Child labor laws repealed in Arkansas

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  1. They had to dig up my septic tank last summer and hit the bar with an excavator. Facebook groups are just the absolute worst of the worst.

  2. I don't think these dumb action should be insured, change my mind

  3. They are illegal substances that carry horrible consequences if you do it wrong that losers take to make them feel happy for a short time in their usually crappy life. If you need drugs to have fun at a party then that's just sad. Why would anyone with a shred of self respect want drugs?

  4. Doesn’t work unless you have the star power of someone like Colby. Just the way it goes in UFC unfortunately…

  5. Colby embraced the MAGA Trump bible thump schtick thing to rise in prominence, so should Belal do a full blown death to the western infedel jihad thing ? Just spitballing here!

  6. Colby embraced the MAGA Trump bible thump schtick thing to rise in prominence, so should Belal do a full blown death to the western infedel jihad thing ? Just spitballing here

  7. I mean She has a boyfriend while you're probably still single with your wonderful personality

  8. Thought Yanal was like 5'4 because of those Short Arms and Legs

  9. 6'3" 155 is still normal weight for a person, although its kinda close to being underweight. But also these guys aren't really 155 as well u have to remember, probably more like 170-180

  10. I’m 5’10 and was rail thin at 150. Now I’m 189 and feel/ look great. Someone 5” taller being 155 makes no sense in my brain.

  11. My current shop is so far from my house that I usually never worry about sound, but I learned that my son can still hear it enough to know that if he wakes up shortly after going to bed, he doesn't get out of bed or call for one of us if he hears the hammering, he knows that means I'm nearby and he goes right back to sleep.

  12. I used to live on a large farm with two homes on the property. One home was occupied by my wife and I, the other was occupied by our senior landlords. Luckily they allowed me to use an old grain storage as a shop. It was far enough away from the houses on the property that I could hammer and Listen to music as loud as I wanted, as late into the night as my body would allow and nobody would ever be disturbed. Many many great all nighter hammer ins were had. My wife would echo what you mentioned ,that the ever so slight hammering sound in the distance was reassuring that I was safe and having fun. The landlords were mostly deaf anyway too so it was perfect.

  13. Guy was firing a gun in north walmart parking lot around 1130 and they caught up to him a couple hours later near garden heights. More shots fired and he got a ambulance ride.

  14. Not to mention the photo was proven to be from a completely different encounter entirely.

  15. I had a mid 80s Renault 18I and it had a drain plug with a 1/4" drive machined right into it. I dont understand why everyone doesn't do this.

  16. A lot of heavy duty transmissions have a plug with 1/2” drive square hole. Pretty handy.

  17. Next up you need to post pneumatic lug crimping. We use one in my line of work for 2/0 cables for UPS battery systems

  18. I do 2/0 runs on fuel trucks. Wouldn’t mind not having to use the janky ass hydraulic hand crimper again for sure.

  19. I am just very curious how the throttle gets stuck wide-open? If your hand is removed from it, and it is below the handlebars, what pressure is pushing on the throttle to keep the it running? Like I said, I ride in the Midwest, so we do not have deep snow.

  20. It just gets pinned in snow, I’ve had it happen even with a tether during a roll over. Very fast way to hurt yourself, someone else, or destroy the snowmobile. I think it should be illegal to sell a snowmobile without a tether. It’s like a seatbelt of sorts.

  21. Yeah, they have audio too and the winds of venus are ominous as hell.


  23. I think I watched them on YouTube

  24. But but but… it’s faaaake nooooo /a Duh Welcome to reality, nobody is sincere.

  25. That’s .. actually really believable these days..

  26. Not only is it true… it’s common. People in positions that receive production incentives will do all kinds of stupid shit to get that bonus.

  27. You joke but I had a boss do this CONSTANTLY with our equipment thinking he was making improvements, then would get pissed at the operators when productivity or quality declined because of his improvements.

  28. The CEO of my old company came in and adjusted the Decel settings of a hydraulic elevator to save 1/4 second per cycle… it caused a multi car derailment, broke several proximity switches, and bent a cylinder shaft. Next week we get chewed about our uptime percentages lmao. What a dickhead.

  29. I don't qualify because I have no value as a working-age person with no children

  30. An Anvil in that condition , with the tooling, would fetch over $800 easily in my area.

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