1. Not quite. You need to consider the velocity before it hits the ground and the velocity after it bounces back up. These are the values you want to use to calculate your initial and final momenta; they're the momenta before and after the collision.

  2. I believe a formal report means writing it out as a sentence like you did instead of just writing (67.2, 82.8).

  3. I know, right? I keep telling people they never made a new trilogy for Star Wars also

  4. Yeah! They should've taken a page out of the Indiana Jones series and stopped at three movies.

  5. Btw the two links are both 2231 links

  6. To quote my girlfriend after grabbing and eating a crumb she dropped into her cleavage:

  7. Doctors should be able to mention it as a option for those who qualify for it, why let people suffer?

  8. Edit: gonna add a quick mention that I upvoted your comment, I like how you're citing the letter of the law and bringing up good questions. This is great discussion! Now then, my point:

  9. Unrestricted spread of disease tends to follow an exponential. (Well, initially anyway, then it peters out into a logistic curve.) This was relevant recently.

  10. Well you're missing one parameter there; you need the index of the columd to delete.

  11. Every nation's government while watching the unveiling of the B-21 yesterday.

  12. I learned how to write programs on my graphing calculator.

  13. It stems from the very old bias that Jews have all the money, possibly by cheating/tricking people out of it.

  14. To add on to the money thing, the scripture originally forbade "usury", or moneylending with unreasonably high interest rates. (Recall the one time Jesus acted violently by throwing money traders out of a church.) The Christian world for centuries considered charging interest rates of any kind a sin.

  15. Presentable Liberty. Free game, lasted like 1.5 hours straight, and it hit hard.

  16. Lobster. I tried it once in my teens and it was some of the blandest meat I've ever eaten. Even ate it again tonight and it was only OK because of the special butter that came with it. Crab and Duck on the other hand are actually delicious, yet lobster is considered often to be better than both. I don't get it.

  17. Same! I remember the first time I tried it thinking "... this is expensive?"

  18. When you get to proving super basic stuff like this, it helps to know what axioms, definitions, and theorems you have so far. After all, you're rebuilding basic math from the ground-up here. I can't assume you've already proven advanced things.

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