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  1. Don’t even waist your time it was a nothing burger

  2. Damn I poured a beer and made popcorn. I haven’t even finished the beer yet

  3. I love getting blasted playing some jazz and taking a nice shower it’s incredible

  4. Same. But like one call from the powers that be or whomever, and the story is dead at the NYT and WaPo. The NYT itself will sit on stories and take forever just to verify a source's accuracy (it took over a year to out Harvey Weinstein--and they had tons of evidence). They even talked to him before printing the article--because all of these people are friends.

  5. Debatably those are less important for good journalism (see Edward Snowden). But the big hitters certainly consider it.

  6. I’m a huge fan of the recliner to the refrigerator and back to the recliner, but that’s just 30’s me.

  7. Who ever is downvoting this man needs to stop taking themselves so seriously

  8. I noticed that most of the comments were somewhat negative and I’m sorry. The lead is a valid point, but everybody has to start somewhere and you got a good start! My first garden was very tiny and I had a lot of trial and error (mostly error!) but 4 years in it’s getting bigger and better every year. So just keep trying and see what works, if you really enjoy gardening you will eventually be successful! Good luck with your garden and if I can help answer any questions just let me know!

  9. Thanks! I plan on getting the soil tested. If it comes back positive then I’ll just use that area for flowers from now on and try raised beds for veggies next year. I considered raised beds for this year but the money and time required to either buy or build them was tough since I’m a PhD student.

  10. That's certainly easier than just not being ignorant.

  11. Almost as easy as being rude to people online who are starting a new hobby!

  12. Omg 😱 I felt I was the only one this was happening to. This week has been so worse for me. It keeps freezing and hanging every 3 mins.

  13. Yeah I’ve noticed this too recently. Never had the issue before. My first year exam is 27 pages and a nightmare to edit. But I have written 40+ page documents in the past that didn’t lag at all.

  14. I didn’t know it was an option not to set off the smoke alarm

  15. I won't be buying the more expensive stuff anymore, but i do prefer a step up from the normal jim beam. I believe you when you say the flavors exists, i just don't think i will be able to punish myself drinking it neat until those flavors arrive. Thanks for your comment.

  16. Try with lots of ice and give it like 5 min to dilute, you get the flavor without the burn!

  17. Biking from RIT to downtown is around 5-6 miles and easily done mostly off roads.

  18. The average RIT student can’t bike more than 1 mile lol

  19. Former Boy Scout here, one of my very good friends whom I grew up with, had to have an adult pull a tick out from his taint. I do not envy either one of them.

  20. “Son I’m going to need to use my mouth” - that boy scout adult probably

  21. Ours loves sitting in chairs too we think he likes being high off the ground where he can see better

  22. I know you guys want them to bring a Grey up on stage and show everyone his anal probe. But you need to realize these are legit scientists and they’re asking hard questions to answer. Their job is to debunk everything and find the truth. let them debate and stop getting upset when they raise valid points. We just watched one of them push back on another about finding things we don’t know much about. They aren’t all government shills in a cover up.

  23. And planning a night to go to this new place will be a lot of fun. I doubt people from rochester proper will go there all the time but it would definitely be a cool think to plan for once a month or something

  24. No chance on once a month, I might hit them up like a few times a year (because I’m a huge beer fan and K2 makes some creative beers) but you don’t pay off a multimillion dollar business venture with people showing up only a few times a year. I’m sure they will be okay though. They sell enough retail beer that even if it’s not packed on the weekends they probably won’t be too far in the hole. I’m not rooting against them, I just don’t think I will visit often. If I’m going to drive that far I’d rather just go to other half and hit young Lion and frequentum / the lake and make a day out of it

  25. I really think you’re underestimating the draw from Fairport, penfield, Webster, gananda, macedon, and palmyra. If it becomes what they’re planning it will do very well

  26. Swiftwater, there are always kids around earlier in the evening and honestly it never gets rowdy enough that having kids there later would be an issue. Also it’s my favorite brewery in the city.

  27. I saw this method used in North America too.

  28. Yeah ancient is a bit of a stretch, like 100 years maybe

  29. A pellet gun. That's what all mine hated. No more issues.

  30. Just because you take on a competitive mindset in terms of trying to do well doesn’t mean you can’t see others as colleagues and collaborators. You just have no one to compare your quality of work to other than other scientists in the field.

  31. Most runners finish the Boston Marathon in a time they are happy with ---not many enter thinking they will finish first. Relatedy, there is no validictorian in PhD cohort, so what do you mean by winning? Even the Nobels are awarded, not won.

  32. If there are two students in the same field of study applying for a job. One has 1 paper in a mid level journal. One has 3 mid level papers and a Nature paper. The second one won and is getting the job 99 times out of 100. There is winning. They might not give you a first place medal but the students who perform the best and have the best connections are who get tenure at MIT the ones who don’t teach at community college. Maybe that’s what some want to do and that’s fine but there is certainly a pecking order and it is related to performance.

  33. A friend who was the General Council at a Fortune 100, maybe Fortune 50, told me a story once. One of his double-Ivy attorneys had a superiority attitude toward the support staff. Lots of competence at that level, so guess which attorney had his career stall out with mediocre assignments? The guy never knew why.

  34. Yeah I’m not saying you have to be a dick but I’m saying performance absolutely matters. It’s not impossible to run really fast and also help someone who fell down on their way to the finish line. The point of the post was about the fact that their “healthy balance” was affecting their work. The point of my comment was that if you want to do well you gotta grind (and like I said failure just happens anyway). You can have a healthy balance if you want but that’s not how you end up at the top of the food chain in almost any career.

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