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  1. Why is it biased when many people say something, but it's not biased when you say the opposite? For me it was honestly stellar, I have no bias towards her cause I literally had no idea who she was before the episode. It was moving, it was powerful, it was deep but also fresh, we never saw this kind of dance on that stage, so, for me it was amazing. Also the story behind it (even before watching untucked) for me was very clear, but it was not just "a story", like for Irene. 10s across the board, unbiased, hands down.

  2. You may not know her but I think the comment you are replying to is referencing how popular and revered Sasha is, hence possible biased opinions. I’ve never heard of her either but I thought she was fantastic. Great looks, talented and likeable personality. I was just a bit surprised that we are we are still doing straight jackets in this time.

  3. Is it just me or did lux noir london just feel so overconfident and whiny. She's only been doing drag for a year and half and its all about her winning and whining about something i don't know it rubbed me off.

  4. I defo think that Lux is saying all of this on purpose. She is a young social media savvy queen, she knows how to drive up engagement. She’s playing the game.

  5. It's good you can sort out your difference quickly & get it over with, now move on. Sounds like a bullshit excuse anyway!

  6. Yes and I think that is why I’ve let him get under my skin. He frames himself as a massive travel lover and a jet setter and tried to make me seem boring because I want to rest. When in reality, he isn’t a travel junkie, that’s his job. And when he has time off he likes to lay in bed just as much as I do. Pretentious maybe but defo hypocritical and zero self awareness. The idiot!

  7. If it was black and gold you would probably have called that a cliche too. But I actually couldn’t stop looking at the skirt. Beautiful fabric. So if you take away the headpiece, I still disagree with you.

  8. I really think he looks like Shamir in the confessionals!

  9. About 10 years ago I was in the same situation. Sat outside in my car as long as possible because I just didn’t want to be there. Thought my degree was useless because it is artsy-related. Once you start looking at job/recruitment sites you will be very surprised- I was! Lots of them don’t care about the specialism, a degree is a degree in their eyes. I’m doing so much better now and glad I made the jump, even though it was very scary at the time.

  10. Is anyone else getting Shamir vibes from Lux’s confession look? That’s not a criticism, I love Shamir and I miss him!

  11. What happens? Is this something we are supposed to know?

  12. Oh! Haha I thought you were challenging them to answer, I didn’t realise you were genuinely asking the question. Then I looked at their profile, and… weird.

  13. 6 weeks for summer, 2 weeks for both Christmas and Easter, and one week for both half terms.

  14. Yes, I'd guessed that, but that's non-contact time, not time off. Teachers get about the same annual leave as most other professions, and they're restricted on when they can take it. Outside term time when it's most expensive.

  15. Yeah totally agree. I meant that in her eyes, this where she imagined we have ‘time off’.

  16. Because you're wearing your trousers at half mast (like a flag would be to memorialise a death)

  17. We always said it was because they must have cut the bottom off their trousers to make a black armband to wear in mourning haha. And we said has your budgie just died. Northwest.

  18. They dropped the ball massively here. Should have been called ‘50 ways to please your lover’. #1: just take it in the back, Jack…

  19. 52 ways to please your lover. #1: just take it in the back, Jack.

  20. Nah there is a whole punch of TikTok videos that have the same trick, the idea is that it makes you stop by the video and watch it a few times while you try to figure it out, then you click on the comments and read those, all that is counted by TikTok as positive engagement and so the video gets more promoted

  21. Similar to the one that got really big that says ‘when his name rhymes with a US state but starts with a letter J’. Thousands of comments of people guessing drives up revenue.

  22. No matter how many times they say her name, I cannot get over the pronunciation "Victoria SCUN"

  23. Scone. Rhymes with ‘gone’. And ‘one’. Perfectly English haha

  24. Wait... lol 'gone' and 'one' don't even have the same pronunciation.

  25. Adele does not have a lisp! Where did that come from? I was so confused.

  26. I once asked a question related to a school's most recent RI rating. Needless to say, the SLT interviewing me was not happy and lectured me about "interview practise"!

  27. Applied for a post at a Catholic school. My application stated I wasn't a 'practising catholic", my intention being that I'm not catholic. This misunderstanding made for a very awkward atmosphere once I clarified that Im not religious at all, it was like I'd stood up and dropped my trousers in front of everyone.

  28. I went for an interview at a Catholic school as a non religious person. They asked how I would uphold the Catholic ethos of the school. I said, regardless of religion just be nice and treat people how you would like to be treated. Got the job, despite being a (very obvious) raging homosexual.

  29. I liked Victoria Scone’s runway idea, but I kept thinking her shoulders looked like they were covered in warts.

  30. That’s what I meant in my comment by elephant man. He had this disease.

  31. I'm quite tired of this narrative that Cheddar's drag is so intellectual. A lot of people have a postgrad degree I don't think it makes every performance intellectual

  32. If ‘intellectual’ is her thing then she needs to lean into it way more. A pun on the word ‘backbencher’ and then berating everyone for not laughing is hardly too intellectual material.

  33. I low-key think that was part of her character? Like to me she was playing a snooty bitchy sort of megalomaniac alien politician if ygm? I didn’t think she was genuinely trying to be a dick

  34. People don't use decimal places in real world situations.

  35. They absolutely do. I just gave you an example. ‘Real world’ to you seems to be about slicing up pizza. You seem to be completely unaware of architects, carpenters, draughtsmen, engineers, etc etc. the real world is a lot bigger than your world my friend.

  36. I thought about quitting teaching and then I realised that I’m actually not qualified to do anything else. Reading this thread just confirms that lol.

  37. Not true! Teaching has lots of transferable skills. You are educated to post-grad level and manage a class of 30 children, plus however many adults are in your room. You are skilled in decision making, communication, presentation, IT, data analysis and are creative. Don’t sell yourself short.

  38. Thank you, I really appreciate that. What I meant was, on paper, all my qualifications, degree etc, are in the art world so don’t really add up to much, practically.

  39. Wrong. Also it’s Black. Do the work. Next!

  40. When did the adjective ‘black’ become a proper noun?

  41. I say Feb-bury. But then I’m English, if that makes a difference?

  42. I want mini challenges back in general. So many of them were a great chance for queens to show some personality and for contender queens to get some wins so the stats seemed richer.

  43. I really loved the limbo mini challenge. And the one where they had to pair up and one of them had to not use their arms, to put on make up.

  44. I don’t get the big deal with what order the queens go in a roast. You’re either funny or you’re not!

  45. Thank you Farah Moooooan… 😬 when she said that, everyone was laughing and she hadn’t even started

  46. They weren't created by a corporation and were involved in the emerging punk scene. They were punk, even if nobody will admit it

  47. Maybe they were not manufactured in the way that, say, spice girls were. But they were definitely manipulated and used to make money.

  48. I was expecting a punk song to go along with the runway.

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