1. he is no longer perceived as a psychologist and moralist, but as a philosopher and religious preacher. The first (The Birth of Tragedy) and the last (Zarathustra) periods of his work are mastered. The secret disciple of Christ is exposed in the obvious apostate of Christianity, and the God-man is revealed in the superman. Nietzschean amoralism and agnosticism are interpreted as the principles of mystical freedom and religious faith, the Nietzschean motto amor fati is interpreted as Christian obedience to God, the idea of eternal recurrence is rethought as a shell of the messianic doctrine of the “second coming”

  2. On the one hand, the philosophy of Nietzsche is a tonic for raising the activity of declining classes, is an expression of imperialist aspirations, serves to combat materialism, with liberal democratic remnants, on the other hand, it is not suitable as an ideological platform for expanding the social base of the dictatorship of the ruling classes. Hence the “overcoming” of Nietzsche in the concepts of the “third kingdom”, “cathedralism”, etc., which are the prototype of the fascist slogan of the Third Reich

  3. Nietzscheanism has always remained only a form of “self-criticism” of the ruling and falling classes, or criticism of capitalist society from the positions of its most reactionary groups.

  4. Is this not Employees Leaving the Lumière Factory from 1895? It may also just be super similar

  5. Only the first clip, it then goes on to discuss other scenes.

  6. Gabriel Rockhill is the most recent sign of what Robert Pfaller called the ‘interpassivity’ of Western “leftists”: they like to be authentic through an Other who lives authentically on their behalf. Slovenia’s independence and willingness to join the European Union have unleashed in him a violent aggressiveness: he dismissed Zizek as a slave of global capital. All this because Rockhill’s interpassive game was disturbed, i.e., because Slovenes no longer behave in the way which would enable him to be authentic through them. In short, as Gilles Deleuze put it, ‘si vous êtes pris dans le rêve de l’autre, vous êtes foutu!‘ (‘If you’re trapped in the dream of the other, you’re fucked!’). Slovenes are trapped in Rockhill’s dream; they are expected to live according to it.

  7. Zizek is parroting the US war machine's propaganda on CIA fronted media. He absolutely needs to be called out on this, but Rockhill is not the one to do it. Rockhill is absolutely a clown, not because his associating with the Catholic Church, which has left and right wings and the Latin American Church does quite a lot for the people there. It is not the guilt by association that makes Rockhill ridiculous, but his support of the systems of domination which were and are USSR, China and Cuba. Anyone who claims to be a communist and supports authoritarian state capitalism, knows nothing.

  8. For Zizek: "Only measures recalling the newborn Soviet Union’s 'war communism' can save Ukraine and preserve Western power. After all, Russia is coordinating with China not only to challenge the West geopolitically but also to depose the US dollar and the euro as global currencies."

  9. Both the US and Russia stand for nothing and are motivated solely by money and the trappings of material wealth. Whether or not Russia has imperialist ambitions is besides the point. The US started this war by orchestrating a coup, flooding the Ukraine with weapons and ignoring their ethnic cleansing. All parties must negotiate for peace, war is evil and should always be avoided.

  10. 00s and 10s hipster culture was all about mining increasingly obscure vintage genres. Post-punk revival! Nihil-folk have you heard of Simon Finn? Surf girl group Phil Spector! Shoegaze??? Shoegaze!!!! At a certain point you've rehashed all the genres of pop culture ephemera. Mass media is only half a century old, and there's only so much you can dig up (thanks Numero Group!) You've worn all the vintage clothes, how about I pair my selvedge Levi's with, get this, a butterfly collar pearl snap cowboy shirt and a shearling coat??

  11. Marx’s view of morality is a lot closer to the views of the ancient Greeks, particularly Aristotle, than it is to modern philosophers like Kant. Rather than thinking of morality as a set of rules to hold human nature in check, he sees morality as being about how human nature can flourish—how people can fully develop their capacities.

  12. Evidence of this kind supports the view that human beings are not naturally violent, selfish, competitive, greedy, or xenophobic, it is not natural for human societies to be organized hierarchically or for women to have lower social status than men, and capitalism does not exist because it uniquely reflects human nature, as its defenders often claim.

  13. Only when workers become conscious of themselves as a class and act on their own behalf will they act to affirmatively end the system. There isn’t really a deep question of morality here; this isn’t about fairness. It is about the struggle between those who control their own destiny and are not alienated from their means of subsistence (capitalists) and those who want this condition for themselves, but are kept from it (the working class).

  14. "What Marxism teaches us is simply to approach questions of society from a material basis: how does human life persist? Through production of the goods and services needed to live. How are these things produced under capitalist society? Through exploitation of the labor of the working class, that is, by requiring one class of people to sell their labor as a commodity to another class to produce values. What is the result of this system? That workers are “alienated” from their labor, meaning from much of their waking life, constantly required to produce more and more with an ever-precarious access to the means of subsistence."

  15. She has male pattern baldness, splotchy Hibernian skin and a weak chin. She’s beat as hell, objectively. And she’s not even fat yet which is coming inevitably

  16. Is Hibernian a common word? Seems like an odd way of saying Irish.

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