1. I've found that adult fruit trees only need 9 squares, but baby fruit only grow reliably with a diamond 13 squares big extending 2 squares in each direction from the center. To work around this limitation, I've been keeping saplings planted in their 9 square forever homes and swapping them out with grown up trees grown elsewhere once they reach maturity

  2. This limitation does not apply to bamboo or cedars, which will grow to adulthood in a 9 square home

  3. That easy one. One long stick has long ness of many short stick. Nug prove. If you take long stick and break there are now many short stick and splinter but sometimes no splinter. If splinter no step on. But splinters also short stick. And if you take short stick and put animal on it you make food. This good count think and good food.

  4. Not unless shaman look mighty and not have woman-thag. You take small stick out on own but if shaman look like george clooney then for some reason splinters not come out I guess shaman must remove only way

  5. Egg sign of Big Rabbit. Evolved talk of scary beast that break into cave to leave egg. Evolved hunt egg in morning after rabbit leave. Ak hear that egg celebrate evolved that wake up from big sleep. Ak think egg no good, belong to evolved. Why hunt rabbit egg? How rabbit make egg? Many question no answer.

  6. Hop-hop make butt mud that round, evolved not understand butt mud, they think egg but get big surprise when eat egg I bet

  7. Woman-Thag see Nug Lee eat many thing on bet. She eat many many one fire fruit. It make happy Nug Lee.

  8. This bad evolved thing. Sometimes evolved not get that plant good enough and use fire rock to take piece of many plant and make juice which do plant thing but big. That stuff bad unless evolved head shaman say ok. It called kitty mine. It make evolved go far away in head. Evolved head shaman use as medicine but plant do same thing. Stay awake many moon and same thing. So no need hurt many plant to make small juice. This example of why evolved are big dum-dum.

  9. Can nug join munch munch tribe too? Nug learn from lizards how to lay on warm rock, but sometimes if rock get too warm lizards taste good and eat lizard. One day in future nug will lay on great rock. Circle of life. But taste good food good, I make good mammoth!

  10. I feel like this wouldn't be so bad if he animations for bringing up hands and top library cards weren't so slow. Also, it would depower the card a little bit, but since it is what happens most of the time anyway, it would be so much better if this says discard a card among those with the highest Mana cost.

  11. It takes longer for the person to scry their own cards they already know than to pick out one of your cards to remove.

  12. Yeah the surveil after was totally designed by the department of evil

  13. Yeah the more I think about it the lack of haste is kind of a huge deal. Can't really think of another four drop in the meta that doesn't affect the gamestate in some way the turn it comes down (or before in the case of Sphinx). Not sure where this is going to find a home tbh.

  14. Easily compensated for with e.g. [[crashing drawbridge]], that sort of thing is common in Eldraine

  15. This is why I keep at least one Jace in any deck with the potential of milling myself.

  16. I used to do the same with [[Gaia's Blessing]]. I miss that card

  17. "I had no idea I could do that!"

  18. The only thing missing is a hydroid krasis with reindeer antlers to complete the look.

  19. Fun deck, being fair poor implementation. Not like [[polyraptor]] or [[risen reef]] bad but still a spell that ages target player 15 to 20 seconds

  20. Although if you are feeling salty just respond with [[Thought Erasure]] aka the imposed bathroom break card

  21. So I am trans (MtF). And for a while I thought I was doing really well. I had a health issue that required me to lose a ton of weight and when I did I started getting misgendered more often. No big deal I tell myself, I am used to it from my early transition days and know how to cope. But my new job comes with a lot of responsibility and leaves me exhausted. My poly girlfriend's metamour got in a fistfight with her husband about a month after getting her pregnant and disappeared; she is angry with him but also misses him dearly and can't stop thinking about him either way, so there is emotional distance between us, and her being sick frequently from the pregnancy puts a lot of physical distance between us. My roomie is in constant pain from arthritis and an abusive ex he is forced to deal with and it is easy to echo off him when I am around so I try not to be. I am afraid to leave for good though since this situation is way better than the one I just left that was setting off my ptsd. I have started vaping to cope with the stress. And I am sleeping on my girlfriend's couch tonight because thanksgiving guests my roommate brought over are fucking on the couch at home. So my old friend dysphoria hits harder than it has in a long time. When someone makes a comment about loving my Halloween costume I am not wearing... yeah I am a fucking wreck as soon as the bastards can't see my tears. My dysphoria is as bad as it was the year before I came out and started transition at this point, and I almost failed out of college that year - and did break my engagement off. I hate that anyone has to go through this bullshit too much to be suicidal and tell myself when someone like me dies the world gets a little shittier for everyone like me, but not actively trying to die is not having will to live and I notice myself taking stupid risks like I did shortly after puberty hit, not really caring about the outcome. So I decided to do something about it and fight insurance and repair my credit for care credit and save for FFS (facial feminization surgery); I just didn't have room for this on top of everything else. Except when I went from contract to full time I lost health insurance until January 1st entirely and my appointment got rescheduled out to February from the beginning of this month. Not that they will cover it necessarily. I am thinking about burying myself in my work so I can ignore my personal life and getting a 2nd job at Starbucks which covers FFS. I have a demanding IT job and Starbucks would want 21 hours a week on top of that. But it would mean I wouldn't have to be somehow lonely in my girlfriend's house, feeding each other's depression with my roomie, I would be able to focus on tasks when dysphoria kicks in... it is so tempting but I know it is a mistake in my heart. I just want to be a zombie, driving in to work, driving home, playing games, and minimizing contact with my life outside work that is going increasingly to shit with problems too big to solve. Just watching the days fall off the calendar. I am 40 now. I want to make 60 or whatever age people can die and have it seem naturally come sooner so I am not a trans statistic. I won't but I want to so bad, just fuck everything I am trying to do with my life and be a zombie. But the truth is I can't even make that work. I tried hanging out with a friend the other day but I was too zonked to have a real conversation and I am losing people in my life left and right as I drink more metaphoric workahol. I haven't been using unhealthy coping outside of vaping per se. I won't drink out of pure momentum, the health problem that required weight loss also meant no alcohol and I worked too hard to get here. I also hate the way pot makes me feel, I have even less energy or capacity to do the basics. But the alternative isn't working, me sleeping 4 hours a night tops promising myself the moon in terms of solving problems and getting back on track with my life goals, screwing around on facebook instead, getting just enough done to hold my life together kind of sort of, and taking uber I can't really afford because I can't trust myself to drive safely. I can't keep leaving. Yes every time I have moved or quit a job or ended a relationship it was a net positive. But this will never end. I need to fix what I have and stop jumping from crumbling rock to crumbling rock. And it is too big for me, and the goalposts keep getting moved further and further back.

  22. Well, as someone who knows you IRL and loves you dearly, I encourage you to reach out whenever you need to. I was there at the beginning and know all too well about your struggles and you know of mine. For the record though, every time I show your pic to someone they say "she's pretty" or something like that. You've always been a workaholic, the polar opposite of me who is only really dedicated to slacking as much as possible. You don't want to be like me.

  23. I love you too so much. And yes please. I will keep going too. I have to get sized again, my old rings slide off. But I will take a link. You are the strongest woman I know even if you don't believe it sometimes <3

  24. Aren't there 3rd party programs for this by now? Surely there is enough info in the logs to guess at the API. I have never used any of the overlays but this is absolutely the sort of thing the open source community could easily solve. Let's let Wizards work on improving the game itself and make our own features. It is often the case it is easier to implememt a feature when there are MIT or other commercially friendly licensed applications out there that do basically the same thing

  25. heck when the season is over I may try to throw something together in node. I think the real challenge is just extracting lists of player IDs and I think DCI info isn't in any output packets so that would need to be volunteered but for starters just a manually entered form and in app push notifications would be enough.

  26. Shitting on WotC is what we do here on Reddit though.

  27. Where are the Persistent Petitioners? I never saw oko ruining my game but encountered players with just these and blue mana everyday.

  28. PP does get banned in formats where it would be abusive reliably.

  29. If she's around long enough to " flood the board with vigilant 3/3s", your deck is the problem, not her.

  30. Or your luck is. The best decks have bad draws. But yes if this happens repiably your deck is absolutely not ready to handle mono green.

  31. Do you want this show to have many seasons? I think 6 season is usually enough to wrap it up neatly. Most shows have a dip after the fifth season.

  32. 7 is the magic number for me. ST-TNG was 7 seasons. TNT cancelled Leverage after 5 seasons and it was just hitting its stride right then. A lot of TV shows do dip after season 5 but I really don't see Magicians doing the throw everything at the wall to see what sticks format changes that ruin shows in their 5th seasons. Magicians has a book series to build from. It's typically the shows where executive meddling forced a change in direction of a show that have the running out of ideas in season 5 problem. I don't think what happened to Heroes is going to happen to Magicians.

  33. If we are taking that paradigm all the way here then the analagous energy is potential energy. Using ones will to affect the world around ones self takes constancy of purpose. Let's imagine you could perfectly see the future at all times except when it is possible to buy a lottery ticket, and know for a fact that whatever you decide now you will always forget to buy a ticket later even though you will remember to check the winning numbers and so know those in advance. That is a good model of how will works. Sigil magic is a way to get yourself to actually buy that ticket. This is why it is important to forget doing it and go about your business, and why it is important to start with a gnostic frame of mind (infamously and most commonly achieved through some sort of gratification). So that when the moment comes and you are faced with a chance to do something you previously wanted to do with none of the context, you take the appropriate action. Prometheus rising had a more accessible experiment than the lottery ticket example. RAW asked the reader to believe they would find a coin on the ground, and then observe and test how their belief impacted their actually finding one. By taking you to the state you are in when life actually happens and destroying all your immediate context in a gnostic state while maintaining your will without all those bossy higher brain functions saying this and that about the world around you matter of factly or taking useless careful measurements and estimating chances of success off incomplete information and other silly things our evolutionary programming has trained into us, you can learn to use your will instead of past experience when dealing with the world, and what you can accomplish won't be brokered by your stifling internal regulators. Is possibly the idea anyway, at least someone other than this rando on the internet probably thought something similar on the topic at least once. Maybe.

  34. Now, I’m not an expert, quite the opposite, but I guess it depends on the sigil and its purpose. It could be your energy, other’s energy, the energy surrounding you, energy from the moon or the sun, energy from the Earth. Dunno, it’s just a thought, more of a intuition really.

  35. I am an expert at something probably and my opinion is that diet dr pepper is the only drinkable diet.

  36. Devil's advocate but it is equally annoying when you are clearly moving quickly and get that spammed at you anyway. Especially from a losing opponent

  37. Everyone was predicting this and its exactly what happened. No idea how WOTC let it slip through.

  38. Sorry you lost karma for not getting a joke, reddit is savage like that, especially here

  39. I was thinking about using the "nuclear option" if nothing else worked