71 percent don’t want Biden to run for reelection: poll

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  1. The USA offers all the options: neoliberalism, fascism, or fascism via a short detour through libertarian smartassery. What more could you want?

  2. I'm sure the Supreme Court is taking note of that fact.

  3. Implying Truss will even know what's going on without a teleprompter

  4. She is so obviously bad, I fear the public that keeps voting Tory despite everything over the last 12 years may want her as PM.

  5. The Left: has absolutely no power in government at all anywhere in the country.

  6. Meanwhile, the far-right minority who control everything: "Help! I'm being oppressed!"

  7. It worked super good in the middle ages. Can't wait for them to realize they're some of the last people on earth without free thought and expression, uncensored internet and reference material, movies and music, socially-acceptable vices, dancing and flirting, alcohol and recreational drugs, gender equality - down to the ability to see and talk to people of the opposite sex.

  8. A few questions for the wisdom of the crowds:

  9. It's an excellent synth and it comes with lots of good presets. Personally, I find Arturia tends to drench the presets in too much reverb so you have to clean them up a bit to make them more usable. But the presets give you a wide range of inspiring ideas. My impression of Arturia is that they are one of the fairer companies when it comes to pricing.

  10. I hav FX Collection 3 and Arturia’s Pigments price for me is full price.

  11. No, Pigments is sold separately. It's an excellent synth.

  12. A trench 20 feet deep, with 3 feet of water in the bottom.

  13. Go with what you like the sound of, because it will inspire you the most. Don't worry about fashion.

  14. Yeah, like many I regret junking a bunch of "outdated" analogue stuff for cooler digital stuff in the 1980s.

  15. Nigel Farage has some serious competition here for the front cover of Punchable Face magazine.

  16. Canada is slowing turning into the US

  17. We still have time to fight against it. But there needs to be action from law enforcement as well as the public. It's scary to see the USA descending into fascism, but there's no reason Canada has to follow. Canada needs a united and forceful anti-fascist movement right now, that can break up these neo-Nazi networks and shut down their self-promotion. And we need politicians who actually represent the working class and aren't afraid to say so, because whenever the left parties stop connecting with their base and clearly fighting for the working class, they leave an open goal for the far right.

  18. bruv what are non white Canadians like me supposed to do if they get their way? My family descends from refugees and I have literally nowhere else to go

  19. There are lots of us quite determined that they should not get their way. Canada needs to hold out even as the USA descends into fascism. But it isn't going to be easy.

  20. The animals we've gotten rid off is truly shocking.

  21. It's a positive change if Americans are beginning to realize that the wealthy are not better people but just bigger exploiters.

  22. I want to know where these thrift stores are that still haven't figured out they can sell these things for a good price on eBay. There was a a definite cut-off date about 10 years ago when all the good stuff disappeared off the shelves.

  23. I just hope some 3rd party doesn’t come in and fuck it up for all of us.

  24. I wonder whether the current sanctions situation makes any difference to Putin's budget for that.

  25. It's so good.. they're so convinced he's gonna be their conservative savior. They're gonna be in for a shock. He's a billionaire, he doesn't even give a shit about his own employees at Tesla much less them. He's not gonna start unbanning nazis and bigots soon as he buys it, it's just bad for a business.

  26. I dunno. He's also a tremendous douchebag who considers himself some kind of free-speech warrior, so it might appeal to him to unban the fascists.

  27. He seems to be from that chunk of the Conservative Party who think Canadian politics should just be US politics a year or two later. They're gearing up for their January 6th insurrection.

  28. This unelected government body is sure making a lot of policy decisions as of late.

  29. Republicans don't believe in democracy and do everything they can to undermine it.

  30. Republicans will happily destroy the world if it hurts the right people.

  31. 3 justices, pre-approved by the federalist society based on their conservative ideology, appointed by a president that lost the popular vote, was impeached twice, and tried to violently overthrow the government upon losing an election..

  32. Don't forget that the last of these extreme judges (Amy Coney Barrett) was crammed into the court during an election, only a few years after the Republicans had refused to allow Merrick Garland's appointment on the grounds that it was in the same year as an election. If we were to take Republicans at their word (never wise, I know), and if they weren't hypocrites (which they are), they themselves would have to agree that this was an illegitimate appointment.

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