Farm dog raises a rejected lamb

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My wife poops in the shower

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  1. i had a lip flip twice biggest waste of money every -

  2. i use it when my skin gets really irritated and angry. I actually had to use it a few times this week.

  3. several bad relationships in a row.

  4. i'd say 600 just for the rice probably 900-1000

  5. i absolutely loved it too!! I was so giddy watching it LOL Also loved the nod to Halloween 3

  6. there was a point in life where I wanted kids, then was devastated when I couldn' I celebrate the fact that I have no children....sometimes things work out for the best even when we don't realize it in the moment.

  7. Yeah, my rotties do it a lot. I think one dreams about suckling on his mama, it was the only time he could eat just as much as he wanted. Rotties are very food orientated.

  8. I think mine do that too the one was taken from his mom way too early and he used to nurse in his sleep

  9. Just dreaming all of mine have done it/do it. I always wonder what they dream about.

  10. it's so true....don't care how old this post it. As someone with crohns I can say it is 100% spot on...went through it last night.

  11. Look at that smile!!! This made me so happy!

  12. "Ripe tomatoes are considered nontoxic to dogs and can be fed in moderation as an occasional snack. While it's considered safe for dogs to eat red, ripe tomatoes, the plants themselves are part of the nightshade family of vegetables (which also include potatoes, bell peppers, and blueberries)"

  13. yeah I have noticed more dog foods have tomato but I believe the acids can be rough on their stomachs.

  14. The acids can be tough on human stomachs too 😭 I love tomatoes also but they don't feel the same way about me...

  15. tomatoes hate me too!! I haven't given mine any since I never have them but they will pretty much each anything else.

  16. why did she feel compelled to tell you now?? that is gross.

  17. I know they are not but they are not all equal either-unfortunately for some.

  18. Agree. I had a few garbage ones... thought they knew everything and didn't listen

  19. That’s awful. It’s like that in so many professions, and unfortunately when it comes to healthcare there are a lot of sub par performers .

  20. yeah a lot of in in the office 1 day a week the rest doing colonoscopies or other tests. Had one that made me come in every 3 weeks and only filled my prescriptions and billed my insurance. Others forced biologics when it was clear they were not helping. It honestly gets depressing. Before I was diagnosed I had one that said I caused my issues....she has a rep in the IBD community. Had a surgeon recommend a full colectomy before I had a diagnosis...INSANE

  21. Nope I adore it! Waited forever for them to get together.

  22. 1 or 2 they are very high in sugar and calories

  23. they sound like dismissive assholes and maybe they were drunk. I dunno I'd be pissed too.

  24. Why are you working out 3 hours a day and only targeting 1200 calories?!?! That's not sustainable nor is it healthy.

  25. in Michigan as well...I just take a vegan D3 supplement and my levels are always normal or even high. In all honesty, even if you just get 15-20 min of sunlight a day (when possible).

  26. I might move there and am glad to know there are at least two vegans lol :)

  27. Detroit area is amazingly vegan friendly

  28. her episode pissed me off...she is horrible.

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