1. Sorry if this is a dumb question, when is the trial? I can't find a date anywhere?

  2. The happiest man on earth by Eddie Jaku. The book is NOT what I was expecting, it's absolutely wonderful. Give the first few chapters a go and you'll see

  3. I prefer grid with white paper (not cream) and 90gsm. I like smooth paper.

  4. Thats the school my kids are zones for and it stresses me out so much. I can't afford private... seriously considering moving house just to avoid my kids going to a school like that

  5. Clairefontaine had the smoothes paper and no ghosting.

  6. This is so hard to answer. My ex is verbally abusive, I stayed longer then I should of because I had hope he would change. He didn't change and to this day still is abusive towards me. Is this my fault? No but I have no idea how to say this to anyone without it becoming a red flag for them

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