1. I've taken 3 in my whole life, every time I seemed smarter, but I do gotta say, to me they all seemed diferent. In one test they had cubes with shapes for me to assemble, in another I had to explain differences between objects, in another they asked me for moral dilemas. I have bad memory so maybe every iq test has all of them but I do remember how everytime I've taken them they seemed mostly changed.

  2. Same, on the internet no one ever, irl it only happened once and I'm 50% sure he wanted to steal my laptop.

  3. Really? I've always stored it in the boobs since I felt it was the equivalent of balls, can't believe I was doing it wrong all along.

  4. Well, the people around me speak 3 languages so if you're European that doesn't sound like something special. Instead try to say you know a non-European language (which is something not so common), not that you know 3 or 4 like everybody else.

  5. I don't like how immature she feels, like she needs to prove something or it's just too cool. The same happened to me with captain marvel in endgame.


  7. Stereotypes aren’t based in facts

  8. ok and what if said fatherless kid goes on to cure cancer and cites his motivation as showing his dad what he's capable of.. is the dad still a bad guy? he's the reason there's a cure for cancer...

  9. What if murder a kids parents in a dark alley one night and so the kid decides so to become the dark knight and clean the city of scum like I? If that makes me a good person then why would I be imprisoned for double homicide? I basically created Batman I should be praised for what my horrible crimes created!

  10. It's a combination of genetics and "vulnerability factors".

  11. I'm on a point in life I barely feel any joy and I've also gone through a lot of abuse. In this case I should be able to get addicted, since I'm desperate to feel a rush of dopamine, but I can't, regardless if I'm doing sport or drinking it just never arrives. Could this also be because of genetics?

  12. Genetics and enviroment do play a part. But, as a former addict, one thing I've noticed is that there's always an initial reason? Looking to escape something, looking to have some control over a part of your life, etc. Do you have any reason as to why you would become addicted to something? As to why you would chose a maldaptive coping mechanism over a better one? For me, when I started, I was controlled by my enviroment and I saw self harm as the only way to regain control. Of course, that quickly spiraled out of control and I just felt trapped and controlled again. But I chose self harm because I didn't have any better coping mechanism that would have given me what I wanted.

  13. I have a really bad case of depression, I'm on a stage where unable to feel joy most of the time.

  14. I would go to school and kiss a random dude. What? I'm horny af

  15. Your sex shouldn't be stopping you from going out and kiss the homies ;)

  16. I want to swing my junk around like an elephant, then I'll hit myself in the balls to see if it really hurts that bad, then I'll cry and then I want to helicopter my way out of the situation.

  17. I'm white, born in a mostly black country. No one really gave me any special talk apart from "they/you were just born that way" and I didn't really dig more than a few why's. To me it was how some people have black hair or blonde hair, you're just born that way. Also since no one used racial slurs around me like the N word I never thought to use race as an insult, as something bad. The same way you never mock someone for having black hair.

  18. Imported a bunch of workers, then let a bunch die due to not caring about their safety.

  19. Because they used slave labor to help build the stadiums for the World Cup

  20. Idk about other mage supports, but my bots don't usually have an issue with my neeko supp.

  21. What if we invented anus-balm? Like lip-balm? This could solve the problem.

  22. Look at the bright side, they could've been booing you instead.

  23. Missing out 100% porc has so many different flavors, bacon, ham, sausage, etc...

  24. Yo tengo un IQ alto, por lo que se supone que debo ser vamos, un prodigio, pero mis notas no pasaban del 6, aún con clases extra. Mi nota de acceso a la universidad es de 5,06 sobre 14. Además de que soy horrible en cuanto a encontrar la lógica en las cosas, si pierdo las llaves lo primero que hago es mirar debajo de un plato antes de mirar en los bolsillos.

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