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  1. This is an explicit porn video in case anyone is wondering.

  2. I always look for analysis on someone’s intelligence who says “bruh”.

  3. When asked what various terms were that were obviously sexual in nature he lied and said they were drinking games, etc. Among other things.

  4. I feel people who are so vehemently against guns have never shot one.

  5. I’ve shot many a gun as I grew up in Kansas and love action movies and played FPS games all my life. That said, guns are not worth the destruction of our society they cause with how they exist in the United States.

  6. That’s fine. Surprised people would rather have school shootings, horrible crime, etc. than a safer society just to own guns but c’est la vie.

  7. Wes Bentley. After American Beauty, I thought he would get his shot at Oscar worthy roles, but I think the “Hollywood lifestyle” caused some inner turmoil for him.

  8. He dealt with a bad heroin addiction for many years. I’m friends with one of his close friends named Josh Cowdery who’s been attempting to become an actor for years. They both grew up in Arkansas together. They’re also really close with that guy who played Jessie in the first Fast and Furious.

  9. I was only viewing it from the angle of toxicity and waste of time. Point conceded.

  10. I feel like it depends on how you use it. Some people seem to get really wrapped up in comments and get legitimately mad at people for karma whoring and dumb stuff like that.

  11. Garry Gribble’s on Mass Street has a very supportive group that sounds right up your alley. They have a group run on Thursday night.. I think.. or Tuesday maybe.. that is runners of all abilities, shapes and sizes.

  12. This is article does not have credible sourcing and this investigation is being run by the DOJ. Greenburg’s attorney has also said the DOJ has NOT said this in any capacity

  13. This should be higher up. In fact, there is credible evidence that this story was planted by people sympathetic to Gaetz prior to him actually being charged.

  14. Psychiatric medicine which is better understood, has more beneficial and fewer adverse effects.

  15. Dad is an ENT doctor. This is incorrect. Cheers.

  16. They also made fun of him for clapping weird at an Oscar’s. They wouldn’t let him live it down, and it basically put the nail in the coffin for his career for many years. It’s not right how people made fun of him for that

  17. Dude, what? Lol. Don’t just make up stuff on the internet.

  18. putting the vacuum head near your face, ewww..

  19. Stunned I had to scroll this far to see someone mention how gross that is.

  20. it's motivation to exercise that is required for exercise. if this watch provides that motivation then yes, it's necessary for them to have the watch as it's what provides the motivation.

  21. lol, you have no clue what you are taking about. lol

  22. I am a first year high school teacher that’s absolutely drowning in anxiety and being overworked. I forget to eat most days and then eat something like $25 worth of fast food and then go to bed.

  23. Wait did you just say the Rock is not a draw? Lol

  24. Possibly I guess... but probably not when his other filmography includes Theif, Last of the Mohicans, and some obscure heist movie called Heat.

  25. I can’t tell if people on here are being pretentious as a joke. Miami Vice is ok but it’s leagues below Manns other films. It’s comical that someone in this thread said it’s the best film of the 21st century. Good god. Michael Mann was my favorite director during my teens and 20s, too. But this slob fest over Miami Vice has to be a joke.

  26. I do. They have some great songs. Sucks the lead guy is a douche possibly.

  27. You know with Trump...the more I learn about that guy.... the more I don't care for him.

  28. Instead, Garland is shopping around for someone to "land the plane." Bob Mueller would be too obvious. Maybe Rod Rosenstein?

  29. I am level 19 I think with one star but I don’t use any systems or whatever. Just played for a long time until I got to 100 and then stopped for a little bit but have recently come back.

  30. Honestly, Henry Rollins has done some good acting and voicework so he's my pick.

  31. Not an insider but according to the Instagram, they are not too far off. That said, they’ve said that in the past and then done nothing for a year. That said that said, there is definitely a lot more equipment and what not in their store now.

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