1. 1.5 to 2 hrs exercise a day as a minimum over two walks , don't leave them for more than 4 hrs at a time and all will be good. Puppy phase will be tough no matter what you do.

  2. Can you fly Bobby? First 18 movie i watched. I was 12 and my dad got me a "copy" from his mate. My mum said i could watch it as long as i shut the living room door and she didn't hear it. I was blown away. What a brutal and amazing movie.

  3. It's not celebrating the music. It's bragging about how big of a fan you are. It's like people who use how many shows they have been to as a way of feeling superior over others at shows.

  4. No it's not, it's sharing a passion with like minded people you miserable sod.

  5. This doesn’t attack his representation of left wing groups very much

  6. Australia's beautiful but kinda isolated and right wing. Nice for a holiday. I'd go liberal European country like Germany or Netherlands any day. Europe would be a great experience for kids too in terms of culture, history, broadening horizons.

  7. Please let this be my girlfriend. Please let this be my girlfriend. Please let this be my girlfriend.

  8. I just can't get into The Beatles or understand how they're anyone's favourite band. I appreciate their talent and influence but i never hear a Beatles track and feel anything emotive or powerful. I find it odd how many of my favourite artists love them.

  9. I love listening to JGB play Dear Prudence. The Beatles were/are great songwriters and great musicians. Way better than I could hope to ever be.

  10. Yes great musicians and songwriters but their music just doesn't grab me by the balls, no idea why.

  11. Big fan of Knopfler's guitar playing and song writing. Definitely gets his guitar to speak/sing like Jerry did. Rare gift.

  12. Early NOFX is the best . Gave myself a NOFX tattoo on my leg in 6th grade, looks like it says I F X now I wasn't jamming the protractor in far enough on the N and the O

  13. That's a very NOFX fan thing to do! They were the shit. Rancid are still one of my favourite bands too.

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