1. You have heard of tree of life, now get ready for ...

  2. Man I rate Mendy a lot but he is a creative black hole when it comes to linking up positively with vini. Imagine prime Marcelo with this Vini. They'd be cookin every week. Games like this where we have most of the ball will definitely be better with Alaba at Lb.

  3. Why "this Vini"? Vini is Vini

  4. I thought it was a pillow 😂

  5. A última tentação de Cristo, Martin Scorsese

  6. This is what peak performance looks like

  7. "Diagnosed asshole makes absolutely no effort to be a better person"

  8. I mean, being this self aware as a narcissist is already a HUGE step towards being a better person.

  9. He said he had no friends as a child. I doubt that he was trying to "avoid creating suffering around him" back then, and trying to be a better person. He didn't say he had no friends to protect the other person, he's just smart enough to see that it's not real friendship and he doesn't seem to care about having one.

  10. Of course they are, they are billionaires, not trillionaires yet. It's not enough

  11. At first I thought the river was covered in algae until I saw the "flying fish"

  12. What? Never seen a demon dog eating a pigeon?

  13. Russia sees global warming as good for them

  14. Foda mano, a violência estraga o Brasil

  15. Why Fortaleza though? The gringos always choose the wrong places. Visit the interior of Brazil, go to the villages close to beautiful beaches, on the hills and close to national parks, and historical cities. Don't go the big cities (except Rio because it's too beautiful, Curitiba and Florianópolis)! You will have a much more authentic, relaxed and enjoyable trip

  16. "you are awfully cute, but unfortunately for you, you are made of meat"

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