1. I thought it was the fact the bedrooms didn't have windows. Then I saw the text lol.

  2. Just move to Texas, basically the same.

  3. Full buses means it is now impossible for me to catch a bus home from work between 4.45pm and 5.30pm. I guess I'll start getting in late this year.

  4. Image 1 (left hand side) looks great in my opinion. The others look too clean and shiny, except the crocodile where it looks like the paint has pooled.

  5. Walking around with a pocket full of mucas covered cloth is absolutely disgusting mate. I don't know why someone hasn't told you this but you haven't been done a favour by not being told. Now you know..

  6. Wait sorry are you for real? Hankies are handy in a tight spot. Remove perspiration in summer, useful for blowing your nose in winter.

  7. What's the story behind the picture OP? Looks like he's trying to give you a good telling off about something.

  8. The KMart check shirt would be a bit of a give away 🤷‍♂️

  9. Met a 34 year old toppy at a bucks party 3 years ago, she seemed like a career stripper, but was smart… all she talked about was my mates house that was for sale, she pulled up in a pink Hummer. She said she already had 7 properties, and was looking for another 1 or 2 that year. When we said the price was $700k she didn’t bat an eyelid and was inspecting it pretty closely ($700k in Perth three years ago was a mid to high property). I still think about that wealthy topless barmaid, she might be WA Premier one day

  10. This is literally a scene from The Big Short.

  11. Sorry Chief Minister, didn't mean to trigger you.

  12. You do not need a fence for a pond, This is the best answer don’t pay much attention to many of the other responses, this one is on the money.

  13. But this is Reddit! Wading through piles of pure connecture and unhelpful shitposting to reach a shaky conclusion is part of the fun.

  14. Pact and Wig and Pen were both great, RIP.

  15. Pretty sure the brewer from Wig and Pen is now Bent Spoke, which is why it turned into a wine bar when it moved to ANU.

  16. My understanding is the owner of Wig and Pen (who owned the IP for their recipes) retired and couldn't find anyone who wanted to purchase the business. But I think their actual brewer moved to Bent Spoke. Something like that.

  17. Canberra and Adelaide are more progressive cities than Melbourne.

  18. Stop buying your meat at the supermarket!

  19. Car people dumb, wear cargo shorts, like things go vroom.

  20. Me following you around shouting in your ear isn't technically illegal, it's just being an asshole. Should you be asked to let me do my thing?

  21. Even if it screaming in someone's ear wasn't a crime (it is), that is still a rather ridiculous analogy and I suspect you know it.

  22. Not a smoker but no it doesn't bother me. Maybe you just don't like cities?

  23. No soliciting! Means keep ringing the doorbell against the wishes of the homeowner. Sign used to work. But, millennials just don’t care about anyone just themselves.

  24. She shouldn't have rung the doorbell but I don't think it's necessary to bring up dumb generalisations about millenials to make your point.

  25. Would say deductions (uniforms, tools, vehicle if needed, etc) but given you're fifo it's probably all provided for.

  26. I think it's one of the best investment you can do.

  27. Yep. If property collapses, everything collapses. No government wants to let that happen.

  28. I can smell the mustiness from here, and the listing has the same photos posted three times so you can tell the agent is going to be really on the ball.

  29. Since you can't physically stay at Revs, Quest Apartments in Prahran for easy access to Revs.

  30. as someone who didnt read the article i can assure everyone that myki is a thing of the past

  31. This is the kind of useful comment I come here for.

  32. Post the video or more information. Was it a screen door?

  33. I'd park there again and wait, then confront the person and spit on them

  34. I'm scared I'll hurt myself on all your edge.

  35. Possibly OP is, since they wrote the note.

  36. I think that's an incinerator (mid-century garbage disposal). My grandparents had one.

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