1. Did you apply for disability for your wife? Are you in the US? If your wife cannot work and is too ill she may be eligible for SSDI. It’s hard to get so get a disability lawyer to help you with the application.

  2. Alternatively you can apply yourself online. I did this in September. Was denied in December (they said they asked me to complete a income verification which I did and they did not receive) and appealed in person at local office early Jan. Was unable to get anyone to answer phone at my local office in Mesa az so I went to local office 30 mins prior to opening and waited with 15 other folks who had same idea. The person helping me typed up my appeal for me and 2 weeks after that I got approval for SSDI. So ultimately it worked but it’s not a quick process.

  3. Not sure why, but this one hits. I DO miss the v cut weirdly. Even though I eat there maybe twice a year.

  4. Looks amazing. I’m doing pizza this week and now I’m gonna do a sausage on onion thx to this. What dough recipe? Great job.

  5. I don’t think it will which is why when it was announced I bit the bullet and ordered it. Like ripping a bandaid off quick lol. For me it was worth the price. Beautiful cab (even the packaging was very nice) and plays as I remember it despite people saying there is a delay or the joystick isn’t great. I honestly don’t think mine has those problems I guess. This was a holy grail title for me so overall very happy with it.

  6. Been there. I use a wooden pizza peel to launch into pizza oven and small metal one to rotate during cook if it needs to rotate. But wooden pizza peel with a little corn meal and doing the ‘slide test’ will help stop this from happening.

  7. Ya and hopefully that carries forward and he/she doesn’t get hired anywhere. If you can’t be truthful during interview process you can’t be trusted on the flight deck where it really matters. Nope.

  8. ‘Feel better.’ Every call from a nurse from insurance (NOT my primary people) or scheduling. They mean well and I know they don’t know I’m terminal but ya. That one.

  9. For something like 767/757 there is a screen page you go to when doing flight control check and it shows range of motion for each control service.

  10. I’m starting to understand how this sub works and I love it. I’m slow which is why I only fly boxes.

  11. Is there website that has hi rez pics from Mars you can look at?

  12. I THINK somewhere on nasa.gov website. You may have to dig around a little and look for the various mars missions and associated links.

  13. ‘The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.’ Greatest opening line to a series ever.

  14. Now I wanna go read these again. Been a few years. I’ve forgotten the face of my father.

  15. How did you break into military contracting if you don't mind me asking?

  16. Had a buddy flying civilian skydiving who became buddies with a dude flying military dudes. My buddy applied there (we were also instructing together at a large school in Mesa az at the same time) and got on. He got me on there a few months later and then i brought a buddy or two on.

  17. Great show and holds up well. Some gave me the full series on DVD years ago and I ripped to a hard drive. Every once in a while I go back and watch a few episodes - like comfort food. Fun, easy watch to chill out to.

  18. He has to stay until he poops or they dig it out. I’ve had similiar issue but not quite as severe. I was supposed to taking miralax daily and stopped for a week. That was a big mistake since I take oxycodone daily for pain (stage 4 cholangiocarcinoma). I was so backed up and couldn’t go had to do a home fleet enema or next stop was ER. After I got it sorted out I now take 2 dulcolax daily if I haven’t had a bowel movement in 2 days. But my primary thing I do is daily capful if miralax and that seems to work for me. But if 2 days goes by I step up to the dulcolax tabs since they are stronger.

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