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  1. This is a very ignorant claim and throws mud to people that come From conservative nations, in fact this argument is wrong as America is one of the most socially progressive countries in the world.

  2. That is a very scary realization... I have had it about my father. My situation was different but based on my father abusing me I now know he could not have loved me asa daughter. It’s a loss that needs grieved because you can’t get it from others. My therapist has taught me what it’s like to be in a healthy caring relationship with appropriate boundaries and that I am worth self love. That helped a lot.

  3. Yeah I definitely have trust issues so me trying to keep distance to not be hurt again makes sense I'm just so tired of getting hurt I don't even know how to help my relationship when all I feel is anger animosity and the need to get away

  4. Με επηρέασε αρκετά καθώς ήξερα απτήν αρχή τους λόγους για τον χωρισμό (όπως μπορείτε να φανταστείτε δεν ήταν κατάλληλοι για ένα 9χρονο να ξέρει) χρόνια μετά ψυχρός πόλεμος μεταξύ τους δύο γονείς και εγώ στην μέση, οπότε και που χωρίσανε πάλι φρόντισαν να κάνουν όση ζημιά μπορούσαν

  5. First, stop getting shocked and try to put legislation to make these kid legally liable. Also seeing politicians getting shocked makes me sick. My recommendation is to staff the welfare and social services. Also kids who are bullying should have to visit a specialist or psychologist for a year. Parents of those kids should also be obligated to attend seminal and psychological support for the same amount of time. If parents don’t cooperate then legal action should be taken against them. That’s a good start for things to start changing.

  6. Σόρρυ κοιμάσαι ένα 8ωρο το βράδυ και ένα τετράωρο το μεσημέρι; what the fuck, how can I learn that power?

  7. On paper ακούγεται καλή αλλά μετά ξυπνάς το βράδυ γεμάτος στα νεύρα και τον άγχος που έμεινες πίσω σε όλες τις δραστηριότητες και υποχρεώσεις σου

  8. Well he is one of the most widely known psychologists so take that as you will

  9. Because prince Philip was a whore and kept a grudge on us and resented his place of birth all 99 years of his life meanwhile Eli seemed to be retarded enough to not be able to make an unbiased opinion of our country due to her husband's ties with it.

  10. It was Philip, and he had good reason not wanting to come, since the Greeks hunted down his family and they were forced in exile.

  11. "Haunted down his family " If you are talking about 1922 it's because the then king botched the Asia minor campaign and destroyed the country And if you are talking about 1967 they self exiled after a failed coup attempt

  12. Thanks I am actually, the depression I experienced during that crisis of a time is all gone now for good, I can safely say that I'm happy and optimistic again

  13. Don't let religious beliefs necessarily impact you when searching for a therapist

  14. I'm gonna buy the game tomorrow and I honestly don't know that's why I'm asking

  15. Because our government is a fascist junta and wants to oppress their people. If you visit again, you’ll see them beating up innocents and leftist dissenters.

  16. In 100 years they will look like Western Europe from 20 years ago.

  17. In 100 years from now they will like me before my first birthday (non existent or alive)

  18. That's why ppl on Reddit like these are fucking losers "no I won't indulge in alcohol"🤓 a beverage that is widely consumed at social occasions and at places where you meet and interact with new people, in Walter whites words "Jesus just grow some fucking balls"

  19. De is gta v controls pretty much

  20. These are insane numbers. How the hell can Greece afford the upkeep of so much weaponry? Only those jets must cost billions to maintain every year. Crazy!

  21. 2% is what NATO asks its members to spend, Greece always spends more than that. Also, that it spends so much does not mean that its equipment is well-maintained, all sorts of leeches have to eat from that amount.

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