1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yUafzOXHPE

  2. I started on my iphone but migrated to using an emulator on my PC as soon as game saves were added. So now I use Google Remote Desktop to play the game running at home.

  3. Let's trade Slay for a draft pick! Who knows what we could get in the draft, maybe Darius Slay!

  4. I wish I could upvote this more.

  5. Nah me neither. I am still very pleased with the event. Gave a lot of incentive to farm

  6. I agree, very nice addition, thanks!

  7. Can confirm, I was able to buy as 10 five times.

  8. Went to the pizzeria and he called his Dad. Now you'll never get the pie you thought you had.

  9. Tried to put everything together that's in here:

  10. Just type them using e nomenclature. Spreadsheets understand it.

  11. Can you expand on this? All I'm finding when I search on this, and I was surprised that this is a thing, is about formatting cells to display in e nomenclature, which wouldn't help.

  12. When it says 1.01Q, type 1.01e18. When it says 212q type 212e15.

  13. Ahhhhhhhh, ok, gotcha, thank you.

  14. I wanna be on this list someday.

  15. Do it right the first time, or spend years and way more money to fix all the fuckups. Penny wise, pound foolish.

  16. I wasn't aware of the Quality Triangle until my 30s (which were awhile ago now), and it just amazes me, to this day, how absolutely true it is.

  17. The long term issue here is that the problem of the pile up in platinum results in backflow, it is fucking up gold more and more often now, I see gold finishes with 3000k rounds from time to time, that person should clearly be in plat, but probably deranked due to being in a shit lobby with a ton of high level players

  18. You're down to 15 now, bummer dude.

  19. rentrer also translates to "run into" or "crash into", as well as "return to school".

  20. Given the what instruments the other characters played: Mike would be Snoopy, Jon would be Pig Pen and Trey would be Charlie Brown.

  21. That they new of SA's plans for Jamal Khashoggi before hand and condoned it.

  22. Signing with a pencil... Right to jail, right away.

  23. Fucking love that line. I quote it all the time and no one knows what I'm referencing.

  24. I only know it from West Wing, but from the context they used it I assumed it was a fairly famous quote. I literally just googled it and saw the original clip for the first time.

  25. Also, damp 24° is very different than dry 24°. If you throw wind on top of that, it can be pretty miserable. And like you said, that's when your body's thermoregulation system is working properly.

  26. You both make excellent points, I often forget to figure in the contestants exact physical and mental states.

  27. 24 degrees F, which is minus 4 degrees Celsius, is bone chilling cold

  28. Yeah I found that to be odd for me. I'm from Massachusetts, and while 24F is definitely cold, I would never call it bone chilling cold. Single digits in F, yes, I'd call the bone chilling, but not 24.

  29. "God is in control. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior? See Jesus died for our sins, and it is our moral responsibility to carry the word or god fourth into the world to save it. Have you been saved? I have some literature in my car I'd like to share with you if you have a minute..."

  30. I wish incest porn had a more mainstream appeal, for a friend of mine.

  31. A man with mental health issues started screaming at and threatening another passenger and was arrested by the police

  32. Where'd you get that from? All I saw was a man with mental health issues screaming at and threatening another passenger and he was arrested by the police.

  33. Why do people keep (them not you) forgetting that "sodomy" laws include (legally speaking) BJ's? As in, what a man is offered by his wife so he's happy and she doesn't have to deal with him for more than 3 minutes.

  34. Because that's the very meaning of sodomy:

  35. Sigh... yes, yes you did.... I, of course, read it backwards. Sorry about that.

  36. Sigh.... and of course now that you say that I remember that being mentioned.

  37. I use 4 star Prof X. Gather purple for as long as you can, get some special tiles out, then go invis. Your teammates will get wiped out and every match after that will power up your special tiles. Take awhile but works pretty well. I did it in 1 try yesterday.

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