Being surprised with a baby piglet

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  1. Winning. There should be a scoring box for the turn to note what food was consumed…. Be it hot dog, or crustless pbj etc.

  2. I remember the rumor when Gatorgum first came out in our district (c.1980) that it simply dissolved into liquid when its time was up, instead of ending up the usual flavorless lump. It was supposed to be a solution to the problem of discarded gum on floors, sidewalks, sneakers and under tables. I also remember my disappointment at finding out that this rumor was false. Oh well at least it tasted good, and I still had the rest of the pack to enjoy.

  3. Exactly! Man I was so stoked for gum that was supposed to last a long time. Same here- once it wore off in 20 mins I’d chuck it and pop another one in. I went through so many packs. Can’t remember why I stopped chewing it - maybe they stopped making it or I moved on to another gum product but man it was my fave gum for a while.

  4. Bruh you have a real pinball machine, maybe one day thats my dream. Also the dragons lair cab is amazing, there best made cabs imo are DL and Star Wars.

  5. Ya I play the hell out of that Avengers pinball machine- but this new cab is also fun as hell.

  6. Love the bou. I’ve got about 1800hrs on that bad boy. What a great plane to fly.

  7. Who are you, so wise in the ways of science?

  8. Walt is the mother freaking king of trolls. A dude that tells his kids ‘I can’t see stained glass’ and/or all this other stuff is a GOD level troller man. Keep yer head on a swivel sim.

  9. I have a few full size pins and a AFM. I've had the AFM for about a year. You will notice a slight lag compared to the physical machine. Going back and forth its a little weird but after a few games you almost forget about it. Generally I stick to physical for the night or virtual for the night. 100% fun and a good buy.

  10. Sweet thx!! Ya I’m not quite ready to add another physical pin to my collection but this sucker with for the bill for now.

  11. Ya sorta like buying a house next to an airport and complaining about the noise.

  12. Dude- it was clear 99.5% of race until trophy lap. Wasn’t like this during the race drama queen.

  13. I’ve been using this service since 2010. It has never failed me. Get my hard copy in about a month. Get my printable version in a couple/few days.

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