The heart & lung capacity & strength of trans women exceed those of cis women, even after years of hormone therapy, but they are lower than those of cis men. Total body fat was lower & skeletal muscle mass was higher among the trans women than among the cis women, but higher & lower than cis men.

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  1. I am SO bummed about this season ending, and especially about watching the last series with COVID. It’s been fun y’all!

  2. Family emergency. He probably packed up and left quick because of that

  3. Are they like the Autism Speaks for Breast Cancer awareness? I’m legit curious

  4. I still can’t get over the fact they were doing this publicly for so long. They literally didn’t care AT all if they were caught or their partners found out.

  5. It feels intentionally self destructive tbh. They had to have known there was no way this wouldn’t come out publicly

  6. Why? Puberty blockers are literally reversible. If a kid then identifies as cis, they stop taking them and go through puberty as the sex assigned at birth.

  7. What we do know is that they can really help self esteem and mental health for trans kids, so those benefits outweigh the risks (hence why docs prescribe them for this use)

  8. Ngl I cannot get joc out of my head. I hope his family is okay

  9. Get your COVID boosters folks, I’m getting my fucking ass kicked over here

  10. I am going to age myself here but I was able to vote in favor of both marijuana laws in California. The state isn’t perfect with its laws but better than here for sure. It used to be that a person could have something like 5 plants at home for personal use. I always felt like that makes sense especially for more rural and poorer people. I actually was reflecting on how sad the tomato plant analogy was in this case because there are loads of Utahns who grow their own food for their yearly supplies here and sadly a lot of it I think has to do with cost. California doesn’t tax food like Utah does.

  11. California is 6 plants per adult over 21

  12. So I looked at my previous WMTM orders on the app, and they all say returnable in store 👀👀

  13. Policy doesn’t state that they have to, but a store may choose to honor it anyways

  14. I haven't seen much of that in this sub, but I have seen a few people say it's "American puritanical bullshit" that Ned was fired for cheating.

  15. Literally! Hell, if it was just cheating he would probably still be friends with the other guys. What really crossed the line was the long-term affair with a person he employs.

  16. I think it’s interesting, and I am genuinely surprised at how wholesome and not antisemitic a majority of the content is. However, I don’t like the whole concept of making kids into these public stars so I don’t like the MBC in general for that reason.

  17. I have COVID so I hope this game is at least entertaining

  18. I saw someone walking down my street wearing an N95 mask and some weird astronaut helmet thing over top of that. This was last weekend.

  19. I learned recently that many of the people walking in masks now actually have COVID themselves and are trying not to expose people.

  20. Extreme caution would be have your groceries delivered. In no situation is this a reasonable way to do things

  21. grocery delivery can be 25% more expensive than going yourself. Many people cannot afford that.

  22. Just take a Tylenol or Advil. This is pretty normal

  23. Dolly is her godmother so I don’t really think she’s “ripping on” her

  24. As a queer Asian, I'm glad that he's openly proud of both. There's not a lot of cool queer Asian dudes, so seeing him in videos gives me hope that I'll be okay.

  25. How is this antisemitic? I doubt they acknowledge every religious holiday throughout the year for most religions.

  26. Can any teachers afford to live in the city they work in, here in the bay?

  27. Some high school districts pay enough that teachers can live where they work. Of course, those positions are in demand because of it.

  28. I’m curious how that works when school districts can cross city lines. (Tax wise)

  29. Honestly? Most people I know who are intermarried with kids married a spouse who isn’t religious. Therefore the kids are raised Jewish and nobody feels like they’re “compromising”. I honestly don’t see how this will work if she wants them to be baptized, for example.

  30. I’m also a convert, so I’m coming from that perspective

  31. Probably. Alternative is to use zipcar when you want to take a day trip. Might be cheaper than importing your car.

  32. Those like the Smart Cars? Little itty bitty 4 wheeler?

  33. Nah, it’s just a car share company for people who don’t need a car full time

  34. In most states, OT is counted per week over 40 hours, not by day. Meaning if OP worked a 19 hour day, but the total hours per week was 40 or less, no overtime would be paid. Only a few states like Alaska, count overtime as any hour over 8 hours per day.

  35. California is also anything over 8 hours a day or over 40 a week

  36. Nothing better than working a 30 hour week but having 10 of those be OT

  37. I've noticed the white Teslas are by far the most timid. Constantly have to go around them on 280. People say Tesla drivers are maniacs, but I rarely see them going fast. I've seen and felt what they're capable of. If I had one, I'd be hauling ass everywhere.

  38. They’re mostly dangerous drivers because they’re unpredictable, dangerously slow, and do insanely dumb things. Not because they tend to haul ass.

  39. Is there something with the color white with these Teslas? Is it the preferred color, a fad, more expensive to get another color, or just what’s available?

  40. And then parents wont let their kids walk cause there are too many parents driving around the school like maniacs. Self-fulfilling

  41. Literally. At a minimum we have to return to the school bus era, but ideally we set up safe routes for students to walk.

  42. I mean, the age of your kids is important too. If you’re driving high schoolers because you’re scared of some homeless people that’s pretty sad.

  43. They can handle almost anything, but they transfer to UCSF Benioff or Stanford if needed (not just for NICU either- for other sorts of pediatric care as well). If your child is going to need intensive care and it’s known before birth (congenital abnormalities or genetic disorders) they may also have you plan to give birth in a hospital with this care already, like Stanford Childrens.

  44. Thousands of dollars. Don’t do it in the US if you can avoid it.

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