Appeals court says FBI can use all documents seized in Mar-a-Lago search and ends special master review

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  1. Op never said that was the reason they didn’t have another paid concert.

  2. If you're a native English speaker, the presentation and order of the words in the title insinuate exactly that, though. It's a heavy implication to word a title in such a way as well, as opposed to having the same two sentences within the context of a paragraph.

  3. As a native English speaker I can say you’re wrong. OP said what happened in their last concert and that they never played before a paying audience again. There is nothing in the title that connects the two, the the first part is the cause of the second. That was your misinterpretation.

  4. Uh, sticking to that, eh. Children perform this same gotcha when they have yet to learn how much English (at least) relies on structure and order of phrases to make inferences. But ok. You're correct, it's not explicitly stated, but explicit statements are not how we always communicate. You'll find yourself confusing listeners who make these connections in our verbal communication especially, and then losing your audience when you're correcting them for drawing a logical connection in your choice of words and the order presented.

  5. This is all bullshit, show me something that actually happens. “Breaking News” some politician did something bad and some random court said it was possible to prosecute and then the Supreme Court ruled that not possible at this point and then congress will waste months creating a stale mate and then we will get another election based on the same shit we argued about four years ago with zero progress. Make changes or stop getting paid as that is what would happen in my job. Sorry if I get downvoted but there is still a insurrection created by a person that is available to run for president and nothing changed.

  6. "Geting?" Some may say the skill level has dropped, with some of the technology around today it has become a lot easier to play instruments.

  7. Yeah, I mean for example I'm a huge Rush fan, and Neil could definitely play proficiently enough to do this kind of super fast repetitive work, not to knock it down. You can easily tell by listening to the albums that he had no incapabilities. It's just that some artists use their proficiency to write diverse and musically interesting tracks, one might say.

  8. Where are they coming down at? Cali has been sitting at 6 bucks a gallon for a while now. Perhaps I should pray at my Biden shrine

  9. There's actually a large building attached but it's not usually open. The explore-a-torium used to be located there 20 years ago.

  10. Not quite, it was relocated to the pier in 2013. Went to the Exploratorium in 2009ish.

  11. If I had to guess, looks like the truck might be in a turn lane but doesn't turn, and the little black car might be trying to turn in a not turn lane.

  12. Hey, at the very, very least... They moved off the damn road. I see fender benders where both parties stop, get out and talk, wait for cops/tow, all in the driving lane, with no shortage of places to pull off and handle business. I don't know when this started happening, but I had never seen this growing up here in the 80s/90s.

  13. Of all the Thanksgiving dinners I've attended, not once has ketchup been on a single plate.

  14. I stand completely corrected, seriously have not seen one without the option before. It means no heated seats, either, which seems very strange for any Lexus made in the last 15 years!

  15. The heated seat mechanism is different, and much cheaper, than the ventilation. Heated seats are essentially just an electric blanket.

  16. A Dodge Stratus manual?? This is a real unicorn...

  17. the stratus from that gen is interesting. the coupes were rebadged Eclipses that had either a 2.4 I4 (SXT) or a 3.0 V6 (R/T). The R/T sedan was all Chrysler and had the dreaded sludgefest 2.7 V6. Kinda surprised this one still exists.

  18. Physically existing still is surprising enough in its own right lol

  19. How is Hillary Clinton storing emails the same as literally absconding with physical documents? How am I being a hypocrite in my original comment? Please elaborate and try to see if you can refrain from countering with Hillary. Last I checked, Hillary also didn't incite an insurrection attempting to overthrow an election for POTUS. Even Mike Pence admits to what happened. Go be anti-American in

  20. Trump stored classified documents in his house. Individuals without a top secret clearance might have been able to access the documents.

  21. Trump physically removed classified documents. He stole state property. He did this AFTER he exited the government. Hillary was working at least and didn't have this data outside the scope of her own position in the government. The documents Trump stole contain objectively more sensitive material. There are also documented lies, false statements, regarding the circumstances of these documents over a period of time. Again, Hillary has been investigated and the outcome is out of our hands... Trump is still under investigation, and this particular one just happens to be the latest in a fairly long string of potential crimes WHILE PRESIDENT. Emphasis is for excluding the list of potential crimes as a private citizen.

  22. Can the House GOP maybe take the corruption at the highest possible level seriously first?

  23. When the House GOP suddenly stops ignoring the crimes of the previous PRESIDENT to investigate the son of the current, who never held any public position and is already under investigation, I'll say ok.

  24. is it just me or did 90s TV just seem way more creative than anything being made now? Shows like this and weird stuff on MTV like Liquid Television and The Maxx were so cool and I just dont see anything even close to the level of funky creativity that seemed to be flowing back in the day. Anyone else feel this way?

  25. Nickelodeon is no coincidence or nostalgic perception... The leadership at Nickelodeon from the 80's to late 90's was truly about creating fun and imaginative shows for kids like had never been done before.

  26. What extraordinary craftsmanship! I think it's just amazing that it actually survived well enough that it could be restored enough to reveal that level of craftsmanship.. gotta wonder what that dagger has been through.

  27. Breakfast tacos were the absolute best. RIP Speedy's :(

  28. Ahhh that rock garden is new to me, guess it's been a few years since I've made the trek! It is (or was) fairly rare that anything changed in Marble Falls haha

  29. My dad did that a while back! Bunch of bluebonnets bloom in the spring now, too.

  30. Never understood the black rims trend. Aren’t you putting wheels on your car to make them stand out? When you paint them black you can barely tell the design of the rims, they’re just a black hole basically. Seems weird.

  31. I thought I might be the only one... It's rare that I find myself liking a set of black rims on a car. Most of the time, it might as well be steelies because I can't see what's going on anyways.

  32. On most/all Lexuses, and several other Asian car manufacturers, putting the sideview mirror selector to L or R (not middle position) will make the mirrors point down when reversing, as a primitive alternative to the backup camera. Power mirrors only, obviously.

  33. Yeah I would think so... I haven't run across a Lexus that this doesn't work on, unless an issue with mirror(s)

  34. The man was totally focused on the dog. He told his little girl to get in the car but she was too afraid to leave her dad’s side, obviously. She’s too young to realize that maybe she could get into the car and close the door while her dad is between her and the dog. I don’t think that picking up the child would’ve been wise. The dog might’ve gone for her legs and what could the dad do then? Yank her around until the dog lets go? That’s exactly the game dogs like to play. The dad was correct in being completely focused on the dog. And look what happened, he was successful.

  35. I never post in here. This is the correct take. Nothing to criticize on the part of the dad or little girl in this video, he protected her successfully... like wtf is there to say other than good job dad!

  36. Its one think to say this when republican have control of the house to actually inact investigations and another to say when it's still up in the air. He truly thinks they will retain majority or atleast not be a minority in the house. He says this thinking that they'll never be able to actually do an investigation. Learn about how your government works before making judgement calls

  37. Hunter Biden does not own a wildly popular social media platform.

  38. Woah, this is by far not the best looking accord I’ve ever seen…

  39. He's 55 singing a song he recorded 27 years ago maybe... No snark, just a guess.

  40. Well he straight up admitted to quid pro quo in Ukraine to scuttle an investigation into a company we can prove was paying his son millions of dollars.

  41. Pathetic attempt. Post another youtube link, youtube videos are definitely great news sources (this would be funny if we weren't already living in Idiocracy).

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