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  1. I feel like this would go good with the Autumnal Harvest pasta sauce

  2. The Autumnal Harvest sauce is a game changer with many varieties of ravioli!

  3. This is appalling. No empathy has been generated and he doubled down on what type of person he is.

  4. Found both of mine in parking lots 11 years apart. Scooped em up and they're stuck with me and they love it.

  5. I actually know one of the boys who was on the show, our parents were friends and made us hang out, he was actually super nice, he ended up joining our boyscout troop.

  6. Not that you can speak for him, but do you have a sense of how he feels about the whole thing?

  7. Down voted me if y'all want but this is the second post today where I feel like an OP is selfish. I get excited when I find a King book in a thrift store that I already have I make sure to leave it in plain sight for another lucky King fan to find it. The last thing I'd do is be greedy and get another copy of a book I already own just because

  8. I don't think I'm being selfish at all. I literally have a history of giving away my duplicates to other SK fans in this forum. For free. I've never charged anyone. I've even paid the postage. But I guess I'm a shit person for being excited for a good find?

  9. I totally agree with you and also collect copies of the Bachman Books. I had no idea this would upset people so much and I honestly find it laughable.

  10. Some people collect baseball cards, history memorabilia, etc. Book people often collect books. Comments like these really just sound like jealousy.

  11. I was told it was seasonal when I was looking for it in December, but hopefully that has now changed and it's going to be year round from now on.

  12. What kind of sauce do you serve it with? I want to try it but not sure what would taste best.

  13. My favorite is the Autumnal Harvest (seasonal). But most people say to do a simple brown butter sauce with grated cheese.

  14. What a wonderful perspective you brought to this conversation. NO WAY you're one of those toxic people who lashes out when you don't hear what you want from a woman...

  15. It's not just some misplaced or unfounded fear. Literal experience has told us that we should be careful in this behavior. Many women LOVE to give compliments to the men in our lives who have proven to be safe spaces for us.

  16. I have tried both. I find the TJs about 85% as good for 1/3 of the cost. The TJs one is a little greasier and takes a little more effort to rub in. That being said, still way better than traditional sunscreen. It doesn’t burn my eyes and absorbs quickly. Neither TJS or supergoop are as long lasting as regular sweat proof sunscreen. I find I have to put it in about twice as often, but don’t mind since it absorbs so much better and doesn’t burn my eyes. I like TJs enough to keep buying it over supergoop.

  17. Pretty much exactly this. Well worth it for the price and results! Curious what causes you to feel the need to reapply more often than Supergoop?

  18. I don’t. I was saying I need to reapply TJS and supergoop more often. I don’t think they are as sweat/waterproof as more traditional sunscreens.

  19. Thanks, lots of folks are mass reporting him. This video is private and one of his channels is down except this that is filled with the same type of repulsive and harassing content

  20. Yeah kids, go check out a copy of Hustler immediately. How dare they ban it from school libraries

  21. This is either a really ignorant statement or a really disingenuous one.

  22. I only eat out, get fast food or take out less than twice a month and when I do I go to locally owned restaurants. But if people are willing to pay it... Capitalism is going to capitalize and push it to what the market will bare.

  23. Cool, next 10 years come around you won't even remember that this post exists let alone will I remember sending this. Cat doesn't need to defend itself in a safe environment. My mother has had 7 cats at once, declawing is safer for both parties. Their nails get caught in everything and snap in clothing causing more harm. And, no one cares what you find wrong or right

  24. Declawing a cat is akin to amputating your finger at the first knuckle and can impact their gait and overall wellness in the long run. Literally just google it.

  25. Hopefully not the ones I bought today ;) jk jk :D

  26. Dammmnnn where you worked the food had to go live in another country when it went bad??

  27. LMAO @ all the downvotes. Y’all can chill. Thought this was a friendly thread.

  28. My advice is not to return or ask for a refund. This type of thing is super normal for produce. Just toss the one and wash the rest.

  29. Are you in St.Louis? Hoping it comes back here!

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