1. Red O at Fashion Island/Newport Center. Their tequila bottle wall is instagrammable and the food is decent. Better than Javier’s in my opinion.

  2. Already shut down - Micks Karma Burgers around Von Kerman and Main.

  3. Such great advice, thank you! I went to law school in NJ, graduated with 3.4 gpa, passed the bar and admitted in NJ. I moved to the DC area in September because of my husband's job and am in the process of waiving into DC. I always had an internship during law school (summer judicial clerkship, EEOC judicial clerk), did a year of clinic my 3L year. The judge I clerked for was great but he was brand new and was more focused on making a name for himself and didnt care much about my goals. He also knew I was moving to DC clerkship and doesnt know anyone in the area to connect me with.

  4. The advice given to you was absolutely fantastic. I work as a law school career advisor. This is the same advice I would give.

  5. It has coconut water and does some magic hydration

  6. I did home health and it was billed much more by insurance than $100 but my copay was $20 per pack (saline, iv kits) and $20 for each visit by a home health nurse. So $20-40 depending on when I needed a nurse to come and change my IV port.

  7. i just found out that i am pregnant myself. i am 5 weeks and 5 days, i am 18 and it’s pretty hard on my myself but i have my mom and family and his family to help out. i hope everything goes well with you. i just recently found out about kegels. you have to make sure you practice them every time you go to the bathroom. it’s where you try to stop peeing in the middle of it. if you don’t do this you bladder will get really weak and you might end up peeing a bit while laughing or coughing anything like that.

  8. This is really bad advice about kegels and I hope you stop doing that yourself. Kegels should not be done when going to the bathroom-pelvic floor therapists advise to never do kegels then.

  9. Do you mind me asking if he's purchased any of the stuff you guys will need? I have yet to meet someone who says their partner picked up certain baby gear or added items to their registry.

  10. My husband created our registry, picked most of the things on our registry, and created a couple more/bought the minimum to get the free baby boxes. He would watch hours of YouTube videos on reviews of almost everything. Everything on our registry has been praised by all our mom/dad friends for high quality or faves by their kids.

  11. I’m in the same boat as you. My in-laws are going out of the country for a week long vacation and we told them we would not see them whether the baby was here or not for at least two weeks after they came back. They were a little hurt at first and tried to cancel the trip but I told them - it’s really nothing personal. If they care about my health and the baby- they’ll just have bide their time. It’s not like we wouldn’t send them pictures or anything. This is also their first grandchild - so I was expecting lots of pouting or anger. They also got Covid coming back from Texas just a few months ago and we laid down strict boundaries then too. So maybe that helped in retrospect in them understanding how strict we would be with the baby actually being born.

  12. Ugh sorry you’re going through this. Don’t’ hold it in and cry it out! I can relate!! It’s so hard. Other people just don’t get it. Reminds me when an older lady in my bible study group recommended I try ginger drops/tea/chews and tons of water. Insert eye roll. It should go away by the second trimester. I was like I’m well into my second trimester and I’m getting home hospital care due to my dehydration bc I can’t even keep water down. Thanks. She was like that’s quite unusual. Like duh, yes I am aware. Hahaha

  13. Ugh I feel your pain. I went through the same until I ate a few prunes or dried apricots a day. Even then I went maybe once every couple of days. Good luck!

  14. Even with a combined 400K/yr, depending on debt, you’ll still need cash from mom and dad.

  15. Nope. My husband and I were able to do it, grad school loans included and no parent help. It’s possible.

  16. So I’ve read this works anecdotally and have no idea if it’s true, and I feel like it’s stopped a Charlie horse for me like half the time, BUT

  17. Agreed. I stretch out my legs too every morning and I would stretch out the way you described and would always cramp. I started stretching the way that’s been described- flexing my foot and almost always do not cramp. But because I’ve been in the habit - I will accidentally point my toes and inevitably get the cramps. Good luck!!

  18. My pharmacist advised me to wait a week in between vaccines! I got my vaccines about a week and a half between both.

  19. Definitely had the same experience. Someone offered me a pack and play - she said it was used very carefully and a fisher price rocker. Then she showed up with the items plus other items and when I tried to decline certain things (because we had been gifted them already) that she could just donate instead she gleefully told me she felt bad donating and wanted to give it to another mom she knew - personalized, and that I was free to give the stuff I didn’t want from her away. Not to mention, when Id say no, she just ignored me and put it into my car. It was the most annoying thing and on top of it all everything was so smelly I couldn’t get rid of the smell from my car for a good week. I ended up donating most/trashed what I thought wouldn’t be accepted at a donation center/gave away on buy nothing.

  20. They were both in bad shape and smelled bad but you donated them?

  21. I posted it on buy nothing and listed the condition and the person that works for the church really wanted it.

  22. I would love another Mongolian BBQ style restaurant like Fire + Ice. They were all over the place in Michigan and I miss that.

  23. Whealthy is very similar to what you may be looking for! They are a chain in few areas of OC.

  24. Sweet potato, corn, and mayo. If anyone has tried a Korean style pizza. Omg. So good.

  25. We went on a flight to Hawaii and back (5-6 hours) using N95s and did not catch Covid. We were told to keep our masks on in the terminal and while we were boarding as those are the highest risk areas. On the flight I took my mask off when I was snacking and drinking water. It was absolutely terrifying to see/hear people without masks coughing and sniffling. I thought it was so rude of these people not to mask!

  26. Best gf donuts I’ve ever had are from JD Flannel in San Juan Capistrano, CA. If anyone is ever in Orange County you have to make a stop. Dedicated fryer, 5 flavors that change monthly. Absolutely phenomenal. Their glazed old fashion donut is to die for.

  27. I love that place. I live 30 minutes away and still try to make a trek once a month.

  28. You got this! 16 weeks was a struggle for myself as well. I’m 29 weeks now. So many people were like you should be done with morning sickness by now or other pregnant folks alongside me were like wow 2nd trimester is great while I still felt like utter complete crap. I went on disability at this time as well - doctor forced me and started getting IV fluids via home hospital.

  29. I'm Mexican and trying to cut tomatoes and hot sauce out of my diet has me in tears. Like, what's the point of eating anything? Also I miss pizza. Hang in there, we're not alone!

  30. I’ve been living off bbq chicken pizza! There’s also white sauce(alfredo) but I totally know what you mean. The other day I gave in and got normal pizza sauce and it was heaven and then 30 min after the burning cameeee 😅

  31. What state are you in? And yes, call a lawyer before going to HR. HR, if decent will help you out but mostly are on the side of the company.

  32. Hi! I live in CA and I was able to go on short-term disability for HG with a note from my doc. She put me on medical leave which was enough for my work and state. I’m not sure what your state requires/gives but it was a very easy process I thought.

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