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  1. I don't know. I've tried finding games on Start Playing, and $25 per session seems to be the norm. I don't know how they get any players willing to pay that much. When you break it down, I don't even pay that much for convention games after factoring in the convention ticket cost.

  2. For in person games it could be worth it if the guy has loads off custom minis and terrain. That stuff costs money and time whether hand crafted or 3d printed.

  3. I think it's important to note that there's actually no such thing as one defining Scottish accent, no matter what movies would have you believe. It varies massively by area.

  4. Imagine the blue-balling of just fading to black when the battle starts and cutting back when it's over. It would feel incredibly cheap.

  5. If I recall correctly, the book was specifically written under contract so that it could be made into a movie. Writing a book with the knowledge that it needs to work as a movie probably smooths out a lot of issues.

  6. This is why Game of Thrones adapted so easily to TV. Martin was always a TV writer at heart and probably always had adaptation at the back of his mind when writing ASOIAF.

  7. It sort of feels 30% Braveheart/70% Narnia to me. I agree, they're not quite hitting the lived-in mark and I think it's hard to sell that feel especially with such outlandish places as Lindon and Khazad-dum, but I still have really enjoyed all the places we have seen. I think Numenor's sets are the only ones that have fallen a bit flat for me, though I like them in theory and the larger design work behind Numenor. A lot of it might have had to do with staging and lighting, really.

  8. Agreed. People like to shit on “mystery box writing” because of the way Lost turned out, but it’s not an inherently bad storytelling style. As long as you have a plan and the reveals hit the right beats it can be really good. Stranger Things uses the mystery box quite a bit.

  9. And I really enjoyed The Clone Wars, but seeing Ahsoka in The Mandalorian didn't do much for me. Come to think of it, I don't think I have watched anything Star Wars at all since the S2 finale of The Mandalorian, you know the one. Oh how the YouTube manchildren loved that of course, but it pretty much killed my interest in the whole thing on the spot.

  10. Why not just admit you don’t like Star Wars?

  11. But with Rohan we saw Edoras, Meduseld etc. It looked like a king could rule there. Where is Halbrand's seat of power?

  12. He doesn't have one. The kingdom fell. There are a few scattered villages left of the people.

  13. It's weird. We didn't see any other villages flee to the watch tower. Makes me wonder if they all got captured or the orcs never made it past the first two.

  14. We specifically see refugees coming in from other villages.

  15. IIRC, Brady & Bridget Moynihan weren’t married. They split up, then she found out she was pregnant.

  16. She didn't know, but he did. You forget he is an expert on ball inflation levels. He noticed as soon as those breasts began to swell.

  17. They also called him Gorthaur the Cruel.

  18. Wrong! He had a form before Annatar that Tolkien does not detail.

  19. The key sword thing was likely from Melkor's time, that thing is ancient. It was made with the intention of giving the appearance that human sacrifice brought water, not erupting volcanos. The tunnel to channel water to erupt Mount Doom was Adar's plan.

  20. The writing is not the best. There are a lot of contrivances that just sort of work out. Just think Goonies logic.

  21. That’s pretty much what high fantasy is all about.

  22. GoT is low fantasy and doesn’t make sense anyway as it’s incomplete.

  23. I think there would be plenty of vague time for Sauron's split open spirit to happen on Halbrand's body (or just take a new form) so that the geography of it all is not an issue.

  24. The chance meeting between Hal brand and Galadriel actually points to him not being Sauron as chance meetings are usually not actual chance, but divine intervention.

  25. I think this actually furthers the evidence. I believe we'll see Sauron come quite close to actual repentance before the fall, and that would have been Eru's aim in this chance-meeting.

  26. I've always inferred from the text that Sauron's redemption lasted about 5 minutes. As soon as he declined Eonwe's invitation to return to Valinor and submit to judgement, I assumed he was already head back towards evil.

  27. No, they did not. You probably weren't alive during that time. That woman was probably paid handsomely and there is nothing at all wrong with her making money from horny nerds whop would probably be too scared to approach her.

  28. I'm pretty sure the person you replied to was speaking of women in general not the model in the ad.

  29. As much as I love them, having characters recite songs and poetry every five pages makes rereads a little rough, honestly.

  30. Or ROP having “boring”, “one-note” characters when I can’t think of anybody not named Frodo with anything resembling a dynamic arc. Aragorn is always the “king that shall assume his rightful place as ruler of Gondor”, Legolas is always the noble elf with a friend in Gimli, Gimli is Gimli. Samwise Gamgee is the humble gardener of his Master and just wants a nice home in the Shire.

  31. If it was Olorin, wouldn't it make sense for him to come to Middle Earth in a ship from Valinor like everyone else? Why would he come in a meteor, Valinor isn't in "space"

  32. Would that mean that the other is waiting to be found?

  33. They definitely did post it to be dimmer, but they also assume everyone is watching with an HDR screen that can show contrast within Dark images.

  34. So it looked like shit on my HDR tv (admittedly not a top end model). It looked much better on my 1440 gaming monitor.

  35. Besides the armor that kinda sorta looks similar, utilizing common color scheme, what evidence exists for this

  36. King of the Dead was a king of a people who served Morgoth in the dark times, but then swore an oath to Islidur to fight Sauron. He breaks it and thus becomes the king of the dead.

  37. Can I ask why so many people are stuck on The King of the Dead?

  38. Can't wait for everyone to blame the rain for Lawrence's performance and not give our D any credit.

  39. D has played well, but he is is clearly having grip issues. One of the fumbles was untouched.

  40. I still think we haven't seen Sauron yet, but at this point I would agree that Adar is more likely than Halbrand.

  41. I can't wrap my head around Adar being a blue wizard at all. It makes no sense to me. How does it add up to the story? Why would he say he's one of the first Uruks?

  42. There are some hints that one or both of the blue Wizards fell to corruption in the East.

  43. In the moment, watching it live, I was in denial and thought they were leaving it open ended to try and get a movie made. But after a year or so I accepted that Tony was dead and the story was over.

  44. When is the partnership with Real dolls going to be announced....

  45. I can’t remember the full thing but I thought there was an actual reason that they couldn’t use contacts, not just that it was uncomfortable

  46. Clark's entire acting range involves lifting her eyebrows and they were worried about the contacts constantly falling out.

  47. Yeah, I remember explaining here how important targs having purple eyes is to this universe and people being like "it hurts the actors eyes", "it's too much cgi for poor HBO".

  48. I'm sure that there are plenty of actors that act with contacts naturally. It's just a matter of wearing them for while to get used to them. Of course they would be uncomfortable at first.

  49. The Ungoliant self-eating place (Ered Gorgoroth ?) could apply in my opinion

  50. It’s weird, isn’t it? That plus a lot of “the Elves obviously got a better deal from Eru” takes which sometimes verge a little too close to “Sauron was right actually” for my comfort

  51. I won’t say Sauron or Melkor were right, but let’s not pretend like the Valar didn’t screw up like a bunch of helicopter parents.

  52. I mean ... it technically is, in the sense that if the elves don't leave middle earth, they'll all become mortal. The way it's presented, it seems like this is a problem specific to Arwen — and they definitely don't do a good job of explaining that any elf that stays behind will become mortal.

  53. That isn’t true, only Luthien and the children and grand children of Earandil had the choice to become mortal. Elven lives are tied yo the life of Arda.

  54. I have no idea wtf they were thinking have 3-4 plot lines split apart all moving at a snails pace. Really they could just do an anthology series instead. where we see which era with new characters and see their story and be done.

  55. Season 1 appears to be about bringing the storylines together so the real meat can start in season 2. We already are seeing this in the latest episode.

  56. Tbh this is one gender swap idea that doesn’t sound pointless

  57. Tolkien described her as the most powerful Noldo, except Maybe Feanor,. He described her as an Amazonian warrior. Her mother name is Nerwen which mean Man Maiden. He also described her younger self as headstrong and rebellious. She spurned the pardon of the Valar to continue the fight against Sauron.

  58. The average citizens of Numenor weren't UberMen. They just had an advanced society thank to their friendship with the Elves and their longer lifespan. The Royal bloodline did carry elvish blood and even a bit of Maia blood, but that didn't extend to the general populace.

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