1. OOH man OPEN GL quake was a game changer

  2. 2 Voodoo 2's in SLI mode running Quake 2 is my fondest memory of video gaming, ever. I miss the beautiful OpenGL goodness...

  3. Nowhere to hide in GL QUAKE see through water!!!

  4. Ohhhh forgot all about that advantage! Good times :)

  5. The pic of her wearing the dress in sunlight makes SO much more sense.

  6. I scrolled down and saw the original dress and it was white and gold. I looked away because I couldn't remember which color it actually was, and when I looked back it was blue and black... Cannot unsee blue and black and feel like the world may be an illusion. Gdi it got me after nearly a decade.

  7. Protect kids from drag queens but maybe feed them just so they don't become criminals. What a clown party the right is.

  8. The drag queen thing is absurd. I don't get it.

  9. Well, I guess in reality it's worse because they don't even want to feed the kids using your logic...

  10. Dick Dale and Stevie Ray Vaughan doesn’t hurt either. 😁

  11. What they did to the King of the Surf Guitar's hair is a damn shame!

  12. Not including the rim, to boot. A steel 22.5 rim is like 60-80 lbs by itself...

  13. Do you use the liquid or powder version? I noticed in the liquid it says to not let it sit longer than a minute. I guess I’ve always been worried about using harsh chemicals on something that I’m going to make food out of

  14. It's more of an abrasive than a chemical clean, though there is a surfactant and a mild acid in it. You should always wash the pot/pan/whatever after you've cleaned with BKF.

  15. How long did you have to let the Barkeeper's sit before scrubbing?

  16. Weird, I have never let it sit... I use the powder with just enough water to make it pasty and I get to work, usually rinsing out in under a minute. I've never had an issue cleaning tough spots this way.

  17. You realize, avoiding a "gotcha" moments is what successful politicians do, right? There was no answer he could give that would change anyone's mind. All it was was an opportunity to make him look worse. Not answering the question is mitigating those moments through avoidance is the only correct answer.

  18. Avoiding questions isn't what "successful politicians" do, but it is certainly a tactic most politicians will employ. I don't think that grants a pass in any sense, but if you think that makes it acceptable so they can never be held accountable, well that's your problem and not mine :)

  19. Sure they didn't always do that, and not all politicians still do, but we also didn't have this level of clickbait seeking, trolling we call news and media. Unfortunately, the transparency and availability of every publicly spoken work has caused a far more metered, and I'll agree slimy, way of dealing with random questions.

  20. I like meeting peeps on common ground, as I can agree that clickbait plays a large role in this unsurprising sequence of events. Appreciate the discourse.

  21. I hope I do not regret this, but I also hope they get as much business as needed to open a standalone shop.

  22. It's good to see more opportunities for 14 and 15 year olds to work in age-appropriate jobs. My son benefitted greatly from getting a job at 14 and my state didn't require working papers.

  23. Children could work before the idiot governor loosened the laws, making it easier to exploit children.

  24. What does that have to do with anything? Under 16 could work before the rollback of protections. The protections didn't affect little Billy's ability to bus tables at the local cafe. They did, however, protect vulnerable children, such as migrant children, from getting exploited because they didn't have a parent available to sign off on the waiver.

  25. Drag? Are we sure this isn’t for a play? Looks to me like kids in costumes.

  26. What do you think drag is? A drag show is just a performance. It is not much different, if at all, than dressing in costume for a play.

  27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI12XNNqldA

  28. Do I need to rebuttal? It's moronic to argue with people who deny reality.

  29. So you think removing all the Adolf statues erased him from history? Do you really think people learn about the past by looking at a Confederate General's statue, or perhaps by simply reading history books? You're either arguing in bad faith for fairly obvious reasons, or completely not grasping how history is and has been recorded.

  30. The best thing we could do for Boring Company compliance is to organize a movement to publish articles that after our children swam in rivers downstream they dyed their hair, decided to come out as trans, and started writing articles about race issues for the Washington Post.

  31. You can see the future? What's the benefit to discharging directly into a river vs going to a water treatment plant? Cost. If they're aiming to save cost by discharging it directly to a waterway, I'm sure they're willing to not clean it thoroughly themselves every time into the future and simply swallow minor fines. Why not put a safeguard in place to treat it as wastewater and be cleaned by treatment facility? Water is a precious resource, and polluted water has extensive and disastrous effects. I just don't understand why a valid concern is so easily dismissed by someone because of how hypothetically clean it should be.

  32. Put as much effort into re-reading the post as you did into writing this, and I think you'll see it all come together.

  33. Cars & Bids is way more realistic IMO.

  34. It was, but everyone who has given up on BaT or actually wants a shot to own something cool has moved to C&B, and the same thing is slowly but surely happening there as well. In another year or two, I predict it will be the same situation, and maybe another entrepreneurial person can start a 3rd site and we can try again.

  35. Love that color! Congratulations, may she run forever :)

  36. OP just posted about having a huge issue with dogs off leash at a park like a week ago. She must have some childhood trauma or something. Either way it’s apparent she hates dogs and wants to get in your business.

  37. Or maybe it's just a matter of following the law.

  38. I wouldn't even bring it up, but after witnessing firsthand an unleashed dog run to and brutally attack a leashed lapdog, completely preventable, I couldn't agree more with the law and think it does need enforcing. Not to mention that's what dog parks are for. It's selfish to ignore something that is put in place for practical, real-world reasons and ensure EVERYONE can be safe. It's the definition of entitlement. Well, the secondary definition, technically.

  39. King of hearts is also known as the "Suicide King" as he sticks his sword in his head. :)

  40. The "original" design of the King of Hearts included a moustache, and he was wielding a battle axe that was ready to strike (which is the likely reason for the weapons placement). Over time, derivatives replaced the axe with a sword which, due to the placement of the original weapon, has the sword going into his head. The King of Hearts is also the only face card showing both hands.

  41. What is insulting about the comparison? Unless you can put it into words, you haven’t presented an argument.

  42. "From a biological standpoint it's no different than being gay -- a small mutation in the genome that determines our sexual preferences,"

  43. Why are you bringing up the cameraman? Strawman. I’m disregarding all of that until we solve the first question: What about the statement you quoted do you find offensive?

  44. If you're not aware of the history of comparing of pedophilia with homosexuality, I suggest you educate yourself first. It's Westboro Baptist shit. I'd hope you can understand finally why that would be upsetting. The camera man is the one likely making the call on who to put on jumbotron. I think spelling this out for you is displaying what a waste of time it was to attempt discussion. It's all laid out above but you're avoiding it, and calling out hypocrisy isn't a strawman. I've already said my points that you ignore and respond with ridiculous backwards logic like it's homophobic to assume the actor actually used a classically homophobic false equivalency. I wrote in plain language. What's very disheartening is it seems you're completely lost and so are those upvoting your convoluted rebuttals.

  45. Oh it gets worse. They dropped the obstruction charge, then he filed to sue, then the cops refiled the charges against him...

  46. Insane. Careful walking around out there, seems cops find that extremely threatening.

  47. The hot tub seat as the trigger... Designer certainly missed the shot.

  48. 1:38 who the hell left the fridge doors open FFS??

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