1. Am I the only one that can tell this is a modern card drawn up to look old?

  2. Scroll to the bottom for original. I think someone recreated this.

  3. Whatever happened to this guy? He disappeared off the earth

  4. Someone had posted a vid of them filming but mods deleted it

  5. Congrats 🍾🎊🎈 I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what you sacrificed. Unfortunately, the world we live in today make us believe those things are “mandatory”. They are absolutely NOT mandatory. Enjoy the place!

  6. What do you mean by “late night work”? Cool photo but it sure looks creepy as fuck. You won’t find me there.

  7. You mentioned both of you are working to pay off debt and then you said you both are debt free. So which one is it?

  8. Have a 2.625% for 30 years. Chase won’t see one cent earlier than planned from me.

  9. Please don’t celebrate too early. You still have a bunch of critical stuff to check before you can celebrate.

  10. Jebus Christ. That’s a lot of product. How do you know which one really works or do you just use all of them for the sake of it?

  11. This is quite normal in countries like Bangladesh as well.

  12. I feel like this video is posted in here a couple times a year lol

  13. This is NOT scar tissue like the other person is telling you. Be careful what advice you take from strangers on the internet. Most of them don’t know what they’re talking about.

  14. Was there two sharks or just one? I thought I saw two fins pop out.

  15. I’m generally curious why are you so concerned about other people’s financials? If you want financial help then head to

  16. I am digging your desk setup. Do you have photos from different angles? I

  17. Hell naw dawg. Massive instant headache

  18. 1TB!! What do you plan to use it for? Quite a bit of space

  19. What’s up with the color choice here? Couldn’t use two different colors?

  20. The food is alright, I wouldn’t get it again. I’d much rather just halal food with lamb from Mamun’s on 35th Ave and Steinway or the halal truck (Habiba) right across Chipotle).

  21. I signed up like 2 weeks ago using a referral link in here for 90k bonus MR points.

  22. The quality on that specific cam is horrible. You should at least get the v3. It’s night and day difference in quality.

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