1. if you are still intrested i think its a variant of A_F_M_ValProstitute_01

  2. More XY machiavellianism wow I'm shocked 🤦‍♀️ imagine wanting to be part of a "gender" you have so little in common with while loathing them too. Insanity.

  3. I Think you need to read this to confront your racial biases you have against people of non European decent , your intolerance is not welcome in this safe space

  4. Don't worry. I could never be a whitey (you're even closer to whiteness than me).

  5. Whiter or not I can guarantee that I am definitely more attractive than you are And I am a troon ,I can tell you are prob fat lmao you definitely give off that vibe . How many boyfriends have you had lol , I have had 2 lol and multiple simps . Want me to prove I am not capping heres a pic

  6. thats not my photo it was a photo of what i was looking to get done

  7. I like how Anon is trying to act all holier than thou even though he keeps misgendering the hon

  8. I'm amazed ngl that you are pre t ,you literally have the Chad face

  9. So last night I dreamt I was looking though the belongings of a non existent aunt at her house after she died when a bunch of people came over and threw a Christmas party and couple people came in with a Christmas tree that was on fire and 3 people in purple green and red elf costumes also came in .My mother and ben shapiro was also there and for the rest of the dream my mother was trying to keep me from fighting ben shapiro

  10. tbh i wouldn't recommend going if it brings you that much anxiety . I wouldn't want to go either tbh

  11. I'm also one of the ones who dislikes being trans. To me it's a cruel practical joke from mother nature... like "you'll have the mind of one gender, but the body of the other". We're left to deal with it and fend for ourselves in a society that mostly despises us. Sounds more like a curse than a blessing.

  12. fr , i can relate totally . being trans and having to deal with that hatred from society is soul crushing

  13. to oop HAHAHAHAHAAHAH cissoids making fun of people that suffer being born in the wrong body and being ugly despite trying to look good is SO FUCKING FUNNY . I stg so many cissoids are either djinns in human form , demons or skinwallkers because they have no fucking empathy

  14. got 59% chance of being Female 41% chance of being Male , prob because of my bitterness and vindictiveness

  15. Wow they really want to harken to victorian era with that one ,when fucking stupid laws like this prohibiting dress of the opposite gender were common . I wouldn't worry too much because even if it is passed it will get stuck down even by a right wing supreme court because it blatantly violates the 1st amendment

  16. Why the fuck do detranners have to go on a crusade against trans people every single time, like it's a decision you made you should deal with the consequences yourself.

  17. Because they have the "if i cant be happy than noone else should be " mindset like those two annoying particularly annoying reppers on here

  18. if you’ve actually done that, you are nothing short of a hero. Even if you didn’t, I still think it’s based that you tell transphobes that just to make them seethe.

  19. I have directed diy resources to multiple people because i don't want them to have to have to suffer the pain of going through the wrong puberty .

  20. They fell victim to one of the classic cissoid blunders

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