until now. And now, decades later, it's funnier than it ever was.

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