1. what’s the focking stone in front of your screen ;)

  2. Basically I crammed my stuff onto one island (cause I’m lazy) and the stone is the edge of the island 😂

  3. They said after however many hours (24 or 48 or something) it was gonna change. It was a limited thing

  4. Aw. I couldn’t even afford it anyways. I was like “wow. That didn’t last long” 😂 thanks for the information.

  5. Only available for 48 hours? Wow lol

  6. This is the type of thing that kingisle can ban you for. I hope I dont lose this account.

  7. They won’t ban you over a bug/glitch lol if it’s not your fault. They’ll be able to see that. They know when someone has tampered with the account. Source: Had a mod as a friend on Europe server.

  8. I took the test in 2011 on a dodgy pop-up ad. And I got Ice. Put in an email and password. And found out in 2018 I’d been playing on the Europe server. Then switched to USA (North American) server in July 2020. And never looked back at Europe server. Im happy I moved. My first school on USA is a Life.

  9. Do guys get the witches outfit as well then?

  10. Why is your friend trying to hurt you?

  11. Not sure. We’d been friends a long time. I always knew he was a bit “catty”. But I am disappointed he’d stooped this low to hurt me.

  12. Lots of love to you OP. Sorry you have such a jerk ass friend… <3

  13. Reasonable price? 5 dollars are like 2,5k crowns, do the math… And just for one permanent mount and weak gear. My gosh-

  14. On wizard right now it’s being sold for 100,000 crowns. That’s what this post was about.

  15. I understand why; I would too to be honest! I barely play more than a few days in splurges, so purchasing areas might be our better option for now.

  16. Because this was Europe server. This was close to the £3.00 for 1 week. 3x4 = £12 a month. So not that bad. Obviously as you said in your message. This would have to be adjusted for USD. But I would appreciate the 1 week being an option. I get burn out so easily!

  17. Yes the other commenter is correct. I found it in a little side quest and thought it was very cute and funny :)

  18. This isn't a picture of Khrysalis lol. It's the Edge of the Spiral instance in the Catacombs

  19. I’ll be honest. I forget where I took it. 😂 so I just had a guess hahahha

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