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  1. I'm curious how the creators of Baki got away with using the name Mohammad Alai but I guess it's the same with M. Bison in Street Fighter?

  2. It's mostly nerfs but co-op is better. I use BHS on my Sephiroth inspired character in PVE so this patch kind of sucks. Well at least the PvP community has received some of the things they wanted.

  3. This looks very cool. How do you take pictures with simple backgrounds in Elden Ring?

  4. That was absolutely insane! Excellent work. ๐Ÿ‘

  5. How do you convince the ball and chain that this is just a collectable?

  6. For just $2,749.0 you can be a degenerate as well!

  7. OP is talking about Atlus Plateau meanwhile the comments are talking about the Consecrated Snowfield. ๐Ÿค”

  8. Whereโ€™s this dungeon. I do not recall encountering that priest of blood

  9. Under Leyndell next to some lobsters you will find the entrance to the catacombs.

  10. Sc3 introduced Zasalamel and Tira. It has multiple modes and it even had a few secret bosses. Edge master, Owl dude and Night Terror among others. It also had an interesting story mode and each character had multiple endings.

  11. Everyone I've ever talked to ever remembers that link was in SC2

  12. Link was not in the playstation or Xbox versions. Heihachi and Spawn were the guest characters.

  13. When I was younger certain rides would require the participants to be a certain height. Miquella is too short and is trying to stretch to meet the requirement.

  14. Definitely. It has one of the best character creators in any fighting game ever.

  15. It's just like Soulcalibur Legends. Oh, how I wish they made that game for other consoles or PC.

  16. I've always wanted an open world Soulcalibur. Something like Shenmu and Sleeping Dogs.

  17. That's it, I'm buying this game just for the character creator.

  18. That is good news. I think they did this with Saints Row 3 also. They must have someone from the old team at Deep Silver.

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