1. Invest in a good, reflective sunshade and if you can swing it - have your car tinted with UV blocking tint.

  2. Different Pointe of View. Haven't been myself, but heard great things.

  3. We bought close to Moon Valley, and I was surprised by how many older homes were renovated, but not stripped of their charm and individuality. It's great to see entire streets of bright colored doors and mid century design.

  4. Depends on what you’re looking for, personally I really love the uptown area from 7th Ave - 7th street from camelback to to Glendale but particularly around Bethany Home and Missouri. Lots of fun stuff to do - bars, restaurants, shopping, etc. It’s not ridiculously expensive in that regular joes are priced out while still being a nice part of town. It’s also not super touristy and this not a haven for airbnbs and bachelorette parties crowding every bar like Scottsdale.

  5. I'd choose a house in that area over any McMansion from N Scottsdale, palace in PV or Arcadia tear-down.

  6. Anyone know the real reason for this? I've speculated but never fully understood why this one is the way it is

  7. Local neighbor once said the combination of a major bus route, lots of cheap motels, a previously open methadone clinic, and big open strip malls has contributed to its blight.

  8. This makes sense, thank you! I was assuming close to the same but didn't think of the bus routes too.

  9. Hoping Canes and Eegees will help drive more traffic to that plaza. Santisi's and the Indian place seem to do okay, but 90% of that plaza is empty, and dark. Doesn't help neighboring businesses.

  10. Can someone ELI5 why the brake rotor has that wacky looking cover over it

  11. To protect the running gear from extreme heat.

  12. Everyone can talk about specific output, other cars and "my twin turbo Corvette can make 1600hp".

  13. Why is the exhaust sound not more uniform? 16 pistons firing at 1000 RPM is 16KHz, even at 500 it is 8KHz, how is it that there is clear perceivable rumble? Do they fire in groups of 4 at the same time? Clearly I don’t know much about engine sounds, but I was under the impression that the more pistons and engine had the smoother the sound was.

  14. I work at a dealer that services Bugatti. The exhaust note is odd, but brutal. The noise you hear is because it's not a standard V16 firing order but the crank has offset rod bearing journals. What you're hearing is two W8s sharing a crank.

  15. It's the coolant union on the back of the intake between the breather and the manifold itself. Luckily it's like a $80 part. Be sure to vacuum bleed it afterwards tho.

  16. Hopefully you newbies now understand why we natives giggle when you share with us the long pedigreed history of your fancy Chandler neighborhood.

  17. Coming from the east coast it's funny to hear California transplants go on an on about "historic" downtown Gilbert.

  18. $25-30 at Home Depot you can get a small, 12v air pump. It has a long cord that lets me to use the outlet in the back of my Jeep and reach all 4 wheels.

  19. Might be a bit of an investment, but Milwaukee makes an M18 rechargeable air pump that can inflate 0-40psi in under a minute.

  20. The Nile has terrible acoustics. Even with proper ear protection I left there feeling horrible.

  21. Their in house sound mixer doesn't seem to be the best. Too bass heavy and I agree, it needs some sound deadening.

  22. the Nile Theater is becoming my least favorite venue here. No AC and the venue can get to 105+ degrees inside a 1100 capacity show.

  23. Saw Erra/Thornhill/Alphawolf a month ago.

  24. Fully reboot initial premise of the first Fast movie. Street racing as we knew it in 2001 is mostly dead.

  25. I think the makes/models are less important. We just need a good car-based story. Initial D and Wangan Midnight are still beautiful and they’re decades old. We need a true group of car people with a large enough budget and enough support to get it done. The old Option videos when Mid Night was an underground club is a good example. Smoky Nagata, when Keiichi Tsuchiya drove with a mask or helmet on to hide him but his style is evident and he didn’t try too hard to hide it. That underground stuff in the mid 80s on was fantastic.

  26. We need a full reboot of Fast and Furious/Point Break set against the backdrop of the Wangan loop or related areas. Would do well with a largely native cast, and maybe a fish out of water type storyline to add to It.

  27. 126 on the 101 isn't that absurd. 7am on a weekday? Yeah that's wild.

  28. 126 on any public road is selfish and reckless.

  29. The steak was not bad, I just don’t think steak inside what is a loud club environment is something I want to do again.

  30. You know what goes good with a nice red wine and aged steak?

  31. Ah yes, the classic pairing: pricey red wine, aged beef, dubstep, and fellow diners adorned with flammable suits. This Michelin Star experience can only be improved upon by a neighboring table that’s misplaced their dining budget somewhere up their nose.

  32. My dining neighbors were ahem Eastern European in both accent and dressing style. Givenchy hoodies, track suits and Yeezys. Spotted and AP Royal Oak and a Breitling. Paid in cash, on the table, in front of the wait staff. They ordered multiple bottles of champagne, and the seafood tower.

  33. Crimson Tide all the day. Shout out to the argument about the silver surfer (written by Tarantino) and the AMAZING score.

  34. When the Hans Zimmer score drops, it's GLORIOUS.

  35. Watch enough movies and then you realize that a lot of modern crime and heist movies steal a lot from the Heat archetype.

  36. I live to see these dormant flood control measures actively working and flowing water.

  37. I’m originally from MA. was raised there and lived there until I was 17 when I moved down to Fl. to go to college. The less time I spent there the less hearty I became to the cold. I don’t like the extreme heat though either. I now live in Arizona and have so for the past 5 years (Phoenix). Idk what I’m doing with my life exactly. I’ve yet to find the perfect climate to suite me. I do miss seasons though.

  38. Grew up in MA. Been here 4 years. I miss fall, the perfect summer days and the first "nice" spring days. But the weather is so wildly unpredictable that it's hard to pinpoint what season I miss.

  39. We had our system replaced a year ago by Cool Touch AC. We got 4 quotes. They were the 2nd highest but undercut Parker by nearly $5,000.

  40. Been seeing tweakers riding progressively nicer and nicer bikes lately.

  41. Just saw Erra at the Nile last Friday!

  42. Missed it :( how was Invent Animate? Never seen them life but they’re amazing

  43. To be honest, wasn't hugely impressed with all 3 opening acts. Invent Animate was OK, wasn't a fan of Thornhill and Alphawolf was good, albeit more concerned with crowd surfing than hitting riffs.

  44. It seems in contrast to the fact that everyone is either in a MASSIVE hurry, or none at all. I'd assume everyone who is running red lights and stop signs would be inching right up to the intersection.

  45. A large number of stop lights in the valley used to be configured with a single vehicle detection loop placed two or three carlengths back. If you stopped over the loop, the traffic signal would think there were 2-3 cars waiting and change the lights sooner (or provide an advanced green arrow).

  46. Some new stuff even looks at traffic flow and adjusts the light timing accordingly.

  47. Look into AZ Cycle parts. They part out exotics.

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