1. I went and snitched on a girl recording a tiktok at my planet fitness I could see myself in her phone background.i don't want to be in your social media post follow the rules

  2. Speak more on this reporters 🙏👏👏

  3. This author is actually an adoptee and has a published book!

  4. Yes! Those are the authorities we need calling her out in her BS. Love this for her.

  5. Shes also on tiktok her @ is like adoptee thoughts

  6. Would love to see her address the systemic issues within the Texas foster care system but nope this is more pressing

  7. A texan christian foster mom who loves guns pew pew

  8. how many eggs she buying out there in california goddamn

  9. If you’re already living in LA, a pretty expensive place to shop no matter what, why on EARTH would you purposely pick the most expensive grocery store??These people are gonna be broke by 35!

  10. Idk exactly why but her face here really annoys me

  11. It literally looks like computer graphics 😢😂

  12. Can’t produce records for $1.3 million but can find us 😂

  13. I could see her starting (but never completing) a licensing program to become a realtor. And calling herself a realtor the whole time anyway

  14. I thought she did this years back and did exactly this

  15. Receptionist. Not because she’d be good at it but because I feel she’d pick it under the guise it’s an east desk job.

  16. And she'd use the office life as her new grift/content

  17. She’s gonna get hit hard with a learning curve. I’ve never expected the school to micromanage my daughters glasses in pre k. Or k. Just today she forgot her glasses at school… again…

  18. I teach middle school I have handles a student a piece of paper and THIRTY SECONDS LATER they lose it. Kids lose shit🤐

  19. My kids teacher never hands anything directly to the kids for this reason. She has an aide who goes through backpacks first thing in the morning. Then they have about 15 minutes at the end of the day that they write notes and put stuff in backpacks. At the beginning of the year she told all the parents to be sure to check the backpack everyday, usually there will be nothing until friday, but the kids are not likely to know if there is anything important in there.

  20. If you give it to a kid, they will lose it -a teacher proverb

  21. The comments prove why my middle schoolers have 0% respect lol 😀💀

  22. This....this right here. This is proof we are doomed as a society. This really takes the cake for posts I've seen on this sub. Just---wow.

  23. Omg hi bestie I hope your Tuesday is going well!! My school has no power so I’m babysitting 30 12-14 year olds all day!!! :) can’t send them home because it’s “inconsistent” 🤣

  24. what😀😀😀😀 did you make it okay 💨💀💀💀💀 oh ny lanta

  25. Middle school teacher here. I love them but they all do the most. Non. Stop.

  26. omfg how is she not trolling us at this point 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 what sane vagina owner would call themselves ☆ yeasty baddie☆

  27. every fungal spore in a 5 mile radius of her is gonna die

  28. I just came across Clancys Auto Body and I'm emotionally invested.

  29. I love ASMR as well!! Definitely going to check our/follow all the ASMR accounts you listed 😊 thanks for sharing them!!

  30. Omg I forgot about GiGi she's so sweet 😭😭😭

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