1. Howard Gilbert wrote a thesis on that. You can ask for him on the sumo forum if you can’t find him

  2. Kise and Oitekaze are the two main places Nichidai grads have tended to go to. It’s no surprise that those are the two stables.

  3. There have been calls to move the November tournament out of Fukuoka since at least the 1970s.

  4. You can advertise anything you want in any match in the top two divisions as long as:

  5. Individuals can’t purchase kensho. Only organizations. In McCartney’s case it was the record company. No births or weddings have been advertised on kensho

  6. Can’t answer your question but I’m here to manifest a Takayasu yusho, so I just wanted to say Mita ain’t winning this one

  7. When are we getting the main man John Gunning back in the commentary booth?

  8. NHK hasn’t had any color commentators since March of 2020. We’ve been told that their COVID protocols are still in effect. It’s unlikely you’ll see John or any of the other color commentators back until the pandemic is over. NHK World shows operate differently and some are made by outside production companies. From the credits that seems to be the case with GSP.

  9. Andrew McElroy is 🇺🇸 of 🇮🇪 decent. Played all his football in the US. Not aware of any connection with 🇬🇧

  10. Yeah i agree. I would say though that the prevailing attitude, which seems consistant with what is enforced by IFS officials in practice, is that harite and nodowa are allowed, though harite in particular need to be more conservative than is seen in Grand Sumo.

  11. Go to any World Championship and you'll be tearing your hair out at the lack of enforcement. It's a longstanding problem

  12. Certainly been highlighted recently with the spate of backflips. I'm aiming for tokyo 2023. That will be my first world championship.

  13. How big is that lens 😂 (I know you’re looking for the card but…)

  14. New here. There’s no limitation to facial hair? That’s not a joke question, genuinely curious.

  15. We’re not saying yours is - we’d need to have it in hand to say for certain. You might just have gotten lucky. Sometime people get them as gifts and neither know or care about the value and just put them online for sale. Also pop up on auctions when older relatives pass away and leave them behind.

  16. Will the evil spirits coming into my house be able to tell if it's genuine? Maybe the Japanese ones would be more discerning? I don't think my Australian evil spirits are clued-up...

  17. They won’t and if Christopher Nolan decides to make a Tenet 2 it could even be a key plot point.

  18. Isn’t this about the only time there has ever been 2 living popes? Not counting antipopes or anything of that sort.

  19. Thanks for your response. How would you use it in a sentence about a rikishi?

  20. While what you said is of course true, it’d be a mistake to overestimate the impact based on this one game.

  21. Happy to hear it’s improving but Ireland is still probably in the same situation that Spain once was. Only a couple of years ago a low level US college (or maybe high school) team scored something like 130 points against an Irish selection. The beat down was so bad the score wasn’t even posted. You won’t be able to truly judge Spains progress until they face a more established team. That will be the true test.

  22. The cancellation of it being in Russia took place in the spring but the new venue was only revealed yesterday. Russia has been the dominant power in the ring for many years now.

  23. Everyone above has laid out the requirements but it’s worth noting that the surrounding circumstances can have a major impact on promotion. When Takanohana won his SEVENTH yusho he was still ranked at ozeki, while Futahaguro was was forced into retirement as a yokozuna without a single title. Right now you have a single yokozuna with persistent injury worries that is the other side of 30 and a group of underwhelming ozeki so we’re probably going to see a lot of leeway in the next promotion - especially if it’s a young fast riser on a clear track to the top.

  24. Anyone have a link to any article on the new recruits? I wanna see what they look like

  25. Appreciate you collecting the information and putting it into one easy to read post

  26. Ok that makes much more sense. The integrated sponsorship threw me for a loop, as did "pitch style".

  27. Those are team names. Many top level sports teams in Japan are company owned or backed.

  28. That is cool. I didn't know they had an American style football league in Japan. Usually, they just have a ceremonial coin person who takes the coin out to ref for the flip to see who gets the ball first. I wonder if there is going to be something different and I hope we can watch a video of it.

  29. The games are streamed live on a paid service with free highlights on YouTube within a day. May or may not be included in the highlights.

  30. I ordered mine last night. Cost is ¥4000. Last year that was $41.37. This year is is $30.86.

  31. When we said take advantage of the weak yen we weren’t joking. It’s the weakest it’s been in decades.

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