1. Yeah. I tried to get it through Geico and they said “we don’t do that…” so I canceled my policy with them after 12 years and switched to Progressive.

  2. The only restaurant that I regularly deliver pizza from in my area is California Pizza Kitchen, and they always put the pizza in a sealed bag with everything else. If they didn’t put the pizza in there I’d have no way of knowing.

  3. Maybe customer support canceled the order because the driver couldn’t mark the delivery as complete?

  4. I mostly take all orders because I’m getting about $22 per hour + tips, which I think is fair. Gets rid of the negative feelings that happen with delays at the restaurants and stuff.

  5. But the uber has to accept the order right? If i have an order i would not accept another

  6. It depends. Sometimes they straight up offer a double delivery that’s already grouped together.

  7. Damn, you have a cooler. You are the poster boy for delivery drivers.

  8. Click the 3 bars menu in the upper left, then click help, then click account and app issues, then click question about a document, then click chat with us.

  9. I didn’t even know you could tip bait on Walmart. From what I heard you can’t even tip when you order.

  10. Yeah, same, my Walmart tips never show up-front and only show up 24 hours after delivery completion. No notification but if ya go into earnings activity at the end of the next day, they’ll finally show up on the Walmart orders.

  11. You should be careful about requesting the$3 too often or demanding support to fix the ‘order not there’ thing.

  12. I call in all the time when the order isn’t there.…. Not because I care about $3 but because I usually hear “oh your the 5th driver today to come for that order” and I dont want it to get reassigned to waste another drivers time and annoy the restaurant more.

  13. That’s definitely not true. It doesn’t count against your cancellation rate if the order isn’t there. Are you suppose to make the food yourself?

  14. Uhh, I’d keep calling anyway, whether or not they give me a credit.

  15. You can get paid on those ? is that what this is about?

  16. Yeah. Sometimes $3-$5 for compensation for showing up and waiting. It’s nice to get it, but it’s not the main reason I do it…. I mostly just worry about my cancel rate haha.

  17. I was sad when I hit 1000 deliveries and didn’t get any graphics. My last one was at 500 deliveries. I’m at 1800 now. It might be lame, but I want that 3000 delivery milestone!!! Haha… glad to know there are more.

  18. I had an old account from 2017 using my phone number with my work email address and I forgot about it. I wasn’t able to verify my phone number on my current account until I deleted that account.

  19. So you got deactivated and made a new account that way? I'm trying the Same but apparently now they don't delete after 30 days per the notice I got when going on the site.

  20. Never got more than a double (except for those Walmart things that are a 16-stack)

  21. I was thinking about that earlier today… I used to get asked every few hours, now I get asked about once a week… makes no sense to me. Maybe they got tired of seeing me?

  22. I said “I couldn’t make up my mind, so I left your drink outside your room, I left your fries at the lobby desk with Barbara, and I’m waiting in the car with your burger. Enjoy!”

  23. I’m also in California and Prop 22 is great. I realize I make more money the slower I go, but morality aside, I’d be afraid of being deactivated for long delivery delays. I think I’ve seen some posts about that on here.

  24. Hmmm. Okay I see that. Now here’s the tin hat part. I pick up food from a restaurant I normally get food from anyway. I am usually very close to this restaurant, I live around the corner from it. I’ve picked up a few orders from their ghost kitchen. They are usually good paying deliveries. But a few days ago I went there to pick up an order and I was told that they don’t operate that kitchen anymore. Well, I still see really good deliveries for that kitchen pop up on my phone; these are order that I would gladly take, in fact anyone would gladly take. But since I know the kitchen doesn’t actually operate anymore I decline that delivery - and so would anyone else that was told they no longer operate that kitchen. The only person now that WOULD take that order is someone who knows that the kitchen does in fact still operate. So if I were a restaurant owner and I started a ghost kitchen I could basically have my own guy be the guy that completes those orders, right?

  25. You can call Uber Support and say that they aren’t fulfilling the order. They will give you $3 for showing up and cancel the order so that it doesn’t get reassigned. That would hopefully prevent that kind of abuse.

  26. I know this happens for me when someone orders through the McDonalds app instead of the Uber Ears app

  27. Look at the Uber Eats customer app. Make sure it is set to delivery. Type the city you want to deliver in. Then use the filter tool to sort by most popular. Those are the Uber Eats merchants with the highest volume of orders. Go wait nearby, and hopefully you’ll get orders.

  28. Yup. To figure out how much I made each day, I look in my earnings details. I throw out the base fare because it’s useless (it never beats prop 22 funds) I take my “Active Time” in my Earnings and multiply it by $22 (which is 120% of our local minimum wage) and then add tips. Try it out and see how much you’d make under prop 22.

  29. Same for me in Palm Springs. Even today isn’t too bad for a Tuesday which are usually my worst. I think things are picking up again now that it’s August… at least I hope!

  30. Mondays are always great for me. Tuesdays are always the worst for me. I don’t understand it haha. It’s that way every week for me!

  31. Yeah, unless you’re delivering with an expensive vehicle that uses a lot of gas (which probably wouldn’t be profitable), then standard milage deduction is better.

  32. Is that Palm Desert? I think I delivered there.

  33. It’s a Zillow listing from La Quinta cove… lots of pool homes like that in La Quinta cove.

  34. If feels like we about to get shot for trespassing

  35. That’s how I feel! Delivery instructions “Leave at Door”… but when I open their gate to follow the instructions, I feel like… should I be here? Feels kind of private…

  36. UE is notorious for combining multiple items (of the same item) in the same count.

  37. I’ve had both types with 7-11. Orders where you can see the items listed, and orders that are just “Package” reference number 1234… and doesn’t actually say the items (turned out to be a pizza and two 30 oz fountain drinks)

  38. That sucks, if I was your driver I would have called you, and let you decide if

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