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  1. Cahf ah nafl mglw'nafh hh' ahor syha'h ah'legeth, ng llll or'azath syha'hnahh n'ghftephai n'gha ahornah ah'mglw'nafh.

  2. I adore plecos but today I discovered I definitely have a phobia of excessive bristles.

  3. Haha! I am deeply sorry for triggering this phobia in you. I promise he only uses his bristles for good!

  4. He’s a bristlenose Pleco! Specifically a log finned albino bristlenose :)

  5. What?!!!! Is this a mutation? I’ve never seen a BN with that much in his snout!

  6. Not a mutation! Some of them just grow this way! I have his brother who didn’t grow such a majestic moustache. Luck of the draw I guess!

  7. It really can be! I have posted this ad to my local fish keeping group on FB - hopefully someone can help rescue him!

  8. I will try to purchase this goldfish for my pond, which state are you in? I am in NSW, if it is not in NSW, I'm afraid that this goldfish will not be saved

  9. I vote avoid! He was a pretty formative author for me back in the day, but I'm damn sure he's not gonna hold up well to a reread twenty years later.

  10. Yep! I agree. I can see myself liking this years ago when I was young and it was just a cool book about battles and blood, and had less perspective on what a well-written female character was like.

  11. Yeah its easy to purposely misunderstand me and argument against a point I never made. I’m saying misogyny exists so why can’t it be portrayed, the same way violence and murder and yes theft are. Just because it’s included doesn’t mean it’s endorses by the writer, jesus. Here we go with the condescension again, obviously democracy and gender equality arent the same thing I know that thanks, I’m saying they’re both ideas that tend to be hard fought and achieved later on in a society’s span, and are similar that they involve the shift of power away from being exclusively men/the rich. Now please don’t reply I can’t be arsed with you but I also find it hard to stop

  12. I have exactly the same problem with my Roland. If you take your books to a photocopying shop or printers they can spiral bind them. Alternatively use clothes pages on the top of the book but you can't flick through the pages quickly. It's amazing that it ever got through to manufacture. Also it's a removable book stand so why can't they bring out a new one that works! I'd have gone for the Yamaha if I knew how annoying it was going to be lol

  13. I second the binding solution! All my books I take the the local office supply store and they will cut out the spine and spiral bind them. It’s only a couple of dollars per book and it is life changing!!

  14. Agreed!! Some shitty cat came to my back door and tried to attack my cats through the screen. One of my cats was so traumatised that she would start caterwauling at her brother each time she saw him, and would wet herself. Apparently this is called redirected aggression. My partner accidentally got in the way when trying to comfort her and was bitten to the bone. He spent 10 hours in the hospital waiting to have plastic surgery to clean the wound and we then had to sleep in different beds for a week to try to give the cats company and keep them seperate while slooowly reintroducing them. People just don’t realise the impact of their cats being out and about.

  15. I’ll have you know that is an outdated classification! Security infringement for you!

  16. Unclassified was not a classification under the old system for what it's worth - it was a non-classification marking :)

  17. Since your parameters are good, it’s probably ammonia burns from wherever you got her. She’s in good hands with you!

  18. Thank you!! I will look after her to heal her skin and get her nice and plump 😻 (to a healthy level, of course!)

  19. She looks like she has ammonia burns. What are your water parameters?

  20. Thank you! Eeep I love the name Lumi, that’s such a great one!

  21. This is my new baby settling into her home. It’s my first time owning an axolotl, and I am really looking forward to getting to know her.

  22. Did you sort of gently rub it between your fingers til it disintegrated and the snails fell out in the water? Or did you pop the whole thing in the water?

  23. Aw well I am sorry if they aren’t moving yet :( give them some time - I’m not a pro so don’t know what other advice to give. I’d try posting a photo and question to the group and see if you have any luck!

  24. Any day now! Maybe today or tomorrow, but could be slower. This is about what mine looked like when I swished it in the water. I just made sure I could see one or two trying to get out, and then went ahead and gently rubbed it between my fingers underwater.

  25. I’m hoping to get your advice— my goldfish’s head looks fuzzy and his tail fins have funny discolouration on them.

  26. I’m hoping to get your advice— my goldfish’s head looks fuzzy and his tail fins have funny discolouration on them.

  27. Aghhhh I hope you get help soon. Maybe try posting it on different fish subs as well like

  28. Oh wow I love this! Is this a snail only breeding tank? Do you have any tips or advice you can offer to someone who just got their first batch of eggs? Im really keen to start a snail only tank to grow them up and potentially try to get some pretty colours!

  29. I’m waiting for a reply to my email that I sent the teacher inquiring to the logic behind this wizardry.

  30. Beautiful spread! 💓 from a fellow Ken Behren. We’ve got this! 🌸

  31. Hehe I didn’t think of that but you’re totally right!

  32. I hope he continues to do well! So he can't chew at all?

  33. Thank you—me too! And nope, not at all. He can’t close or move his mouth at all. I know goldfish have their teeth further back in their throats, so I’m not sure if he has movement back there and whether he can chew or not. But for the most part he seems to get on fine!

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