1. it’s an original design in franchise media. better or worse, it’s not THE jurassic giga.

  2. that 30th anniversary pack needs segisaurus before anything else. it’s the only missing franchise species that has been missing for thirty years.

  3. Ah yes, Segisaurus. The only missing species from the original park that is not in the game whatsoever. Why is it not in any of these packs, you might ask?

  4. not only not in this game, but not in anything at all. all the other map/tube only creatures have been realized in media, but not segisaurus.

  5. The most heartbreaking part of that is the real little girl represented there survived and that scene is based on what her dad actually said to her during the sinking.

  6. once development on this game goes dark, i expect that the modding community will add nearly every in-game object (and even some imported objects) as decorations at the very least. most of the buildings even have decorative elements that can be broken off to serve as standalone decorations.

  7. and they can’t be any geek off the street. they need to be handy with the steel, if you know what i mean — earn their keep.

  8. That must have been during the one week a year when it’s warm enough to go shirtless on a SF beach 🥶

  9. as a matter of perspective, we didn’t know that whales sang until 1957. no one in this picture knew that whales sang.

  10. this looks just like the video of the monkeys taking the bread.

  11. Bro you said Deinocheirus wasn't a theropod earlier, you can't say shit about anyone else

  12. logical fallacy. that person may not know dinosaurs as well as other people here, but they are definitely better at identifying obvious sarcasm!

  13. It doesn’t make a single ounce on f difference of they tell us now or next week. We’ll still have to wait for the 30th. They’ve given the community enough for now.

  14. i’m not talking about the feathered species pack and update. it looks awesome and i can’t wait to use it in a week. but what’s the next update? it’s been several hours and frontier has told us nothing about what’s next!

  15. And considering how they have the skin/pattern system for JWE2, and the first image is a render of what was supposed to be its on screen appearance in Fallen Kingdom before it was replaced with the juvenile Allosaurus, the amazing skin/pattern color combos that could be put together could be pretty incredible IMO.

  16. It would be cool but Coelophysis fills the niche and is arguably more a popular choice if it comes between the two.

  17. but it’s not entirely about popularity. being a jurassic game, the game should prioritize canon content over original content. it has over one hundred species and is missing ONE from the original trilogy roster of several dozen creatures, some of which were only referenced and never appeared on screen.

  18. I’m with you on Canon, but considering Microceratus and Nothosaurus continually getting the shaft, I can see why they wouldn’t but can’t understand why.

  19. microceratus entered film canon three years ago through expanded universe content with its first appearance this past summer and nothosaurus entered film “canon” within the past year. in terms of shafting, those are rookie numbers compared to segisaurus.

  20. The thing that sucks is it is indeed important if we double check that thing was natural, or some sort of accident. But alt righters have harmed the discussion so much its insane

  21. it doesn’t matter what the origins were in order for us to guard against the next pandemic. we currently don’t have strong evidence for or against either origin, but we do know that lab leaks have happened and we do know that earlier pandemics originated with transmission from animals — and we know which animals are reservoirs. knowing the origins to figure out which base to cover is pointless, when we should be covering both bases.

  22. I feel like the encino man storyline could definitely be expanded. Link's son is 18 now and digs an even deeper pool....because, you know, has to one up his uncle Stoney.

  23. so, a live action “denver: the last dinosaur”?

  24. only if you select the will call option during checkout

  25. Your first mistake was assuming Redditors have experienced an outdoor environment

  26. without looking it up: what’s a ribosome and what does it do?

  27. no — and that’s the point. how can a person possibly be informed well enough to make decisions regarding things like masking or vaccination if that person doesn’t understand the basics of biology at an 8th grade level? how can they know enough to be critical of the science? they lack the necessary background or knowledge to have an informed opinion and are therefore placing their trust in someone to form an opinion for them.

  28. Hasbro is releasing Kenner toys based on the novel

  29. so far, mattel has only confirmed four buildup sets based on the kenner jp and tlw toy lines from 1993-1998.

  30. Agreed. I thought Joel’s monotone voice was a particularly good touch too. It’s another instance where I’m not sure if I prefer the original or the adaptation.

  31. so, that’s that 90% of an iceberg looks like…

  32. Desantis said if the bank had not been so focused on it's DEl policies then it wouldn't have failed. That's not a joke. That's 100% what he blamed.

  33. wasn’t the problem that their portfolio did not include enough diversity or equity?

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