1. It's not, but I had never heard about it. Apparently it was an assistant coach who asked and Quinn issued an apology. Weird that wasn't a bigger deal

  2. Thanks for posting this instead of the clickbait Dov Klieman tweet

  3. Dov Kleiman once again reporting speculation like it's coming from the team and also attributing it to the wrong source this time tagging The Atlantic and not The Athletic lol

  4. You mean like how Chiefs fans can't stop talking about Carl Cheffers, right?

  5. This isn't even a good copypasta, 0/10 and weird that you have this saved & ready to post

  6. Rick Rubin totally ruined headphones for me. Headphones create an illusion, tricking your senses into believing you are hearing everything the music is offering. Certain bass sounds can only be felt in the body, they can’t be perceived by ears. I wasted my money on AirPods Max, I will never use them again.

  7. I wouldn't say you wasted your money at all. Just because you can't technically hear every single aspect of the music doesn't mean you're not getting the full intended experience. Plus a lot of music sounds better with headphones in my opinion.

  8. Larry David is the most unexpected person rappers reference in their tracks or if I had a nickel for every time a rapper references Larry David id have two nickels

  9. Well when you're well-known for clocking a woman in the face, I think you automatically lose benefit of the doubt

  10. people are going to believe this here because it wasnt florio, as opposed to the other thread

  11. Lol no one is even questioning it here yet in the other thread everyone is claiming it's BS. Yet it's the exact same information being reported, just no one is bothering to click and read the articles

  12. Lol of course no one is shitting on this thread without Florio being attached to it, even though Florio was reporting the exact same information

  13. What a clown. Easily the best city in the world and the best team in the NFL if you exclude the QB position. You have to be insane to not want to play here.

  14. Easily the best city in the world? I've been there and didn't get that impression lol

  15. I don’t think OP is right in this case but I can see what they’re getting at. It’s strange to have a quarterback have a high completion percentage when they have a bunch of sacks.

  16. Joe Burrow has the highest completion percentage of all-time at this very moment and he gets sacked a ton. They are two completely different stats

  17. From 2001 to 2005, Shaun Alexander had 87 rushing touchdowns. Still blows me away when I think about it

  18. Yep. We don't even know if Tua will play again. And if he does, how many more bad hit can he withstand?

  19. Tua is definitely playing again, not sure how it'll go but I would be shocked if he never played another game

  20. That still won't stop the annoying "Rodgers to the 49ers!" speculation even though I can't fathom the Packers trading him to the NFC and we literally don't have the assets to obtain him.

  21. Can the 49ers even afford to spend that much on QB right now? That's why I don't get the Rodgers / Brady to SF speculation. Pretty sure Shanahan yesterday said that they would have to work within the confines of their cap situation

  22. So one rape and an indictment gets the exempt list, but 26 accusations of sexual misconduct but no indictment gets you $230m. Outstanding.

  23. Not that I disagree, but the reason is because Watson never had criminal charges filed against him right? Though I think they still could have put him on there if they wanted to

  24. I'm honestly shocked Joy Division/New Order haven't been inducted yet.

  25. Me too, this is the first time I'm learning that they're not. They both absolutely should be

  26. I still remember that year with David Johnson breaking his hand week 1, wasn’t the same after that

  27. I still don't get why Kleiman can be posted. All he does is post shit like "according to real reporter..."

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