1. You can still eat pizza and lose weight and fat and reach your goals. This is such an easy lunch/dinner/snack that is delicious

  2. My body fat percentage probably sucks tbh considering I've been in too much pain for any weight training lately, which is one of the things that's really bumming me out. I'll bring it up with my doctor, tho, she specializes in weight loss stuff. I don't know how to calculate it other than one of those handheld fat percentage things? Which I know are also not super accurate.

  3. You could get a DEXA scan. It measures things like body fat percentage, fat mass, etc. I’m not sure how much they cost though

  4. Thanks! Looks like they run about $150 to $250 which really isn't that bad.

  5. You’re welcome! Another thing I wanted to mention is the Fit Track scale. I just got one in March. It comes with an app and it measures those things too (weight, fat mass, body fat percentage, protein mass, subcutaneous fat, etc). While I’m sure it’s not 100% accurate (I mean nothing truly is), I’ve enjoyed using it because I have it at home and I can use it to track trends and progress over time

  6. I’ve been skinny/petite almost all of my life. I have a perfectly normal and healthy BMI. I’ve never dieted, starved myself, or had an eating disorder. Never had a problem with food in any way. And it blows my mind how many times I’ve had people comment on my body. These comments have always come from other women, always women who were bigger than me. Either complete strangers or people I barely knew. Comments like “girl you need to quit starving yourself and eat a cheeseburger! You’re too skinny/you look anorexic/you need some meat on them bones.” I’ve got bigger boobs and a decent sized butt I definitely feel like I have some curves.

  7. I had a friend that used to say that to me all the time. It was so annoying!! I was just like, “awww girl that’s cute! You think a cheeseburger will make me gain weight!” 😒(I’ve always been skinny and never struggled with my weight. A single cheeseburger won’t cause one to gain weight but a consistent diet + being completely sedentary probably would). It just blows my mind how she would comment that too (among other people in my life). However, if I turned it around and said they need to stop eating xyz or lose weight, they would lose their shit on me (I would never do that because I just mind my own business)

  8. I hear a lot of people complain about how once you reach your mid-30s you gain weight and your health starts to decline.

  9. People love to use age as an excuse. Not always, but I’ve found usually the people that say that are the ones that aren’t doing anything (being sedentary, eating unhealthy, not working out, not being active, etc).

  10. I followed a few recipe pages on Facebook recently and discovered a super strange thing: the recipe post author demands that you post a comment saying “link” to receive the link, and they also WITHOUT FAIL put a blurb “express something in the comments or never see my recipes again”.

  11. Fashion influencers are doing this too - comment “link” and I’ll DM you the link to my outfit. They so this all the time!! I think they have a system set up to do this, so they aren’t manually sending hundreds of DM. It’s a way to increase engagement, drive traffic, and get affiliate money (if they are linking to products).

  12. Alright, at one point I could keep a mental calorie tally and do fine, but those days are gone, apparently. For now at least.

  13. You can still use My Fitness Pal without a subscription. I do! Just change your location to the UK or Canada and you can scan the barcode without a subscription (they changed it for the US awhile back - where you need it). Changing your location is a way around it

  14. And should you escape from the MLM, watch how fast these same women will turn on you.

  15. Jesus how big do you have to be that you can’t fit into an MRI machine. And that a standard public chair or bench is too small.

  16. I just had a MRI today (I have to have one every year). The machine I was in said it was for up to 350 lbs

  17. So what does it mean? From context I guess it means skinny? But why not just say skinny?

  18. It is used in the fashion industry to refer to models who are the standard industry size. Usually designers will make clothes in a sample size 2 or 4. From there, they will only make their designs up to sizes 10 or 12. Most straight size retailers usually cater to only sizes 00-12 and if someone is larger, they can be out of luck depending on the store and/or brand

  19. So like, how does that translate to mens sizes? The numbers used for women’s sizes are essentially meaningless to me….. I assume 00 is XS, is 12 L or XL or XXL?

  20. It depends on the brand, because it can widely vary and there really isn’t a standard across the industry. Bust, waist, and hips go into determining the size. Someone could wear one size in one brand a larger size in another or even a smaller size.

  21. It was a store in malls from 1970-1999. They also sold other sizes than 5, 7, 9

  22. I love making pizza at home. It’s of my favorite easy healthy dinners. I use pita that I get from one of the Middle Eastern grocery stores (it’s wayyyy better than the pita you find at Kroger or whatnot).

  23. They sell cornflake crumbs in the baking aisle. They are really good! I’ve used them for the past 10 years or so

  24. I am in Canada and I refuse to pay $80 per year for MFP. It's absolutely not worth it.

  25. Did MFP take away barcode scanning for free users? I used them for years but switched to Lose it when they talked about doing that

  26. I use MFP and I never ever updated my app. When I finally did, it wanted me to pay for a subscription to use the scanner. I changed my country and I am now able to use the scanner for free again!

  27. If you change your country to Canada or the United Kingdom, the scanner will be back for free. I did it the other day and it worked!

  28. Do not go to Bye Bye Ink. I went to Removery, it was okay. My friend swears by the dermatologist that comes up when you Google it in Knoxville, out West. It fucking HURTS. I got in on a Valentines discount that gave me a $500 gift card for $350. Two sessions. I am trying to lighten it to start a full back piece. I would probably need another 1-2 sessions to lighten enough to matter. I don’t even know if I want to now because it hurts so much. For a full removal, expect up to 13 sessions. It’s not cheap. This is a 10 year old tattoo.

  29. Removery is multi national and apparently helps create these machines. I did some research beforehand and I’d say they are equally as credible as a dermatologist office. I just know that my friend went to BBI and ended up passing out and having a giant blister. They do have the cold air machine at Removery. You could buy a cream and do it on your own beforehand, but I don’t think they would encourage it. The dermatologist may have other pain relief options, but I don’t think my friend got any… just a lower setting on the machine that didn’t fry her.

  30. I’m going to get a prescription for Emla cream from my doctor because I’ve heard from many people that it helps.

  31. I think so, although I’ve never tried without so can’t compare accurately. What I have noticed is every session is less painful and recover is faster.

  32. Technically any Dr can prescribe it but call and ask the clinic’s Dr first! Unless you already paid for a package it might be worth it to do more consultations and find a place that will make sure you get the pain relief you need.

  33. I called a place that used to do injections but they stopped like 10 years ago. I really wanted to go there (I still might just suck it up and try). I like their work, their vibe, and they use the Enlighten laser.

  34. Ok. So let me see if I understand correctly. Is dermablend a primer? Or do I need a primer, dermablend, setting powder, and setting spray?

  35. Morphe and Milani have pretty affordable setting sprays. You can find Morphe at Ulta, and I believe you can find Milani there as well.

  36. Would you happen to know where to buy dermablend in person? I want to be sure I match my skin tone. I tried looking in wal mart yesterday, but had no luck.

  37. Usually you can find Dermablend at Ulta. Location may vary. They can help you color match and tell you which shade would be the best for you

  38. Thank you! Her progress is amazing but I was wondering about the sauna. I thought soaking a tattoo after tattoo removal is not supposed to be done. Do saunas help tattoo removal or does she just like saunas?

  39. I’m not really sure! I had a free consultation and mentioned it to the technician and she said it was okay just as long as it wasn’t right after and it was healed. I honestly don’t know. For me, personally, a sauna sounds like a nightmare. I know I would feel like absolute crap if I sat in a sauna for 20 minutes

  40. This girl is posting their journey on Instagram. She is removing her colored chest piece. She’s seen amazing progress and only has had four sessions so far

  41. I took nsaids, used an ice pack, but it was just really fucking horrible for 5 days. After that 5 day mark it got better and better. When I wrapped it I used the gauze that doesn’t stick (or wet my gauze so it came off easier), aloe vera and bacitracin.

  42. Thanks so much for the response! Mine is like 3.5 inches x maybe 5 tops. There is skin in between because it’s a script font (just five words). It’s on my upper back.

  43. I think the line work only will definitely work in your favor! And totally wait until you’re done having that area exposed to sun. Makes a huge difference I think.

  44. I hope so! The words are all shaded black but they all have a faint line that gives the illusion there’s a shadow.

  45. My clinic gives me 10% numbing cream - I do it for an hour. I had my fourth session recently where the tech went VERY INTENSE. But barely hurt. I recommend.

  46. Numbing cream for sure! I apply mine before I leave my house (two hours before treatment) and it works like a charm. I barely feel anything why put yourself thru pain if u don’t have to.

  47. What kind of cream did you buy? Did it really help with the pain? I’ve heard from people that it doesn’t do anything

  48. Growing up with narcissistic parents can cause us to have different attachment styles in our relationships when we grow up. Usually the attachment style we developed in childhood will follow us into adulthood.

  49. My mom used to say similar things to me growing up. She would also love to throw away “Honor Thy Mother and Father” (I wasn’t even raised in a religious household lol). However, I needed to respect her but I felt that I didn’t receive respect in return (My boundaries were ignored. I was insulted, given back-handed comments, belittled, compared to others, talked to in a sarcastic and passive aggressive tone, was manipulated and gaslit)

  50. My mom still counts how many people like her posts and asks if we saw them. It’s a narcissistic dream

  51. I remember one time many years ago I had my mom on a restricted list or something on FB, so she couldn’t see what I posted or what people posted. On the day of my birthday, she had the audacity to say, “I can’t believe no one has wished you a happy birthday. You have ___ friends and I have ___ friends and ___ have wished me a happy birthday.” It was just so funny because a) people had wished me a happy birthday (but she could see it) and b) the fact she counted and compared me to her

  52. That sounds like something my mom would post, but she never tags me (I honestly don’t think she knows how). My mom posted one that mentioned “don’t treat your mom bad, your harsh words make her cry, she doesn’t know why you’re angry, still your mom blah blah blah.”

  53. “will constantly say “if you were MY daughter/son…/I would never let MY daughter/son” in response to others actions — this one doesn’t seem too bad, but it’s usually inappropriate and I find people like this have poor boundaries, especially in regards to their closest relationships”

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