1. Now her house looks the same as all the other cookie cutter stone mansions.

  2. I think Angelina’s sister would be a better match for Vinny.

  3. I did like her but now I think she’s shady and secretly loving the drama and helping Mike stir shit up.

  4. Omg yesssss I thought I was the only one who noticed or that it bothered!!!

  5. Why Do people go to other countries and expect the people to behave as Americans do and then get pissed when they don’t??

  6. I hope she can get skin removal surgery. It would suck to have all that loose skin hanging

  7. Meghan’s “girls” are not boobs. They are pure fat. Tired of fat girls thinking they have nice big boobs. No, it’s just fat

  8. Downvote all you want. I’m right and you all just missed my meaning. So you’re the stupid ones, not me

  9. Breasts are primarily fatty tissue surrounding milk ducts and whatnot. Just so you know.

  10. Yeah. I know. I have boobs. I also had bigger boobs when I was 65 pounds heavier. Also my mother died of breast cancer so I’m pretty sure I know about breasts! But thanks for trying to school me.

  11. Wow. What a bunch of whiny asses. Y’all need to lose weight or you will die. Get your lazy asses up and walk or whatever it takes!

  12. She acts like NYC is the ONLY place to live in America

  13. You get him to understand by kicking his ass to the curb

  14. So he has income from his job and she gets disability. I would live in a small studio in the projects before I would ever move myself (and bf) into a friend’s basement to mooch off of her. There’s just no way. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  15. She gets disability? For what? Just being overweight? Guess she will have to get a job if she ever loses weight

  16. Lots of willpower! I’m doing 1500 and lost 8 in 3 weeks

  17. Exactly! Vanessa being concerned and talking to him about his health and weight is fine.

  18. Well. She has a lot more weight to lose herself yet, and the majority gain a lot of it back. So how would she like it if her son lost the weight and then got all over her about eating something? I think she should watch herself and see if she even keeps the weight off for 3 or more years

  19. Happened exactly like that for me. Exciting predicament. I was on vacation, in a touristy area and wearing a short dress.

  20. When this happened to me I had a vaginal ultrasound and they found I had fibroids.

  21. I know I have fibroids but they have never been an issue. Maybe they are now

  22. Angela and Kim think they are in their 20s. Do they own mirrors? Angela talking about kicking ass. Like, grow up!

  23. I don’t know why people keep acting like he’s so ugly. He’s not. He’s just an average looking dude. More on the attractive side than unattractive

  24. Stupid B could have killed the girl. Then she wouldn’t think she was so cool in prison

  25. That’s what I hated the most. My neck! Was 265 and got down to 198

  26. Lost 65. Gained 35. Lost that. Gained back 22. Now lost 5. It’s a roller coaster.

  27. What does she see in him?!? He’s a gaslighting troll of a man!

  28. Dude some of you guys are letting Angela live in your head rent free and it shows. This is a staged show full of some of the most low grade people America has to offer. It’s just a stupid show with a bunch of narcissistic idiots, I wouldn’t expect anything less from TLC. It’s not like their programming is exactly about intellectuals.

  29. But it’s the LEARNING channel. HAS to be real. 😂

  30. Here is a crazy theory I came up with. This was a crazy class project to him. He found someone as crazy as him to do the crime, he had someone plant his DNA at the scene and now he is seeing if the police can figure that out. He is willing to go to prison for life for his experiment because he’s a nut job. He did all of this knowing how to make himself LOOK like he did, but actually he hired someone, or something like that. All for a sick project he came up with

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