1. I ask because I finally calculated how much I spend a year on alcohol and I feel… ashamed?

  2. I’m actually spending my second New Year’s Eve in college getting drunk with my mom. She’ll be in bed by 10pm so I’ll basically be alone.

  3. Trailer Park Boys, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, and Six Feet Under come to mind.

  4. yeah definitely TPB. I think seasons 2-5 were its best.

  5. My favorite show omg. But yeah you’re absolutely correct.

  6. When an actress gets pregnant IRL so they hastily write it into the show, even when it doesn’t make sense for the character.

  7. He looks like a mix of Hugh Dancy and Patrick Dempsey. So very very pretty lol

  8. Lea Michele tbh. She was kinda cute in the early seasons of glee, but she’s getting scarier and scarier looking. Definitely buccal fat removal, which makes her look like a Tim Burton character.

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