1. Loquats. Taste good. Large seed and not a ton of flesh in them.

  2. Is there any requirements to be able to order a CMP firearm?

  3. Yes, they're listed on their website. They take a bit of paperwork, but anybody can qualify.

  4. Nice example of an early 1980s Numax Electronics slide. Should make for good shooter, enjoy

  5. Thanks! I'm going to see how well it shoots, might do some low key competitions with it.

  6. It’s really a crapshoot though, and it depends on the kind of board. An edge grain board will probably hold up better than an end grain board, but the higher the quality of the board, the less interested I’d be in risking it. If you do decide to dishwash it, you’ll really want to be fastidious with your oiling.

  7. Plus the heat will risk breaking down the glue and it will go from a cutting board to a bunch of blocks if that happens.

  8. He kind of looks like an inflatable Mark Zuckerberg that somebody slightly over inflated.

  9. Safe, yeah more or less as long as they were dry enough that they didnt mold or anything. But they'll likely be rancid, so I doubt you'll want to eat them. But you could give it a shot.

  10. It's an intentional "off flavor" in some wine styles.

  11. Without a base, the 800 is going to hurt. But with a 50 flat, 2:06 is very possible just off of your speed. Add a bit of strength and you could definitely go under that.

  12. I bet but like I said I will only really get one shot at it I have a throw away meet next Tuesday (our area doesn’t have many fast kids so invitationals are the only place I’ll see comp before state and sectionals) so I wasn’t going to run a 400m since hell the next seeded kid was like a 56 and I won’t pr like that but I figured it was a good chance to try the 800m.

  13. It's worth a shot. Do some pacing practice before hand (like 100s at your first lap pace), or you risk going out way too fast on accident. I'd suggest about a 60 first lap, then just try to hang on as long as possible. You just have to make a best guess, I guess.

  14. Speaking of not having common sense. That idiot threw an axe during a Fox & Friends segment, even though he was told not to because there were people behind the target, and the idiot hit a member of the military band (not graphic).

  15. I remember this happening. It stuck in my mind because not only was he an idiot for throwing the ax, but then after he hits the guy, he just cringes and turns towards the camera, unlike an actual human, who would go see if the person they just hit was ok.

  16. Nice. I love my fava beans. I live where we have mild winters, so I direct sow mine in November. How do they do being spring planted? Mine struggle once it gets hot. High 70s seems to make them stop producing. The few that I don't rip out in the late spring do limp through the summer and begin to regrow and flower in the winter, though.

  17. I have a similar thinking. My kids are approaching 3 and 5. They don't know I have guns at this point, they just know if they ever see one without an adult around (which shouldnt happen) to not touch them and go straight to tell an adult. When they're older, they can get a more nuanced understanding.

  18. You probably killed off your yeast. I'd just get a starter going of the same yeast, then add it after it is active.

  19. It looks like arugula that has gone to seed.

  20. You have pool workouts during the season? Even off season, my opinion is they're not that helpful, although they can be a nice mental break. But during the season, they really don't make sense.

  21. Oh I was just seeking clarification on the visibility. I’m planning on a tattoo of a snake wrapping my bicep and biting it’s tail

  22. Yes, there are tons of visible tattoos in the CG. What you described should be fine. I added a graphic to my earlier post that summarizes the current policy.

  23. Is it 5 or 7? I can't figure it out. Either way, it's messed up.

  24. What do you mean by ground bees? If you're talking about the native bees that nest in the ground, many are stingless, so check if that is what you have. If you're talking about hornets/yellowjackets, they do play a role in the environment, but they're in no danger as an overall population, so you can definitely remove them without much guilt.

  25. If we pretend for a second that we believe that thus DA is "Soros backed" and politically motivated, the Grand Jury still chose to indict him based on the evidence presented. Is the Grand Jury all "Soros backed" as well? And an indictment just means there is sufficient evidence to bring charges. He still gets his due process.

  26. Flat indoor 200m track? If it's a 200m track, I'd expect over a half second drop right away outdoors.

  27. Sounds like you're thinking about buying new. Generally buying a few years old gets the steepest portion of the depreciation curve out of the way and reduces the cost of ownership a bit. It also means you're not waiting for the vehicle to come off the production line. Used isn't as cheap right now as it normally is, though, mostly because of the new car backup that's still going on.

  28. Yeah, it's pretty rough right now for both new and used. There are still some cars that it's still worth buying used right now, but not nearly as compelling as it usually is.

  29. It's making mandarins. Is that your question?

  30. Too vague sorry! I wanted to ask about the browning of the leaves.

  31. Oh, sorry I'm not sure about the brown leaves. My guess is since it's very localized, it's maybe a fungus disease, caused by splashing dirt up from the ground. If so, it should sort itself out if you make sure not to splash up while watering. Also adding some mulch around the drip area can prevent splashing if it rains.

  32. Isn't this a DA/SA trigger? So that first pull is heavy, then subsequent pulls are lighter since it is already cocked? So you're judging it based on a double action, which is always going to be a heavy long pull. It's also a safety feature, in theory.

  33. After that 400, don't collapse and sit until your 4x400. Keep walking after your 400 until you've fully caught your breath. Then jog a few very easy laps, plus a few easy dynamic warmup exercises. Then warm up before your 4x4.

  34. Depends on the medication. Depends on the branch and job.

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