1. 22 M here. Family kehti hai abhi bhi baccha hai. Bahar log kehte mature thoughts wala hu. Mujhe khud nahi pata main kya hu. LoL

  2. diye kaj ta sesh kore jhar kelen na jhar kheye kaj sesh korlen?

  3. BeamNG Drive is the Google Chrome of games. Sometimes, even 2TB RAM feels insufficient.

  4. How come a state with the highest number of civil servants is no where near civic? Tum IAS wale apne state k logo ko educate karo.

  5. GT 650? Not a GTR? I wouldn't touch a girl with such poor taste in cars.

  6. Baarir baire ghaas gojiyeche. Kete bikri koro. Dat iz biznez! /s

  7. I wish this man was the PM of NDA. UPA Sonia sucked arse.

  8. For me it shows every time I'm entering the builder base. I'm stuck in a constant loop of BB 2.0 introduction.

  9. Ye boot me baith kar review dene ka idea Carwow k YouTube channel se churaya hua lag ths hai

  10. Article 19a (Amrit Kaal version): Freedom of Restrictions with reasonable speech and expression.

  11. Lux Cozi pore ghurun. R kichu porte hbe na. Dakhen na ad guloy kamn sando genji pore ghure beray!

  12. Sala ei bnasher sidi gulo choto bela theke dekchi era use korche.

  13. Well, WBSEDCL can't afford anything better. Seems like, it's the same for CESC.

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