1. Worth it. Plus you gotta love the sound of a tuned Toyota V8

  2. Curious how the rear brakes rotors look

  3. Alr ill take that into account because usually when I got for an overtake I ask myself if I can actually overtake and will there be space? I thought I could manage to keep it side by side but unfortunately not

  4. Side by side…going down the mountain…I have no words

  5. Start a ticket and get RMA'd. Or try and push it back in and see if that fixes it. If that doesn't work, you could try to solder it urself if you dont want to send your base to fanatec and have them fix it.

  6. Doubt they’ll RMA it since it was pulled from OP moving his rig.

  7. Yup, even if you don't care about the aesthetic, the air flow is impaired by some many cables, so it runs hotter.

  8. I would also pay attention to the materials. Would not recommend leather as it will cause even more sweat on your back. I am using an OMP bucket seat, once I adjusted a few times it got quite comfortable

  9. Leather doesn’t create sweat but it also easy to clean

  10. With leather you have zero ventilation, trust me you will sweat more, compared to a mesh like it is for example on the OMP WRC seat.

  11. I know, I often race and stream topless.

  12. I wanted to cover the SRP pedals and the P1sim wheel in the video, but lost the footage. The SRP pedals are mindblowing!

  13. Going to watch this during my break at work. I would press Fanatec for wheel rims with backlit buttons (not including the rally, bmw and Bentley rims).

  14. What did the dealer install (99% of time it’s nothing) that equals $20k

  15. I agree, but that's still not a really a valid excuse for just how FAR off iRacing's graphics are in 2022. I'm all-in on iRacing, but I don't feel good about it. I honestly don't see where all of the money is going. It's certainly not going into updating the physics engine or the graphics in any meaningful way.

  16. I’ll hop on iracing when they actually do a totally new engine with updated graphics. I don’t need RT and what not, just something that modern.

  17. Yeah despite all the updates iRacing really needs a totally new game rewrite. You can only go so far with updating a game from 2008. That is the main reason it is lacking in visuals and still has weird physics exploits like brake dragging to heat tires and grass driving to cool them off.

  18. Hell they don’t have rain…yet

  19. I would since they left the track and came back and caused a collision. But also when you left the track and reentered you did the same thing. Should have held the brakes to regain control.

  20. No clue, get it checked out by a parts store or dealer

  21. A parts store? I think you mean get the codes scanned. They can do that, but they're not mechanics.

  22. Yes get it scanned to see the codes.

  23. Love the updates. I wonder if plex is working on a tv guide like dizquetv that is native to plex. Dizquetv is cool but it needs some updates.

  24. I’m curious what it can do in a quarter mile.

  25. Been playing the game since 3.5 floppy disk

  26. Can't really tell his eye color based on the health face animation. Unless they're just black.

  27. So it's one particular product you want that they didn't introduce.

  28. Well they really haven’t introduce anything really. The 3 rims that have back lit buttons we knew about for quite some time (Bentley, bmw and rally). I don’t use a full rim to race gt3 cars, I use my bmw gt wheel for gt4 and lower.

  29. Shoutout to red for holding the brakes. The black is at fault. Why? Because they didn’t clear the overtake and ruined everyone else’s race.

  30. I’m still waiting for back lit buttons on a steering that doesn’t cost $1500

  31. Pretty sure you mean on a fanatec wheel, but in the slim chance you're not, there are steering wheels whit backlit customizable buttons on moza and other brands

  32. I know other companies have it but I have all Fanatec gear.

  33. It’s on the mclaren, gt4 have the right of way 98% of time. Not to mentioned you were rear ended

  34. It’s your fault, you had more than enough time to react but nope “I’m going straight!”

  35. If the alternator isn’t working the battery will only last for like 20-30min if you’re lucky. The purpose of an alternator is to recharge the battery while driving.

  36. No I don't have time to micro manage people.

  37. Yeah I may look into to it for sure just hope the banter carry’s to discord lol

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