1. I have it’s big brother. They use a cadence counter and it’s impossible to “hack” to go faster, sorry! Personally, I find 21 mph to be fine.

  2. Small Mexican and Salvadoran places will sell you a full meal for under 10 bucks.

  3. This happened in the Philippines. The guy that was kidnapped was apparentlty involved in a crime gang called Bukas Kotse means Suspects victimize parked vehicles where the door is left open or being forcibily opened then take the belongings it's either cash or items. By morning, his body was found dumped in a remote place with his hands tied and face being covered with plastic.

  4. Thank you for enriching my vocabulary. I’m using it in a sentence tomorrow.

  5. I’m confused…in your graphic description ( I clicked the link, regret) you said he wrapped his peen in toilet paper, handcuffed himself, and bobbed it onto an electrical coil to set it on fire? But in the pictures you posted there was no toilet paper, no coil, and he wasn’t bound by handcuffs? He was already on fire in those pics too?

  6. Read my notes between the description, and the last part of the description itself. The pictures of it on fire were done before, kind of like a “coming attraction”.

  7. Real estate agents in general suck. Especially ones these days in the states telling people it's a great time to buy a home ...

  8. No, there’s six of us. Why does everyone keep yelling four?

  9. Edge of Tomorrow is a really cool concept. Also, the Cabin in the Woods is very cool

  10. As a layman it seems like this is the penultimate nail in Norwell's coffin. Reserve PUP is different from active PUP, Reserve list means that he should no longer count against the 90 man roster limit, but Norwell is also ineligible to return to practice this off season or for the first 4 weeks of the season.

  11. This is a joke from Grandmas Boy, but she went the extra step and added lettuce and tomato

  12. Tacos have to be insanely good to be destination worthy. Sure, Manassas has some good spots. But, if I'm in Fairfax or Arlington, I'm not driving past the El Torito truck. Or I would hit Taqueria Cancun for birria tacos ... or La Tingeria.

  13. The Al Pastor at La Jorichita are destination worthy, and the birria at La China Poblano is rated as the best in NOVA.

  14. I think they did, but I could be getting some history mixed up. It was a while back.

  15. Eagle did not exist. It was made after Chrysler bought AMC, so they could sell a DSM car (Talon), an AMC model (Premiere) and one of the LX models designed to be more “European” (Vision). The Daytona came out a couple of years before the Eagle brand came about.

  16. I just looked it up. I was mixing up two different cars.

  17. Probably thinking about the DSM Laser. It was a Plymouth in the US and a Chrysler elsewhere

  18. Win a prize if you can spot the difference between this and what the left does!

  19. The left actually supports them and fights for their rights. What do the righty do?

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