1. OMG thank you!!! I wanted it to feel all bright and very green!

  2. It was a prize for 1st and 2nd in Firework Splendor event. It was a society event, where each member contributed Firework to the tally. It also came with a Special animation. If you want to win in the next similar event, you must Join an active society. My society is mostly f2p but we all active players, with daily wall contribution of 50k+ in total. It is important to outdo compeeting societies

  3. Thank you for the information!!

  4. Awesome! I like the colors n how it looks, ur a handsome young man I can tell!

  5. You would think so after they constantly yell “freedom!” But it looks like that freedom is only for men

  6. These things haven’t changed, they’re all just put in a modern way

  7. I am surprised when I saw this is the Thailand sub, I'm used to this here in Germany.

  8. Obv he hit too hard that the machine could not read the actual value. And she hit it just right

  9. You seem very insecure about him having a lower score

  10. The leftover sets... it's exactly that 💀

  11. Thank you! Gary is a very handsome gentlemen 😍

  12. Oh look it's Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders.

  13. มานะ(come on) มานี(Manni)

  14. Thanks, but I'm not actually after a translation of the characters' names; I'm looking for a translation of the books.

  15. Thats a willingly ignorant take. He was pointing out her retort was actually saying she had a small dick. Obviously the guy is a scumbag but Greta’s reply is literally a terrible primary school level insult and I genuinely can’t understand why everyone is acting like it’s a masterpiece

  16. Men: We daily put our lives on the line as soldiers and victims of muggings/drug wars.

  17. Don’t forget “Well… not all men!!”

  18. I’ve never had avocado’s but you make me wanna try them

  19. Beautiful!!! It looks very sad to me

  20. This is correct! Except for the last part, they’re not specifically talking about children more like saying “Don’t need them babe” and saying “shitty husband”

  21. There’s so much racist, sexist, homophobic shit in the gaming community I’m glad these fuckers are finally being held countable for sending rape threats to people cause what the fuck

  22. I couldn’t get pass Vito’s stage, the stories are hard to pass 🥲

  23. Fair enough. I guess I'm different in the sense that I think he's funny, not a threat.

  24. Of course you think it’s funny because you don’t think you’re being affected by him, it’s easier for women to realize he’s bad because he’s literally saying women should get raped. getting out of the red pill means practicing normal human empathy like seeing from the other side.

  25. when has he said women should get raped? he said women were bad drivers and people lost their minds. people take everything on the internet too serious.

  26. He has said multiple times if you dress with exposed skin you are asking for sexual attention, literally on every video you can find.

  27. Bruh the people who think capitalism has cured whatever sickness third world countries have against women are the regular men and women of those advanced countries…. They are called liberals. America is a liberal country. What part of “they are bringing drugs, crime, they’re rapists” did you miss. Liberals don’t believe they live in a patriarchy like those silly Muslims or browns (not black people bc that’s racist) your Misreading what I wrote and coming up with some conclusion that doesn’t even conclude anything. I was just illustrating a point… not sure what your even talking about at this point

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