Megathread: Biden Pardoning All Federal Marijuana Possession Offenses and Initatiating Process to Federally Re-Schedule Marijuana

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The first soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine enter a settlement where the Russians fled. Today is the day when more than 17 settlements in Kherson, Kharkiv, Donetsk were liberated.

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  1. This is not a real statement by Trump, but a joke post from "The Halway Post". When I tried to collage two images together, I was unable to fit their logo and the tweet into the image, so I decided to cut off the logo.

  2. It's by the "halfway post" which is a satire site. When I put the two images together, the editor I was using (Adobe PS express for iphone) severely limited how much space I had to work with, so I had to cut out their logo. In retrospect, I should have just put the tweet up, without the Ron Burgundy picture.

  3. Cant see why anyone would want to go from the uk to US.

  4. Have you been reading the news lately? They somehow got a PM worse than Boris Johnson.

  5. They had one scheduled in Vegas and then Covid…. Haven’t heard a peep about it since.

  6. There is literally one almost every week in almost every decent sized city. You should go. It's fun.

  7. Maybe I missed something, what are you referring to?

  8. Imo, Richmond is the best non-major city in the area for a train trip. Harper's ferry is close but the train schedules are awkward for visiting.

  9. Charlottesville is right in the middle of town and is an easy walk to the University AND the Downtown Mall.

  10. Better make sure Ray Rice isn't hiding in there.

  11. I don’t find domestic violence funny, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for that “joke”.

  12. Now I feel Floor 69 please.

  13. Name ONE Muslim country NATO invaded. One. (Bosnia doesn’t count).

  14. Filet Mignon. I much prefer the flavor and texture of a 8OZ sirloin “baseball cut” than a filet, and it’ll cost you 1/2

  15. The worst thing Turkey's produced since the three pashas

  16. He's too busy bitching about a Crystal Flute he never knew existed, but is now OFFENDED that a black woman would dare to touch it!

  17. Your hero literally has multiple accusations of child rape, and also had the habit of walking into the changing rooms at the Miss Teen USA and Miss Teen Universe Pageants because he was the owner, and often times he'd walk in on them in costume changes when he knew they'd be naked.

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